Hyundai and Kia solar roof

Interesting stuff wonder how fast it will charge in the daytime. Go to Source

Washed my Enertia now it wont go

So I may have got my Enertia a little to wet when detailing it. When I finished washing it and went to take it home it wouldn't go, no error codes or fault lights. It says it's ready to drive but when I twist the throttle I feel a very small surge then… Go to ...

2019 Zero models

Zero has just announced their 2019 models and they are still taking "baby steps" every year.  That is what happens when you don't have any real competition.    If only Brammo/Victory was still around to get them out of their complacency. Even wi… Go to Source

Enertia Owners – Registration Help

Hi One and All I've been a Brammo Enertia owner for about 2 years now.  Unfortunately my Enertia was purchased as unregistered here in the UK. The original seller did not give me any paperwork, probably a bit stupid of me looking back, but anyhow. I'v … Go to Source


Does any one know where we can still get the FUN MINI 125v 5A and 15 A fuses? they seem obsolete and unavailable Go to Source

Sell Empulse R in Dresden/Germany

Hello i want to buy a Nissan Leaf, therefore i'll sell my Brammo. try this:… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse R Silver Body Kit

     I have some leftover body parts from my 2014 Empulse R that I am willing to part with. The parts are as follows: Front Fender (Black) Headlight Cover (Black) Outer Tank Cover (Silver) Inner Tank Cover (Black) Belly Pan (Black) Rear Fender (Bl… Go to Source

Alta Motors shuts its doors

H-D swooped in and invested in the Alta Motors electric motorcycle company earlier this year. Then a few months later, (coincidentally?) after announcing their own line of future electric motorcycles, H-D pulled out of the deal, leaving Alta high and f… Go to Source

oil leak from motor

When bike is on sideside, oil is dripping out plastic cover covering the electric motor.  not much, but enough to catch in a little container.  Currently I have ONLY just under 6200km (3800miles) on odometer. I initially thought it was engine coolant,… Go to Source

Hello from Hoogeveen,the Netherlands

Hello! for 1 year the proud owner of an empulse ( first owner=Kingcharles).This month it stopped loading, and came with "system Fault C2".Surched this forum, and contacted brugja who came with a melted connector.Replaced it, problem solved!!! Thanks… Go to Source