Got a copy of the Enertia (legacy) service manual.

Hello everyone, I have just received a copy of the Enertia service manual from a very kind and generous former Brammo employee.  It's definitely a good resource for owners of the original Enertia.  I'm going to be scanning it in the future as time per… Go to Source

Diagnostic Software

Hello, I have a 2011 Brammo Enertia. I grew up in the Rogue Valley, so Brammo motorcycles were kind of a local legend. I was lucky to find one in Seattle a few years ago. Anyway, at about 3900 miles, I am now getting a B55 unbalanced battery error. The… Go to Source

Faulty Motor Temp Sensor

Another problem with my Empulse TT.  I've notice my motortemps have been incorrect.  Generally it runs 100F-200F but it reads way too high AT FIRST.  I notice it will flash the temp light under 390F.  390F is the max I guess and it just stops complaini… Go to Source

Vectrix throttle source

I think everyone likes the idea of the throttle used on the Vectrix scooters. Here is a source for the throttle should you want to replace yours.  No guarantee that it would work on your bike, though.  [url=… Go to Source

New on board charger

Hi everyone,i need your help: i have changed the on board charger (i bought a 67.115.0 Valeo from EVolve Electrics), but the bike charging at maximum 1 AMPS, not the normal 16.At this point i need 50 hours to charge from zero to 100%…Someone know … Go to Source

replacement for Valence u1-12xp?

Hi, could this be a replacement for the valence u1-12xp battery?I found a 3.2V lifepo4 50Ah on aliexpres:… Go to Source

New California EV registration fees

My newspaper just reported on new California electric vehicle fees that are going into effect today.  Here is what the article said: "A $100 fee begins today for electric cars with a model year of 2020 or later. This will be followed by an annual re… Go to Source

2016 Empulse TT – Toronto area

I'm moving on.  It's been a fun bike, but I no longer commute from the 'burbs to downtown.… Go to Source

CA requires electric truck sales

My newspaper today said that California regulators have passed a rule requiring that certain percentages of all truck sales in the state must be fully electric, or otherwise zero emission, including pickup trucks, delivery trucks and tractor-trailer tr… Go to Source

Abnormal chain/sprocket wear?

Replaced the o-ring chain on the Enertia with an EK 420-SRO o-ring chain about 1000 or so miles ago due to the old chain making a clicking noise at each rotation.  It was also fairly rusted.  From what I've read it's best to replace the sprockets at th… Go to Source