Valence battery disassembled

Interesting instructions for Valence battery service: Brammo Enertia has another type (U1-12XP), but I think it will look very similar inside the battery. Go to Source

Brammo battery presentation

I found an interesting presentation of the Brammo batteries: Go to Source

Brammo Photographs Through the Years

I just received the .pdf file linked below from Adrian Stewart, who in turn received it from Charles Lee, Brammo employee and amazing photographer. Lots of fun looking through the photos, seeing familiar faces, remembering major milestones.  I hope you… Go to Source

IET Gear Ratio

6-Speeds, manually shifted Foot Pedal– Drive Sprocket: 14T ISO520• Primary: 35T/59T• 1st: 14T/30T• 2nd: 16T28T• 3rd: 20T/29T• 4th: 22T/27T• 5th: 24T/25T• 6th: 20T/19T from the IET site, I think this is for the Empulse.[url=… Go to Source

Aftermarket Sprockets

I did a bunch of searching and there wasn't much info on an aftermarket rear sprocket for our bikes.  I know Polaris sells the OEM rear sprocket but I would like change my gearing.  Also I'm in the US so I'd prefer something available in the US. I know… Go to Source

Self Driving Cars Detection of Lane Splitters… Go to Source

Zero MMX Special Ops dirtbike

Saw this today, looks like Zero is making stealthy dirtbikes for US Special forces.  The MMX looks pretty like a FX, probably more range and beefier suspension.  From that picture they could have atleast sprung for passenger pegs, that dude's foot look… Go to Source

I wish Brammo/Victory were still around

I really wish that Brammo or Victory were still making electric motorcycles. Zero really needs more competition in the mass consumer electric vehicle market. From my point of view, Zero hasn't made much progress in their technology since at least 2014…. Go to Source

Polaris Ebay Empulse Parts Store

I was browsing ebay and saw that Polaris is selling parts for the Empulse at their online store.  Should come in handy if anyone is looking for parts here the link: [url=… Go to Source

Charging Fuse Box Almost Catch Fire

I'm from portugal and about 1 year bought the brammo, unfortunately I had some problems but they were solved. But this time it was serious, the charging fusible box almost catch fire!!! Can anyone help why this happens? Thank you Good Curves Go to Source