Cake Osa wins an EV design award

Check this out. Cake wins a design award by making a production motorcycle look like a homemade one. Go to Source

Damon Motorcycles Acquires Alta Motors and Mission Motors Assets

Exciting new here.  Got an email from Damon Motorcycles they definitely look like they are not playing around in the electric motorcycle market.  They've acquired some very good tech here. Quote Mission + Alta + Damon = The Future of MotorcyclingSinc… Go to Source

Grinding / ratteling noise while accelerating hard.

What could it be?-gears from the transmission?-bearings from the motor?-bearings from the rear wheel?-cogging from the motor? chain kit has been swapped already and doesn't make a diffrence. bike runs oke-ish. Go to Source

future BMW electric motorcycles in doubt

In Issue 1 of 2020, Cycle World magazine interviews Markus Schramm, BMW Motorrad Go to Source

Old dead Brammo, dash won’t turn on, battery help!

Hi, My brother moved out of the country and I'm trying to get his old Brammo Enertia up and running again. It hasn't in 4 years or so and has been in the garage for storage. I plugged it in for a few days and the dash won't come on. I checked all fuses… Go ...

Victory Empulse TT for sale in Raleigh, NC Go to Source

Brammo empulse r – help a6 code

Hello everybody, this is Valerio from Italy. I've got a Brammo empulse r and i need your help. My motorbike doesn't start anymore and the error code a6 appeared.Please let me know how to solve this problem out. Thank you. Go to Source

enertia for sale in belgium/netherlands Go to Source

New GM battery tech

There was an article in my newspaper today regarding the new GM "Ultium Battery Technology".  Here are three quotes from the article written by Peter Douglas: "Pioneered in conjunction with LG Chem, Ultiums will compete with the incredible batteries ma… Go to Source

Electric snowmobile

I bet this electric snowmobile really sucks the juice, especially when the riding conditions are likely to be well below freezing: Go to Source