Hi Folks

Hi Folks, Just joined the forum today.I like the idea of electric trials, it is a nice match.I am doing some calculations for a DIY bike and have a couple of questions.What is the approximate weight of a rolling chassis of say 10 years ago and curre…

2014 Kuberg Free-Rider at the AIME Motorcycle Expo

2014 Kuberg Free-Rider at the AIME Motorcycle Expo:[img]https://scontent-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/q72/s720x720/994950_10202902883632178_…

2014 Electric Motion EM5.7 announced..

2014 Electric Motion EM5.7 announced.. : http://thehellteam.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/2014-electric-motion-em5-7-announced/[img]http://thehellteam.files.wordpr…

Mecatecno T14 electric trials brief test

Mecatecno T14 electric trials brief test: http://youtu.be/QhsRReBhRZE http://youtu.be/gAYBlDJ6wVI Quote from: Mecatecno UK Making a bigger one next year !    

26" Oset Build

I need to document this somewhere so where better than a specific e-trials forum. Goal: Get the benefit that my daughter gets out of her 20" Oset for myself. I think the low weight is the biggest benefit.1. Full sized wheels2. 90 lbs. or less with en…

The best e-trials bike

What spec would make the best electric trials bike ? or what would a electric bike need to have to make it sell.. Price.. Power.. Top speed.. Run time.. Weight.. Multiple gears.. Clutch.. Looks.. swappable battery packs.. settings for engine braking.. …

maybe another sub heading ?

Maybe there should be another sub heading on this forum for all other offroad e-bikes e.g the stealth,zero,blade,ktm etc. As there are quite a few now this will attract a few more readers.


. . . they should go here.

some home brew trials bikes

http://youtu.be/EQdjFkYTJZ8 http://youtu.be/VS8sMraMSGo http://youtu.be/ifEymtH-CRc http://youtu.be/hXDMabBV5JI

Gas Gas ETA TXT 4820 Product Page

Gas Gas has the bike up on it's home page in the "Elektro Trial" section. Seems pretty official…. http://www.gasgas.eu/index.php?id=1450#col3_typo3content_image