University of Nottingham – Electric bike at Isle of Man TT

Badass bike! Beware of your ears…this video gets pretty loud. Link here, just in case it's not showing up below.[url=… Go to Source

Brammo Enertia SF Bay Area Craigslist

Saw this on craigslist SF Bay Area.  Looks like a fairly well sorted out Enertia.  So  tempting…. $3500… Go to Source

Coolant leak from the motor

I had put about 9,000 miles on my Empulse TT when I noticed a little puddle beneath the bike.  Upon closer inspection the yellowish liquid appeared to be coming from the motor.  I really hoped it would go away but the drips continued so I pulled off th… Go to Source

Sarolea Manx7 superbike

If you are looking to spend lots of money on a really nice electric motorcycle, this is the bike for you.… Go to Source

Enertia + Motor replacement.

Question.  So I work for my local city garage and we have an Enertia plus that developed a bad chain rattle. Took the bike apart and found the splines on the rotor worn badly causing the drive sprocket to rattle badly and create a lot of chain lash. Af… Go to Source

An old Electrolux ad

Here is something that I thought was kind of funny to brighten up your day and even has a bit of a connection to electric vehicles: The September issue of Motorcycle Consumer News contains an article written by Glynn Kerr regarding dumb ad campa… Go to Source

Kalashnikov SM-1

And now we have this Russian arms manufacturer jumping into the electric motorcycle business. Buy one of these and get a free AK-48 electric stun gun as a bonus:… Go to Source

Feher ACH-1 air conditioned helmet

Here is the latest in air conditioned helmets.  In spite of what it says in the title, this is not the first AC helmet. There was one on the market some years ago that used a solid-state cooling system, however I don't think it worked very well. No dou… Go to Source

Chain kit for Empulse using Silent Sproket

Hello , i'm going to change my chain kit but I would like to try this solution ( I had it on my previous Honda Transalp and worked well)… Go to Source

OSH hardware stores are closing

Lowes, who owns the OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) hardware store chain, is closing all 98 of their stores and putting the company out of business. The OSH stores start their store-closing sale tomorrow, August 23. Too bad as I have bought a lot of Craf… Go to Source