Zx6r Seat and fairing

Hi Guys Done Some heavy modifications to my Brammo,what do you think of it? Go to Source

Empulse service in California

Hello community. I found a 2014 empulse on craigslist. I want to buy it, but I would like to know if there is anywhere/anyone that can help me service it, when the time comes or to come with me to see the bike. Is the 2014 a good model year? What shou… Go to Source

New to the Brammo Family need charger?

I bought a bike that was in an action and would not charge. it has been dead for who knows how long.I ended up charging each of the 6 batteries desperately and got the bike to turn on and road in down my ally.I can not get it to charge. I am not sure… Go ...

Honda Grom EV conversion

Here is a video of a really amazing electric-drive conversion of a Honda Grom. It looks like it could have come out of the Honda factory. It appears that the Grom conversion is using Alta EV power train components. A very impressive build, although I f… Go to Source

2010 Brammo Enertia < 1200 miles, Lafayette, CO $2500

Bone stock, immaculate 2010 Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle with less than 1200 miles on it. Serial #121, one of the very first production runs of this bike. Never dropped, never crashed, garage kept, own by an electrical engineer.  Additional and … Go to Source

Tank Bag

I was wondering if anyone has had luck putting a tank bag on the Empulse's freakish false tank ?  I am a huge tank bag fan, have had a bag on just about every bike I have every owned, I look at the Empulse tank and just scratch my head !!!! Go to Source

Belt drive conversion:

I have listed some points down here: 1. Is it possible? (I think yes from some basic research i did)2. Advantages:    Weight savings, Less inertial mass for the motor to work with, Almost no maintenance, Lesser noise and also     no drivetrain backl… Go to Source

BMS problems

Hello to all, a few weeks back i have purchased an Empuls R from 2015. This bike has been in a research facility for the last couple years and has only 1300km. I have the proble that one cell in pack 4 is at 4.14V and the rest is down to 4.04V. Chargi… Go to ...

Motorcyclist magazine ceases production

My formerly favorite U.S. motorcycle publication, Motorcyclist magazine, is going out of business: https://advrider.com/motorcyclist-magazine-ends-print-production/ Unfortunately, I am not in the least surprised. When Motorcyclist magazin… Go to Source

Givi side case Rack for sale – Empulse

Hi all,Sadly, I recently totaled my Empulse R so Im selling my side case rack. Minor scratches , all hardware included. Shipping from Canada, Quebecasking 100$ USD + shipping [img width=600 height=800]https://i1141.photobucket.com/albums/n596/Rickxb/… Go to Source