Mugen Shinden 8 racer

Here is the latest from Mugen, which will be racing at the 2019 Isle of Man TT Zero: Go to Source

Honda electric motocross prototype

Honda continues putting their toe into the electric motorcycle market waters.  A little late to the game, it seems to me: Go to Source

Tach not working

Has anyone had the tach become frozen while ridding?  I stoped the bike and it didn't reset to zero.  The next day the tach reset to zero but it took longer than normal before I could start ridding.  Is there a problem with the computer or the tach?   … Go to Source

Moto-E Fire

Man that sucks   Hope they have good insurance… Go to Source

2009 Enertia Potential Purchase

Good Morning All: I have come to this forum to seek your advise and gathered wisdom! I have an opportunity to acquire a 2009 Enertia with 400 miles on it. It was originally purchased by an employee of Brammo during a period of time when they were offer… Go to Source


The following post was made by a new member of the Electric Motorcycle Forum regarding ordering the new Zero SR/F model:  Red Premium! First employee order… The poster's handle is "ZeroBrian".  Now who do you think this could be….    Go to Source

Quadro eQooder

This 4-wheel electric motorcycle is as goofy as its name. But at least it won't fall over at a stop: Go to Source

Buell returns with another computer-drawn EV

I am not getting too excited about this computer concept.  I have seen too many of them before, even if Erik Buell is involved in the project.… Go to Source

2020 Zero SR/F review

Here is the latest and greatest (and most expensive) model from Zero.  I see a little bit of Empulse styling in it:… Go to Source

Turn signals malfunctioning

So!  Bit of a pickle here. I live in Los Angeles and there isn’t a garage for miles around that’ll touch my bike – a 2013 Empulse R – for anything beyond basic repairs, so I’m DIYing it here. A few weeks ago I left the Empulse parked outside during a d… Go to Source