Broken Bike: Sell "As-Is" or Scrap out for parts

Description of the problem: ( Go to Source

Recent popularity spike in Brammo Owners Forum website?

Just noticed that there were 555 visitors to this website on 1-20-2020.  I believe that this was an all time record.  Does anyone have any thoughts on why things seem to be picking up lately? Just wondering. Go to Source

Michael Rutter TT Zero Interview

Saw this article with an interview with Michael Rutter and thought it was interesting.  He talks about the evolution of TT Zero and differences racing with an electric bike.  Its a shame IOM TT Zero is taking a hiatus, hopefuly there will be some compe… Go to Source

New 21kwh Battery Energicas!

Got an email from Energica that there is an open house event at Calmoto Livermore and went there to check them out.  They had pre production models of the new 21.5kwh powered Energica bikes on display.  They let you demo ride last year's models.  Final… Go to Source

Chain kit replacement (final drive)

I went and gone ahead to order parts for a new set off front and rear sprockets and a new chain. Front sprocket: JTF1314Rear sprocket: Supersprox 43T  (this is bigger than the original 38T)Chain: D.I.D 525 VX3 gold. (I will update this post with pict… Go to Source

Amateur coverage of CES 2020.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend CES this year and thought that I would share some of my experiences from a few of the electric motorcycle manufacturers that I visited.  I'm sure that most or all of the information that I'm including here ha… Go to Source

Saludos desde Catalunya

Hola chicos soy nuevo propietario de un Empulse os leo gracias a Google traductor pero entiendo el ingl Go to Source

Ultracapacitors again

Here is an ultracapacitor manufacturing startup that is touting their product by showing a futuristic motorcycle that could use their ultracapacitors in its design.  Unfortunately, it looks more like a computer construct and less like an actual vehicle… Go to Source

Segway Apex

Here another interesting bike that Segway built and may produce the Segway Apex.  Pretty cool looking it's got some kinda spaceship kinda look to it. [url=… Go to Source

Black screen, won’t turn on but signals and horn works

2016 Victory Empulse TT that I recently purchased with only a couple hundred miles. Worked super great for the first few rides but this morning: [-] Won't turn on – nothing on the screen, no noises. [-] However the horn and turn signals work. [-] Was… Go to Source