Powertank Failed? BMS broken? Help needed

Hi all, been a lurker for quite some time and gained a lot of valuable information before and after purchasing my Zero, and now its time to ask for my own help. I'#039#039ll try and include as much information as i can without people not wanting to read to th.. Go to Source

measuring fairing efficiency: SR/F efficiency trip reset

I want to do some common trips with and without a fairing to see how much difference it makes. I plan on using the trip Wh/mile measurement for a there and back trip on my local highway in the UK (A38). I have set the trip Wh/mile display in one of the… Go to Source

Dead batteries – Bike will not power up.

Hello. nbspnbsp I went to check the SoC on my "quotquotparts bike"quotquot Enertia after winter storage and it would not power up. nbspnbsp Before storing it I charged to about 50% – 60% and forgot to check it during the winter. nbspnbsp That was obviously a big mistake. I checked the Go to Source

EV Cafe Meet in South Hakone, Japan

Damn I wish I can go to this event it is tomorrow April 16, actually probably today where in my timezone. nbspnbsp If you are in the Hakone area check it out. nbspnbsp Yoshihiro Kishimoto posted this on his facebook there'#039#039s gonna be a lot of electric bikes and demo Go to Source

Power Tank

Hello everyone, So I have a question about the optional Zero power tank. I own a 2020 Zero S and could use a bit more range. I use it for my commute to work and before COVID I could get there and back with 20-30% remaining. However with less traffic (y… Go to Source

Zero DSR Front Sprocket Torque

All, I'#039#039m changing from a belt drive to chain drive on my DSR, and I need the torque spec for the bolt that holds the front sprocket onto the motor shaft. nbspnbsp Does anyone know? I'#039#039ve looked in this forum, the official Zero manual, and here: https://zerom Go to Source

Are the Owners and Service Manuals Posted?

I am fairly good at operating the search bar and don'#039t see any of the information that would be helpful for a new owner… Is this bike one should really just stay away from? nbsp Is anyone still riding? nbsp Is this site de Go to Source

Do you have any PrOsPeCtiVe New Owners Advice?

I am a prospective buyer of a 2014 Brammo Empulse R and was hoping that this site would have some basic information. I am also interested to know if anyone has compiled a year by year specs and model year performance changes. Does anyone have any warni… Go to Source

Charger offboard for fxs 2021

Good morning,where can i buy an aftermarket charger (off board) that is the best in terms of power / weight to connect to my fxs to recharge it?I would need a plug and play charger, which can therefore be purchased ready to use (I'#039#039m not very practic.. Go to Source

Any info on this thermal pad for the controller/heatsink?

Hello everyone. nbspnbsp I'#039#039m trying to find a replacement thermal pad for my Enertia Basic. nbspnbsp The pad goes between the controller and heatsink. nbspnbsp Unfortunately I don'#039#039t have any information on the existing pad. nbspnbsp The dimensions are roughly 173mm x 225mm Go to Source