Car-free day in Boechout, Belgium

Here is a link to a well-illustrated, very short article, about this electric motorcycle event held last Sunday in the city of Boechout, Belgium which contains photos of a nice selection of production electric motorcycles available in Europe:  https://… Go to Source


My 2010 Enertia v1.1 is showing the subject error message on boot up and won't go into drive mode. Searched and can't find any advise. Help please? Thanks,-Scott K. Go to Source

Electric motorcycle article in American Motorcyclist

The October 2019 issue of the American Motorcyclist Association's American Motorcyclist magazine features a cover showing the Zero SR/F and a statement saying: "Electric Motorcycles Reach a Turning Point".   There is a long feature article titled "Char… Go to Source

San Francisco’s NDEW event

Yesterday I received a message from the San Francisco NDEW organizer that their event this Saturday, for which I am registered to display my Zero, has had so many requests for entry of automobiles that they are having to limit the length of display tim… Go to Source

Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan

A Tesla Model S has beaten the Porsche Taycan's Nurburgring lap time by a substantial margin:http… Go to Source

New motorcycle safety report published

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation paid the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute several million dollars to perform a multi-year motorcycle riding and crash analysis in order to provide a more current study of motorcycle crashes than the one that was o… Go to Source

Does anyone know how many Enertia units were produced?

Just wondering if anyone knows how many bikes Brammo produced.  Just curious.  Thanks. Go to Source

Best electric motorcycle of 2019

At least according to Go to Source

Looking for a Brammo Empulse R in Germany/Europe

Hello Brammo Fans, Although slightly hesitant with the knowledge of having no real service/support/replacement parts from Brammo/Victory, I am still very interested in at least test driving and possibly purchasing a Brammo Empulse R here in Europe. I l… Go to Source

Oil Leak on 2014 Empulse R

Just took a 2014 Empulse R for a test ride to possibly purchase. It was a blast but unfortunately I noticed oil leaking on the underside (see pics and red circles highlighting the places that have drips on them). The pic was taken from the left side o… Go to Source