2018 Energica Eva Esse Esse 9 review

Here is a long review of this model, including a video. Pretty positive, but the bike does seem to have some issues that could be improved, plus it is heavy and expensive:[url=http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/energica/2018-energica-eva-esse-esse… Go to Source

Hello from Minnesota

Hello,     Trying to find Synthetic 10w-30 API GL-1 Motorcycle Oil (wet clutch approved) for a 2017 Empulse TT.  Can anyone recommend something?  I am worried the 4 stroke wet clutch is GL-4.  I am currently using Honda HP4S 10w-30 SJ.  I am hoping to… Go to Source

Does anyone know what wheels fit a 2016 empulse tt?

Looking for aftermarket wheels for 2016 empulse tt. Anyone know the specs needed or what other model wheels fit this bike? Thanks for any input. Go to Source

Big news about its future from H-D

http://www.motorcycle.com/mini-features/harley-davidson-announces-growth-plan-2022.html [url=http://www.motorcycle.com/mini-features/2019-harley-davidson… Go to Source

Sunday Morning Ride

Nothing like an early Sunday Morning Ride. I've had the bike a little over 5yrs now and I'm slightly under 15,000 miles. Bike is doing well but I need some new grips.  Go to Source

Want to buy empulse r rear wheel

If anyone had a rear wheel for sale please contact me. Looking for 17×5.5 wheel.Thanks Go to Source

Looking for a job?

Maybe the home of the hog is the place for you: https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/harley-davidson-electric-motorcycle-jobs/ Go to Source

Hazard lights

I found a way to get the hazard light funtionality on the Empusle.(very convenient for lane spliting in my case) Find the two blue wires from the turn signallights behind the headlight.they are connected with simple connectors.Connect those 2 with a… Go to Source

Licemce plate holder

since the German plat holder is huge I would like a smaller bracket for my Dutch plate.I'm not inclined to put the saw to it. I have seen on photo that the standard US one is a lot smaller. Where can I still get those? Go to Source

CSC City Slicker

Saw this on Revzilla.  I've actually ridden their RX3 Cyclone 250cc ADV bike before and I've visted their store in Azusa, California.  It's basically an electric grom.  That sure would make a sweet pit bike! [url=https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/c… Go to Source