Charging noise at 96%

hello, I don't know wich version of enertia basic I have. I live in Spain, I bought it in the second hand market. My enertia doesn't have central button and no need to block it for charging. It does charge right and the pannel lights when charging. Two… Go to Source

EMF Brammo forum hacked

Apparently someone in a foreign country doesn't like Brammos.    They made about 50 or so posts within a matter of a few minutes in a very foreign language on the Electric Motorcycle Forum Brammo section.    I hope they had fun doing it.  Go to Source

Cyssko Empulse Stuntrider

I've been following this dude on Instagram lately.  He's a professional stunt rider and rides an Empulse.  He performs for Cirque du Soleil also.  Pretty cool seeing an Empulse used for stunting.  Here's a couple of his posts. [url=https://www.instagra… Go to Source

help with vin decode

I have just imported a bike into NZ and im having trouble with our transport agency decoding the vin number of the bike. Does anyone have any info or pictures of the vin number and the meanings of the brammo? cheers Go to Source

Sur Ron Electric Dirtbike

So I've always wanted an electric dirtbike but they're so much $$$$.  The Alta sit's over $10k and the Zero FX is about $10k.  The size of the Alta is a bit intimidating also it's a pretty tall bike.  Then I saw one of these a Sur Ron.  It's a Chinese … Go to Source

UBCO electric off-road utility motorcycle

You might find this article interesting:×2-elect… Go to Source

LED Headlight …

I have a 2012 Brammo Enertia Plus … I would like replace the headlight and the tail light with LED.I'm thinking I just need an LED bulb for the tail light but for the headlight I might want to get a whole new headlight. Has anyone done this and can … Go to Source

Need Brammo Plus sprockets

Hello. I live in Edmonds Washington and love my 2013 Brammo Enertia plus and need replacement sprockets asap.Can get chain and tires but sprockets don't seem to be available. Anybody with offers or ideas? Tom Haffordthomaskeith@comcast.nethome … Go to Source

The latest electric motorcycles and scooters

Here is a link to photos of new electric motorcycles and scooters from a recent UK bike show.  Photos you get, but not much in the way of words.  And don't expect some of these motorcycles to show up on a dealer's showroom floor anytime soon – if at al… Go to Source

Diginow and Fenix Motors almost Complete Baja1000 in Electric Buggy!

Saw this on Diginow's facebook post they teamed up with Fenix Motors and raced the Baja 1000 in an electric buggy.  What better way to show how good your machine is than to compete in one of the most difficult offroad races on the planet!  Link is for … Go to Source