Mission Motors electric racer stalks the streets of San Francisco

Mission is taking their racer through the streets of SF, gathering data. They are using their bike as a development platform… Go to Source

Enertia Plus on the Dyno

Enertia Plus Dyno Test = 23.5 hp @ 64mph Anybody care to comment on the information up on that screen at the end? Go to Source

Brammo Facebook Timeline… ugh :(

I cant stand this new layout damnit! IMO Brammo needs to go back to the traditional layout… The timeline truly sucks ass. Their facebook page is one of the few reasons I still have a Facebook account… Probably going with a Google+ account only, but… Go to Source

Ordered a Zero…

I put a deposit down on a Zero XU today. The original Enertia Plus price would've made this a no-brainer for a decision, but with the announced price increase and the no-timeline for Canadian release I decided on the XU for commuting duties. If you guy… Go to Source

I Just Don’t Know

Can people tolerate one more guy agonizing over what to do, based on the recent E+ email from Brammo?   I hope so and apologize if not! What's my story? Long-time lurker – I've been a fan of the forum since last summer.  Really appreciate the insights … Go to Source

TTXGP Promotional Video

Enjoy! TTXGP IET Promo Some observations: This video has IET all over it. I assume that's The Institution of Engineering and Technology, rather than the Integrated Electric Transmissio… Go to Source

Hollywood Electrics Wager, Vaporware, Brammo

Just read a post from Harlan of Hollywood electrics over at elmoto.net. Apparently Hollywood Electrics is offering $1k cash back on a Zero purchased now if the ebike you are waiting for is delivered before the END of October. To me this is a wager that… Go to Source

Flextronics and Sevcon Partner Up

I wasn't sure if I should put this in the Brammo Enertia Plus subforum, or even, possibly, off-topic, but since it's a "news" release, I'm putting it here.  Sevcon is supposed to be making the motor con… Go to Source

Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re A Brammoholic When…

10. You go on a vigorous exercise and diet program to lose 20 lbs in hopes of increasing the Empulse's acceleration, top speed and range. Go to Source

Some Questions about the Enertia Plus…post newsletter

Quote Upgraded Motor – Although the power level remains the same, the actively air-cooled permanent magnet AC motor features greater efficiency which reduces the heat generated, allowing more performance to be pulled out of the bike before it reaches … Go to Source