Mecatecno T14 electric trials brief test

Mecatecno T14 electric trials brief test: Quote from: Mecatecno UK Making a bigger one next year !    

26" Oset Build

I need to document this somewhere so where better than a specific e-trials forum. Goal: Get the benefit that my daughter gets out of her 20" Oset for myself. I think the low weight is the biggest benefit.1. Full sized wheels2. 90 lbs. or less with en…

The best e-trials bike

What spec would make the best electric trials bike ? or what would a electric bike need to have to make it sell.. Price.. Power.. Top speed.. Run time.. Weight.. Multiple gears.. Clutch.. Looks.. swappable battery packs.. settings for engine braking.. …

maybe another sub heading ?

Maybe there should be another sub heading on this forum for all other offroad e-bikes e.g the stealth,zero,blade,ktm etc. As there are quite a few now this will attract a few more readers.


. . . they should go here.

some home brew trials bikes

Gas Gas ETA TXT 4820 Product Page

Gas Gas has the bike up on it's home page in the "Elektro Trial" section. Seems pretty official….

Dieter Rudolf on the Gas Gas e-Trial [video]

MR – E TRIAL GASGAS ride by Dieter Rudolf The new Gasgas Etrial ist ready for use and got molested by Dieter Rudolf.More Info at or [url=http…

OSET 20 For Adults?

The OSET 20 has me thinking. I'm 5'11" and 190 lbs + gear. I've been reading that adults can ride the bike and it has a good amount of power. It's been called a "death machine" …

Kuberg At Indy Show 2013

Dirt Rider posted some pics of the Kuberg electric trials bikes on facebook… [url=…