Accessing UBMS and CAN Data for offboard charger

Hello, I'm an EE so naturally I had to get inside my Enertia and mess with it a bit.  I have designed some fast chargers for other vehicles including the Nissan Leaf (ie Chademo).  20 to 50kW chargers are my thing so I built a smaller one for fast char… Go to Source

TTXGP announces joint FIM races (including Laguna Seca w/Brammo)

FIM & TTXGP: JOINT EVENTS IN 2012Strengthening the collaboration between FIM and TTXGP both parties have once again agreed to combine three rounds of their respective race series  2012 FIM e-Power International Championship and the TTXGP World Series … Go to Source

How many miles do you have on your Brammo….

This thread is for people not working for Brammo…I imagine they all have many many miles on their bikes. Almost 50 miles today…on a work day! Gavin Go to Source


In today's newspaper was an article (written by Dana Hull of about the Coda sedan, which started rolling off their assembly line in Benicia, CA, yesterday. The Coda is a joint venture with Chinese battery maker Lishen, which ma… Go to Source

Comparing the cost to own an IC motorcycle with an EV

Since it is raining today, I started doodling with a pencil and calculator trying to figure out how long you would have to ride an electric motorcycle, with its higher cost, in order to save money, compared with an IC motorcycle. Since I have access to… Go to Source

Cheaper (and better) solar!

Startup Aims to Cut the Cost of Solar Cells in Half Rather than cutting a block of silicon to make 200-micrometer-thick wafers (which is about as thi… Go to Source

Susan Carpenter’s LA Times article

No, I haven't seen it yet, but she just added me on Twitter today, so I expect something to show up soon. Go ahead and follow her at @LATcarpenter Go to Source

Is this a new photo? I don’t remember seeing it before… On the models page (bike models, not brammo babes models) there is a red Plus… Not sure I've seen this image/angle before… Gavin Go to Source

Autonomous miniature flying robots

Check out this 16-minute long video of a TED seminar describing small autonomous flying robots. It shows how they work and what they can do.  Their capabilities are quite amazing and the seminar is both informative and entertaining.  [url=http://www… Go to Source

Facebook cover changes.

Something is going on over at Brammo. They've been changing their Facebook cover over the past week. On March 4 it was this: [img width=600 height=264]… Go to Source