Mine is Dead now too

Purchased (new) in February with 161 demo miles on itAt 1200 miles developed what seemed to be a coolant leak from the motorStill ran well but at 1500 I decided to take it for "service" after draining a small amount on the garage floor each day I tho… Go to Source

Hello from East Los Angeles, CA

Hey everyone! Glad to be here. I'm a 40 something library web administrator who dropped out of graduate school and used my tuition money to buy a 2010 Brammo Enertia. I rode when I was a teenager (CB350) and in later years was an electric bicycle moder… Go to Source

Using the American version of Brammo Enertia plus in Europe

Hello,I would like to buy a Brammo Enertia Plus in California and bring it to Europe (Czech Republic).I have two questions:Is it possible to charge the American version of Brammo from the 240V 16A 50Hz socket (European standard)?Is it possible to c… Go to Source

Power cut out

When first starting off on my Empulse R, I'm getting a power cut, like a dead throttle, then the power comes back on suddenly, with the throttle already engaged, so I may deal with an unintentional wheely. Then after riding some, this seems not to occu… Go to Source

Oil seal behind gear

I'm searching for the oilseal behind the front gear of the chaindrive. It seems Polaris cannot deliver it (or it takes too much time). Does anyone know where to order the oilseal? Thanks. — No need anymore. Found them already Go to Source

Bike at dealer since 2/16!!!

I haven't logged on to brammoforum in a long while,, Awhile back I took the. Ike out for a short ride, to warm up the transmission oil, changed the oil and grease up my chain,, and then my. Ike wouldn't start. And it wouldn't charge either! Had the b… Go to Source

Hello from Ontario

hello Everyone,I've had the Empulse TT for about a month now, just changed the oil at 1,000km.  Fun bike.  Little concerned with range though.  fully charged, it says my range is 151km.  I'm lucky to get 100km.  I've calculated consumption to be betw… Go to Source

Highway 1 road closures

It is not looking good folks if you want to ride between Big Sur and San Simeon this year. Go to Source

Motor Cable Sleaves

I was eye balling my bike the other day and thinking about changing the motor cable sleeves with something more colorful like these : http://a.co/c9fOYIS (my bike needs more red). Now looking at it, it should be as easy … Go to Source

Brammo Enertia won’t decelerate

I posted this on a different forum until i got approved by admin. If there is any advice on repairing this myself please let me know. Or if anyone knows where there's a place who will service in Northern california near San Jose. Thanks Gotta 2009 Bram… Go to Source