The following post was made by a new member of the Electric Motorcycle Forum regarding ordering the new Zero SR/F model:  Red Premium! First employee order… The poster's handle is "ZeroBrian".  Now who do you think this could be….    Go to Source

Quadro eQooder

This 4-wheel electric motorcycle is as goofy as its name. But at least it won't fall over at a stop: Go to Source

Buell returns with another computer-drawn EV

I am not getting too excited about this computer concept.  I have seen too many of them before, even if Erik Buell is involved in the project.… Go to Source

2020 Zero SR/F review

Here is the latest and greatest (and most expensive) model from Zero.  I see a little bit of Empulse styling in it:… Go to Source

Turn signals malfunctioning

So!  Bit of a pickle here. I live in Los Angeles and there isn’t a garage for miles around that’ll touch my bike – a 2013 Empulse R – for anything beyond basic repairs, so I’m DIYing it here. A few weeks ago I left the Empulse parked outside during a d… Go to Source

BRP buys Alta Motors parts

But apparently nothing else and there appears to be no intention of restarting the production of Alta motorcycles.    I am pretty sure that BRP is a competitor of Polaris in the motorsport industry and it looks like they plan to move ahead with elect… Go to Source

Fork oil viscosity and quantity ?

Neither the owner manual nor service manual indicate the oil type and the oil quantity to use in the fork tubes. The service manual says : "Reference Marzocchi Service Manual for additional service information" but no idea where to find it ! Anyone kn… Go to Source

Where is the flasher relay ?

I browsed literally all the documentation I have at hand and have not been able to locate the flasher relay ?! The wiring diagram mention it on the page 8/13 but I have no idea of where it is physically located ! I ordered LED turn signals and I am al… Go to Source

Blacksmith, an Indian electric motorcycle

They sure picked the right name for this Indian-designed and manufactured electric motorcycle: Go to Source

best home charger to hardwire into the garage

I dont know much about chargers beyond some are faster and some are slower. From what I understand not all chargers are created equal and some can harm our bikes. What are your thoughts on FLO Residential chargers @ [url=… Go to Source