New motorcycle safety report published

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation paid the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute several million dollars to perform a multi-year motorcycle riding and crash analysis in order to provide a more current study of motorcycle crashes than the one that was o… Go to Source

Does anyone know how many Enertia units were produced?

Just wondering if anyone knows how many bikes Brammo produced.  Just curious.  Thanks. Go to Source

Best electric motorcycle of 2019

At least according to Go to Source

Looking for a Brammo Empulse R in Germany/Europe

Hello Brammo Fans, Although slightly hesitant with the knowledge of having no real service/support/replacement parts from Brammo/Victory, I am still very interested in at least test driving and possibly purchasing a Brammo Empulse R here in Europe. I l… Go to Source

Oil Leak on 2014 Empulse R

Just took a 2014 Empulse R for a test ride to possibly purchase. It was a blast but unfortunately I noticed oil leaking on the underside (see pics and red circles highlighting the places that have drips on them). The pic was taken from the left side o… Go to Source

I have a fix for sagging turn signals.

Hello everyone.  I recently repaired the sagging turn signals on my Enertia and thought that I would share how I did it.  My method isn't perfect but made a big improvement in my opinion. The factory signals seem to lack proper support to give the rub… Go to Source

A couple service/maintenance questions

I have 2 questions to which I cannot find an answer. I'm hoping you all can help 1- I want to change the fork oil. What oil and weight should I use? And what volume? you think this would be in the owner's manual or service manual but I cannot find it t… Go to ...

Should I buy a Victory Empulse?

Hello. I’m looking for opinions on whether or not I should buy an Empulse. It looks like there are dealers that have new 2016 models for about $6000 to $7000. I’ve read some posts on the forum about people having difficulties (to put it mildly) with pa… Go to Source

Euro 5 motorcycle emission requirements

Here is a long article regarding the impact that Euro 5 emission regulations will have on ICE motorcycles starting next year. This is quite a long article, but the part that may interest you is the paragraph under the heading "What about hybrids", abou… Go to Source

Lithium battery tech discussion video

This is a very informative video discussing lithium battery technology, its problems, why batteries degrade, how their manufacturing can be improved in the future and then discusses the advantages and disadvantages of "ultra capacitors": [url=https://… Go to Source