Oil leak from transmission fixes?

I very recently completed 10k miles and observed some leak around the plastic cover around the transmission/motor area on the left hand side of the bike. i took it to the local dealer in San Jose to get it checked and they mentioned that the leak was n… Go to Source

Noob to this forum

I decided to take a chance on one of the Empulse 2016 bikes. I purchased it with 1500 miles and plan on using it for commuting to work. I did not really like the zero bike I rode years ago and have wanted one of these for a while. Luckily the dealer (d… Go to ...

EV’s in Cuba

Here is an interesting article regarding small electric motorcycles and scooters in Cuba:https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/viva-la-revolucion-electri… Go to Source

LAPD Tests Electric Bikes

I don't know if this was posted before but I found this old article about the LAPD testing out Electric Motorcycles and one of them they tested was the Brammo Empulse.  Thought it was interesting.  I know the Cupertino PD in the bay area has Zero motor… Go to Source

Aftermarket Battery

Last time I did my Brammo maintenance, the Doctor connected the Battery to the Diagnostics Tablet and something left me wonder… With the bike turned on and Diagnostic Tablet connected to the battery, there was no communication between the battery and… Go to Source

Ultra fast chargers

In my newspaper today was a long article written by David Stringer and published by Bloomberg News.  It discusses very powerful chargers that are now being introduced to the world market. One company making them is Tritium, located in Brisbane, … Go to Source

Kawasaki EV with replacable battery pack

Kawasaki seems to be the first Japanese company to file a patent for a system to swap batteries.  This proposal is more advanced than I had expected to see so soon:  https://ww… Go to Source

Bike not turning off

The problem first began when the bike would not fully power down, meaning that motor would turn off but the accessories (headlight and display) were remaining powered on.  These accessories remained powered on even after the ignition key was turned to … Go to Source

Team Mirai Pikes Peak International Hillclimb 2016 Documentary Subtitled

I follow Yoshihiro Kishimoto on Facebook and he posted the link to this video.  It's a documentary of the Team Mirai racing at Pikes Peak in 2016.  They raced a customized Zero FXS.  I've only seen bits and pieces of this video before and there are bun… Go to Source

Helmet and faceshield cleaning

Here is a link to a useful article regarding how to clean and care for both your helmet and your face shield: http://www.soundrider.com/current/1904/motorcycle-helmet-care.aspx Go to Source