MOVED: selling the bike !!??

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selling the bike !!?? [Brammo Empulse]

is there anybody interesed to buy my not working bike??? For use or sale off spare parts?? Go to Source

battery safety interlock open

my log file gives this AIM message; Battery safety interlock open What does it mean and how to get rid of it?? Go to Source

Red blinking led battery

has Anybody anny idea what the red blinking led means on 1 of my battery's? All the others are blinking green.And more important does anybody know wha to do about it.   Go to Source

Software ??

Is there anybody who can help me to get software to read the log files? Go to Source

Arcimoto SRK

I remember seeing a group doing a demo ride on these a while back.  It looks like they're starting to mass produce them now.  It'll be available in the fall of this year.  Its basically a front wheel drive electrically powered trike.  Its like a golfca… Go to Source

New 2018 11kW Zero models announced

I thought this was kind of interesting as an effort to expand Zero's European market sales.  I bet it didn't cost Zero much to implement, either.  But pricing for a bike aimed at learners could be an issue, even with government subsidies: https://elect… Go to Source

Back to the CA DMV so you can fly in 2020

Yesterday, news reports stated that the U.S. government says that the current California vehicle license document sucks as a valid ID for flying on a commercial airliner. In order to fly from any U.S. airport after 2020, a new CA DMV license or ID card… Go to Source

Mugen Shinden TT Bike Video

Saw this on youtube of the Mugen Shinden bikes.  I'm surprised Honda hasn't gotten into the electric motorcycle market.  They're kicking ass at the TT. Go to Source

Brembo Recall

Does anyone know the master cylinder Brembo model number on the Empulse? Since the Victory Empulse 2016 were all manufactured during the same period as the … Go to Source