Brammo Selects Sheffield Financial to Provide Retail Financing to Customers

Quote ASHLAND, Ore., March 28, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Brammo, Inc., a global leader in the electric vehicle industry, is proud to announce that they have signed an agreement with Sheffield Financial of North Carolina to provide their industry… Go to Source

Center stand

The Enertia Plus will have an optional center stand, which is great for maintenance. What I would like to know is, could I use something like this: [img width=600 height=363]http://… Go to Source

Fun with SEO and advertising

I noticed an interesting ad while searching wired – search for "brammo" or "brammo empulse". "Ads by Google .. Zero Motorcycles-Zero S [url=… Go to Source

Morgan introduces a EV coupe concept w/ gearbox

Morgans have always been neat (if eccentric) cars – wood-framed sportscars, three wheelers, etc. Wired details a concept car that may be on its way to production. Specs are a little low for a sportscar:* 70 kW / 94 hp motor* 5 speed transmission* 27… Go to Source

Huntington Beach to Laguna Beach along PCH

I've been riding every friday from Huntington Beach down to Main Street Laguna Beach in the morning after I take the kids to school.  My way of playing hookee now that I work from home   Heres a few pics of the beautiful electric bike down in the mai… Go to Source

Brammo Newsletter This Week?

Brammo had stated that their "communication plan (…) kicks into gear (pun intended) in March…including our much missed Monthly Newsletters…." So we should hear something this week right?  Go to Source

Coffee at Dawn

Sadly I forgot to take a picture till I was getting ready to leave….I should have taken a photo when everybody was crowded around the bike asking questions (one had lived in Ashland and knew about Brammo). A ride out to the East Mountain…bikers han… Go to Source


And now for something a little different:  About 30 minutes ago I had just turned on the TV and saw a fellow riding a skateboard down the streets of San Francisco with what appeared to be little effort. The story was that he was riding an Li-ion batter… Go to Source

Computing CO2 emissions, now with my real world data

Not counting the first 20 miles or so where I was trying the bike out, I have 311.4 miles on the bike and 39.36 kWh measured at a killowatt meter. That works out to 126.4 Wh / mile – not bad, considering I would say my average speed is 50 and I often h… Go ...

bought it!

Here is my new empulse on the showroom floor. I'm bringing it home tomorrow. That is my buddy looking hard for a reason to stop me from buying. But he could not find one. Go to Source