cafe racer handlebars:

Has anyone tried this on the Empulse? Any recommendations? Go to Source

Crashed Brammo Enertia Basic on ebay

Here is for sale crashed Brammo Enertia Basic in Neenah, Wisconsin: I would like to buy batteries from the motorcycle, but unfortunately, export to Europe is not pos… Go to Source

New Tire Recommendations for Empulse R?

I got a big nail in rear tire.  Recommendations on replacement tires for Empulse R would be appreciated.  Go to Source

Enertia Basic VCU, Pictures and questions

Hello, after i changed the VCU of my not running Enerta Basic, travelled 300 km in two weeks. Everything looks good for me now. See attached the open VCU cover and the look of the schematic. First I couldn't see anything, that looks problematic. Today… Go to Source

Shanghai Custom’s Honda eCub

This looks like fun for around-town travel and it also comes in a kit form. No word about pricing, though: Meanwhile Honda is sitting on their hands apparently waiting for the market to m… Go to Source

2018 Energica Eva Esse Esse 9 review

Here is a long review of this model, including a video. Pretty positive, but the bike does seem to have some issues that could be improved, plus it is heavy and expensive:[url=… Go to Source

Hello from Minnesota

Hello,     Trying to find Synthetic 10w-30 API GL-1 Motorcycle Oil (wet clutch approved) for a 2017 Empulse TT.  Can anyone recommend something?  I am worried the 4 stroke wet clutch is GL-4.  I am currently using Honda HP4S 10w-30 SJ.  I am hoping to… Go to Source

Does anyone know what wheels fit a 2016 empulse tt?

Looking for aftermarket wheels for 2016 empulse tt. Anyone know the specs needed or what other model wheels fit this bike? Thanks for any input. Go to Source

Big news about its future from H-D [url=… Go to Source

Sunday Morning Ride

Nothing like an early Sunday Morning Ride. I've had the bike a little over 5yrs now and I'm slightly under 15,000 miles. Bike is doing well but I need some new grips.  Go to Source