BRAND NEW Carbon Kit for Empulse

We're doing a bit of spring cleaning around the shop and letting some stuff go at great prices. Brand new carbon kit for the Empulse on ebay:… Go to Source

Mugen electric "monster"

To me it looks more like a show styling exercise than anything resembling a future production motorcycle.    I am not seeing a whole lot of batteries in that bike.  [url=… Go to Source

New owner in the Netherland

After following this forum for a long time, I just bought a second-hand Empulse-R.Some of you might wonder why? Brammo is dead, Victory is dead…so why a Brammo?I always liked the design. All other brands hide the fact that they are electric, by hid… Go to Source

Zero Motorcycles powertrain now powers ‘the world’s first electric watercraft Go to Source

Power in Flux book review

Book review of Power in Flux I just finished reading Power in Flux, written by Ted Dillard, and would like to offer my  comments regarding his book, which I helped to fund by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign: Frankly, it was quite… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse 2013-2014 SERVICE Manual

A forum user shared this file and I am hosting it on  You can either get to it from the now-operational wiki:… Go to Source

1940’s electric lawnmower

A friend that I ride with, who lived in Germany at the time, just sent me this photo of him in 1957 mowing his parents lawn with a 1940's-era electric lawnmower.  I thought it was kind of neat and looked like it would keep cutting for many more years. Go to Source

Enertia Classic : Unable to get GO state with "Headlight off" message.

  Hello,   Since today my Enertia Classic don't want to switch to "GO" state. She only say on the display : "Headlight off" and the discontactor won't switch to on.  Checking the owner manual they say to correct this message : "Turn on the headlight",… Go to Source

New Enertia Rider from Paris/France.

  Hello folks ! Well, I'm proud to say that my stepdaughter and I we bought an used 2011 Enertia. She drives it, I service it 😉 More news to come. Regards. Go to Source

2010 Brammo Enertia parts on eBay

The link seems to be messed up but the seller is "cascadeclear" on eBay. Only parts that don't seem to be listed are frame and batteries.… Go to Source