How to mount motorcycle tires

Here is a link to a useful video showing how to mount motorcycle tires the easy way.  If you mount your own tires, this will be an interesting video to watch:[url=… Go to Source

Refuel Track Event

Just learned about this Refuel track event.  It's a trackday at Laguna Seca where EV owners can take their EVs and ride them on the track at Laguna Seca.  There is a Time Trial event you can participate in also.  I might go try it out, set a laptime fo… Go to Source

The state of the industry article

Here are a few words regarding the state of the electrical motorcycle industry this year and each of the major brands in the market. The author is clearly enamored with Zero, though:… Go to Source

Riding a 2012 Zero S EV to Terra Del Fuego

I think you will find this short video interesting, even if the rider rode a Zero instead of a Brammo: Go to Source

I want to buy original accesories for Brammo Enertia Plus

Hello everyone,I would like to buy the following original accessories for Brammo Enertia Plus:– Brammo central stand– Brammo windshield– Givi side cases including holdersIt does not have to be new, just used if it is in good condition.Do not you … Go to Source

Valence batteries for sale

First off I am not associated with the sellers, I just noticed these and thought brammo owners may be interested, thunderstruck motors has valence 12v cells for sale in the garage sale section of the website, I believe these were used in the enertia, m… Go to Source

Parker/Brammo GVM142 motor and Sevcon Gen 4s

Motor was bought from a Brammo employee to be used on a dirt bike project but it's time to focus on other projects so it's time to sell. The GVM142 is the motor used on the Brammo Empulse. The motor is used but in great condition and was inspected at t… Go to Source

What is a used electric motorcycle worth?

You might have heard that Zero is recalling their entire 2012 production due to the possibility of the 2012 models shorting out their battery packs and catching on fire when charging and even when being ridden. They will be buying back all of the 218 Z… Go to Source

2011 Brammo Enertia for sale

Hi, I bought this Enertia in 2012 when I had a short commute within San Francisco.  I've switched jobs and am no longer using the bike.  It's only got 1350 miles on it and has always been kept in a garage, so it's in good shape.  I bought it at Scuderi… Go to Source

broken sub-frame fender bracket

Before I put the bike away for the winter, I noticed rear fender was a little "bouncy".  During spring inspection, I took the seat off and noticed that the inner metal bracket that is welded to the rear sub-frame was loose.  This is where the fender bo… Go to Source