Brammo Enertia (orange) for sale (Southern Oregon)

2009 orange Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle, $2500. Here is a link to more higher resolution photos: I’m a former Brammo… Go to Source

Battery Fault & SERVICE MODE

Hi All, The log files for a Victory Empulse TT 2016 are showing one fault in charging mode (#1 below) and one in driving mode (#2 below).    Fault #1: After sitting on the charger for a couple days past 100% SOC, the log shows the fault "SYSTEM … Go to Source

2021 Energica models

Here is the latest from Energica. While the article says they are 2020 models, we won't see them in the U.S. until 2021 considering that the Energica bikes being sold right now are labeled as 2020 models. At least they shouldn't be affected by Euro 5 t… Go to Source

Hot wire the charger?

I have a B6 code and the VCU disables the drive and charge functions. While I try to fix my code problem I would like to charge my battery a little. From the wiring diagram the green wire between the charger and the VCU is marked CHG enable. Has anyone… Go to Source

Kawasaki EV Project

OH SHIT the day is coming!  Kawasaki is building an EV motorcycle they're not playing around they mention it along with their supercharged motorcycles.  Japanese electric motorcycle will become a reality in the near future! From the video I gather that… Go to Source

New Battery That Charges Really Fast

Found in the news today:… Go to Source

Please help B-6 code

I am a new to a 2010 Enertia and I love this bike. I left my house and at the end of the block I got a b-6 code and the bike shut down. BMS not communicating. I have done all the easy stuff, looked for poor connections, checked for blown fuses ECT.  I … ...

Lightfighter LFR19

Check out what Brian Wisemann has been up to.  He built this custom electric race bike the Lightfighter LFR19.  Some juicy shots of the Victory Empulse race bike too!  375lbs vs the Empulse TT 460lbs similar size battery pack also.  200 lb-ft of torque… Go to Source


This week I fitted my first new set of tires on my Empulse R I went for the Bridgestone T31 I love them! They are a bit rounder and it's steering like a knife (dutch expression)Very noticable at round-abouts and sharp corners. I already had these tire… Go to Source

On the fence: 2016 Victory Empulse TT

Hi All, Back in August 2019 I almost bought a 2014 Brammo Empulse R with ~1.5k miles on it but noticed some motor and/or transmission leaking during my overnight test drive (I posted the topic here: [url=… Go to Source