Blast from the Past – BrammoBrian on Charging your Enertia

Just saw this again for the first time.  A short video by Brian about how to charge your Enertia: Charging your Enertia Brian produced this video before this forum began, so I'm glad I saw it come … Go to Source

First Enertia registered in Hong Kong

Twitter message from JCAMMATT (from Jackie Chan's EV company): Quote First Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle registered in Hong Kong today 28 Feb 2012! Milestone complete! Congratulations, Matt! I'm… Go to Source

Mono-Tracer hits production….

though I prefer my motorcycles to be open, this is pretty cool…and very expensive last time I checked…… Go to Source

Envia claims 400 wh/kg and $125/kwh

Envia claims 400 wh/kg and $125/kwh, production batteries in 3 years. Supposing their claims are accurate, that's about twice as good as the best current production capacity and quite a bit less expensive. Raw cell cost for a 20 kwh battery would be $2… Go to Source

Another "green" bike, in a way: Altius Scimitar

Run it on Biodiesel and you have a somewhat green bike.  Now if only they would hurry up and start production and import it into the states.  Sucks that Hayes went overseas with this.  The military version has been around for awhile. [url=… Go to Source

EV servicing economics

It has occurred to me that motorcycle service technicians are not going to be too happy if electric motorcycles become too popular.  Right now motorcycle shops make relatively little money on vehicle sales, and sales of clothing and accessories (which… Go to Source

A turning point??

Well today I had a bit of a shock from the misses….(keep those dirty thoughts out of your heads, boys…It was automobile related). Background. My wife drives a 1999 Toyota Camry that she loves, but A) she wants a new car that will be better for taki… Go to Source

Some old news about the IET shifter.

Another website extolling the virtues of adding a transmission to an electric vehicle. IET Integrated Electric Transmission Motorcy… Go to Source

University of Texas EV China Pollution Research

Not sure if this has been posted yet, saw it on “Our calculatio… Go to Source

New/Old footage

Just saw this video pop up on the youtube: Brammo Empulse Electric Motorcycle – Discovery Science 2012 PL Go to Source