R&G Racing Aero Crash Protectors for Brammo/Victory Empulse

I found by chance these wonderful R&G Racing aero crash protectors designed specifically for Brammo Empulse.  I am ordering them for my Victory Empulse TT right now.  https://www.rg-racing.com/browsebike/Brammo/Empulse_R/2014/CP0385BL/ Go to Source

Electric shock in Texas

This month was not the time to recharge your Tesla at home.    Go to Source

Used parts for Brammo Empulse – Sun Coast Cycle Sports, FL

https://suncoastcyclesports.com/search-results-page?q=brammo Go to Source

System Fault B40 Error Bike Does not Run

I know there's another thread about the B40 fault but it's burried in the archives so I started a new one for my case.  Sooo the day has finally come Empulse139 is dead in the water.  I made a VLOG about it but here's my story.  I rode the bike the pre… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse service manuals, etc.

I have some Brammo Empulse Service manuals that I would like to give to another member that would be able to scan them all in for other users. I messaged a couple members but did not hear back. It's a huge 4" binder with lots of information. Looking t… Go to Source

Have a PDF of the Eneria basic service manual. How do I share it?

Hello everyone.  An extremely generous former Brammo employee was kind enough to donate a copy of the service manual for the Enertia basic so that I could create a PDF to share with the community.  Thank you so very much!  I have finally finished cre… Go to Source

H-D wants to hardwire you

First they were going to Rewire and now they want to Hardwire.  Here is the latest news regarding H-D's Hardwire marketing plan. As usual you will need to scroll down the page to find their EV plan, which seems to me to be given the Buell treatment… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse Snowmobile

One guy from Canada cannibalized Brammo Empulse and improved his Artic Cat ZL800 snowmobile.  http://www.evalbum.com/5501 Go to Source

More solid state battery news

This comes from an article in my newspaper today written by Peter Douglas, titled "Toyota May Be First to Deploy a Solid-State Battery".  His article quotes another article in Nikkei Asia that was boasting that Toyota has developed a solid-state batter… Go to Source

Sondors $5000 Metacycle electric motorcycle

Just learned about the upcoming Sondors Metacycle that is scheduled to begin production late this year.  What do you think about this affordable electric motorcycle?  https://sondorsx.com/pages/metacycle Go to Source