Victory Empulse TT Component Tour

I had my bikes plastics off to top off the coolant so I made a video about the components on the Empulse TT Go to Source

2021 BMW Vision DC Roadster electric motorcycle

Check out minute 12 of this otherwise annoying video.  Could this bike actually be making it to BMW showrooms next year? I certainly didn't expect to see this EV arriving that soon. I wonder why it has slick tires?:[url=… Go to Source

GM’s new battery design

An article in my newspaper today, written by Tom Krisher and published by the AP, says that GM has announced a breakthrough in battery chemistry. It will potential double the capacity of their batteries and cut the price by 60%. This could give … Go to Source

Bike going back, many parts and accessories available

My Empulse TT was just deemed irreperable.It is going back to Polaris. The B9 Fault was confirmed as pending battery failure by a Victory dealer able to diagnose it.I really regret seeing it go.  I have enjoyed it very much. So much missed potential … Go to Source

BMW and Energica EV news

BMW goes weird, while Energica goes with Italian style and power: [url=… Go to Source

Do you need an EV job?

According to an article in my newspaper today, written by jamie L. LaReau of the Detroit Free Press, General Motors plans to hire up to 3,000 engineers, designers and IT workers for their EV production plans between now and the end of the first … Go to Source

H-D’s new E-bike company

Apparently, H-D is so worried about the faithful berating them for producing an electric bicycle that they had to create a separate company to manufacture their new E-bikes. And they didn't name it Buell.  Here is the story. Looks expensive to me: … Go to Source

2014 Brammo Empulse R not taking a charge

Hi everyone. New to the site I just purchased a 2014 Empulse R that has been sitting in storage for 2 years uncharged. The bike will not take a charge on the batteries.  I read on the forums here that there is a smaller battery that may need to be ch… Go to Source

For sale, steering head bearing plus key blank – Empulse

2x Polaris #3514942 Bearing Cone2x Polaris #3514943 Bearing Cage2x Polaris #3610259 Seal 30×551x Brammo Key Blank require 2x Polaris #3514941 Bearing Cup 40usd + shipping from Montreal Go to Source

Zero and Deus Equals EPorn

Zero Motorcycles and Deus ex Machina have joined forces to create the first fully customized Zero Motorcycles SR/S. This build marks a significant landmark as Deus Go to Source