Solid state battery startup

Another battery breakthrough by a "startup". But will when will they be available to the consumer?  Note the comments at the bottom of the article.… Go to Source

An Electric Ducati?

I am not holding my breath until this happens, in spite of what the article tries to promote.  Just check out the included video. You can start watching at minute 6.     [url=… Go to Source

Gogoro and Yamaha team up for battery swappable scooter Thats pretty nifty I know in San Francisco they have Scoot electric scooters but this takes it one step farther with battery swapping stations. Go to Source

System Fault B6 – BMS Not Communicating

Hello everyone, Yesterday afternoon, when I was driving on my Brammo Enertia Plus (production year 2013, 8000 km on the speedometer), the B6 error message suddenly appeared on the display. Then I could not accelerate and the motorcycle stopped. Fortuna… Go to Source

Greetings From Portugal

Hello all!Just bought a second hand 2015 Brammo Empulse!Loving it! Go to Source

HadesOmega Rides the BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter

So last week I finally got to ride one of dem BMW C Evolution electric scooters.  I liked it!  Nice big scoot scoot, if you were looking for an electric commuter it's a good choice!  Ample room for cargo, level 2 onboard charger, comfy and easy to ride… Go to Source

Vespa Electtrica is coming to the U.S.

I am not sure if a 2 kW motor is going to cut it here though, especially at Vespa's typically premium prices.… Go to Source

Motor cover

Does any one know where I can get or have a cover that fits on the left side (behind the shifter) of the motor? Go to Source

over the net servicing?

Would it be possible to do  firmware / software updates over the internet? what would we need for that? so like a remote desktop system mayby? Go to Source

Brammo Empulse Dash / Tachometer B65817975

Hello, I sold my Brammo Empulse a couple of months ago but i still have a spare dashboard / speedometer / … or whatever it's called. The partnumber is B65817975 and it is brand new, still in the box and never used.If you need one you can send me a P… Go to Source