Victory Empulse TT for Sale in Wisconsin

Hi All, A guy near me is selling a 2016 Victory Empulse TT with ~1k miles on it for $6900. He has an extra fast charger with it. Location: Eau Claire WI Message me if you're interested and I'll connect you. Go to Source

Adding Battery Capacity

I have a 2013 Empulse Standard model with 22,000 and decided to add an extender pack for more range. I tapped into the main battery pack at the most negative battery module terminal and for the positive lead to the Battery side of the contactor. I buil… Go to Source

Verge TS electric motorcycle

I found this new Verge TS electric motorcycle interesting, mostly because of the styling and the open rear wheel hub motor.  The price is a bit pricey though, at 25K Euros (about $27.5K) and you will have to wait for your bike to arrive someday:  https… Go to Source

Good news regarding Energica sales

It looks like Energica orders are up 125% compared with last year. Under the current circumstances, I would say that is a really good outcome for the brand and just reinforces my thought that Brammo could be doing just as well, or better, if they had r… Go to Source

New member saying HI, about to buy a 2016 Empulse TT tomorrow

Title just about says it all. Hello everyone! I do have one question: When I look on Cycle Trader and see 7 or so of these bikes up for sale, all but one have very low miles for a 4-year-old bike. One has over 10k, three have under 1000, and one only h… Go to ...

Variable Regen Throttle

Last year I bought a Sur Ron Light Bee electric dirtbike/moped thingie.  I upgraded the controller to an ASI BAC2000 controller and one of the features is the ability to use a regen throttle.  I've never used a regen throttle before so I wanted to give… Go to Source

A couple questions related to Victory and manuals

I have a 2013 Empulse and need a shop manual but can't seem to find one. Can anyone point me into the right direction? Second what has Polaris done with the electric bike now that they discontinued Victory? I know Brammo battery was sold to Cummins but… Go to Source

fix for hang loose blinkers Go to Source

fix for hang loose blinkers

fixed my Enertia's loose rear-blinkers: a 3D-printed bracket with snap-on cover. Go to Source

Looking for replacement chain advice.

I'm in need of a replacement chain and wanted to get some opinions.  I'm leaning towards an o-ring or x-ring chain but the options for a 420 pitch with 124 links are very limited.  I really don't want to deal with the hassle of a standard roller chain…. Go to Source