Cycle World magazine is being sold off

Next month will be the last issue of the print version of Cycle World magazine. It has been bought by a finance company that apparently hopes that you will search motorcycle reviews online and then use their company to finance your purchase:  [u… Go to Source

Anyone want to buy an electric scooter company?

And it looks like another one is about to bite the dust. I just don't think anyone is making much money manufacturing or selling electric motorcycles, other than maybe EV city bikes or scooters used for basic urban transportation:  https://electricmoto… Go to Source

Central Oregon is on fire

I just heard the governor of Oregon say that several towns in Central Oregon have been essentially destroyed by fire, including the city of Talent, where I believe Brammo used to have their factory.  Earlier I heard a single radio news report that over… Go to Source

Electric Husqvarna E-Pilen

Here is the story: Go to Source

BMW’s forever chain

BMW has come up with a maintenance-free chain that is supposed to last forever. However, they don't mention what the life of drive sprockets will be.  No word yet what a replacement chain will cost if you have to replace it, though. My guess is tha… Go to Source

Stolen Zero in SF

Since there's a number of Bay Area riders on here, I'm copying this from the BARF: "Stolen from Bernal in SF this weekend, my trusty commuter friend for the past couple years. White 2018 Zero SR, 23Z3347 (expired three days ago ), needs a new rear tire… Go to Source

Code S85 – what is its cause? Also coolant leak at entrance block

Folks, My new to me Victory Empulse TT with only 2.3K miles threw ts first code yesterday. Background:  I bought this bike in May and have only ridden it sporadically. I'm in the US Public Health Service and have been deployed due to COVID 19.  Anyway,… Go to Source

Electric Monoracer

Here is something a little different (not too sure about the "racer" part of the name, though): I have photos of a couple of ICE-powered similar… Go to Source

Are you having difficulty getting parts for repairs

So I DM'd a well know electric motorcycle dealership just inquiring if they were selling Energica or Lightning Motorcycles. I've just been out of touch and thought they used to sell Energica. I thought if the YouTube brew-ha-ha over Lighting had proved… Go to Source

A trip down memory lane

Check out this comparison of three electric motorcycles (including the Enertia) that were available for sale in 2010 – and then think about the improvements that have occurred during the past 10 years:  [url=… Go to Source