Lightning Open House San Jose, California July 27, 2019

Sorry posting this kinda late.  Less than a week to go but Lightning motorcycle is having an open house even where you can come and and take a look at the Lightning Strike.  It is in San Jose, California. More info here:[url=https://www.bayarearidersf… Go to Source

A $75K electric phallus

Curtiss Motors strike again.  Good luck designing a chassis that will keep that unsupported battery pack from falling off the bike. Go to Source

Elcon HK-J 3300KW charger

I contacted Elcon TC to get a pre-programmed charger for the Empulse and they got back to me requesting for the following information: Quote Please confirm the information below so that we can set the charger accordingly. Please answer  the question b… Go to Source

2010 White Enertia for Sale only 1,164 Miles NO RESERVE auction ebay

Hey guys I'm finally selling her, need room in my garage for bigger and better things. Hoping someone from this forum wins the auction. Amazing condition and still has original Best Buy receipt! I was only the second owner for the last year and a half…. Go to Source

Moto-E GP Round 1

There it is the first Moto E GP race history made.  Man they're fast and that lean angle! Go to Source

More H-D Livewire news

H-D has updated the specifications for their new $30K+ Livewire electric motorcycle, including having engineered-in an idle vibration feature that lets you know it is "idling" when you are at a stop    :… Go to Source

Aftermarket Footpegs?

Does anyone know of an aftermarket footpeg from another bike that will bolt right in to the Empulse?  I feel if I can get some stickier footpegs I can lean the bike more easily. Go to Source

Original Brammo Impulse R charger for sale

Selling my original Level 1 Brammo Empulse Supply Charger PCS-120 part 0613-00-003 by Clipper Creek. The motorcycle got totaled, now this is just sitting on a shelf, may be you need one? [url=… Go to Source

Refuel TT 2019 June 30, 2019

Was a good day at Refuel TT 11.  There certainly were more Model 3s than last year and more than a handful of SRFs.  The SRFs were pretty fast I never passed one and I got passed by several.  The SRF just totally eclipses the SR.  Empulse TT ran great … Go to Source

Zx6r Seat and fairing

Hi Guys Done Some heavy modifications to my Brammo,what do you think of it? Go to Source