Replacing clutch plates

Has anyone on here replaced clutch plates on an Empulse before? Wondering if there is any special differences between this and a regular ICE bike clutch. Go to Source

Givi Monokey panniers and rack , Empulse

Hi Folks I have a pair of Givi Monokey V35N panniers and the monokey rack to fit an Empulse.They have been used but are still in very good condition. Depth   Width   Height   Max. Capacity           Max. Load316mm   526mm   394mm   35 Litres (each)   10kg (each) mor… Go to Source

Honda Riding Assist-E

An article in the latest issue of Motorcycle Consumer News describes the new Honda Riding Assist-E (catchy title, huh?). It is described as an "electric vehicle with a low center-of-gravity and very low seat height". However, its claim to fame i… Go to Source

H-D invests in Alta Motors

Here are a couple of interesting articles regarding Alta Motors published by Revzilla:… Go to Source

Old Jay Leno Empulse review video

Here is an old 2012 Jay Leno Garage review of the Brammo Empulse just to bring back memories of the good old days for Brammo owners.  It kind of makes you wonder what could have been if Brammo had kept developing the Empulse:[url=… Go to Source

The last Confederate/Curtiss IC motorcycle

Here it is: From now on we should be seeing nothing but electric-powered models.  Go to Source

Brammo Enertia Plus 2013 on eBay Go to Source

transmission vent?

Is there a transmission vent on the Empulse R, if so, where is it? Go to Source

What do you do to secure your Empulse from being stolen?

What do you do to secure your Empulse from being stolen?   I have a disc lock and was thinking about a grip lock also. Go to Source

HELP! Charging

Hey guys, Just wondering if a one has experienced this or maybe I totally messed up- I use my Brammo empulse as a work vehicle.  I use it to film feature films, television action and commercials. It was recently shipped from San Francisco to Louisiana … Go to Source