Anyone pick up the remains of the R?

Wishful thinking but I would love to see someone put Zero batteries into the R. Go to Source

Mission filing for bankruptacy

Here are Autoblog's comments regarding Mission Motorcycle filing for bankruptcy:… Go to Source

Article in August issue of Motorcyclist

There is an article about Mission Motorcycles on page 26 of the August issue of Motorcyclist. It is written by James Parker who helped design the Mission R. There is an interesting comment about how Mission was trying to update 6 year old technology an… Go to Source

No more web page?

It looks like the Mission Motorcycles web page is now gone. Not a big surprise of course since their Facebook page was taken down. Go to Source

No more Facebook page?

While it could be a simple web site problem that explains the fact that the Mission Facebook page in down you really have to wonder. Since last September the only activity on the Mission Facebook page has been the promise of a new and exciting update c… Go to Source

Mission Deliveries

It is March of 2015.  The last time Mission provided guidance on delivering, they indicated "Summer" of 2015.  Given the cost, I am certain they would give customers a few months heads up on deliveries.  Has anyone heard anything?? Go to Source

Anyone Asked for and Gotten Back Their Deposit?

I'm just curious if anyone has requested the return of their deposit and, if they have, how long it took Mission to return it. Thanks,Bill Go to Source

What exactly is going on at Mission Electric (re: motorcycles)

I just put this post together: I'd love to hear some response.  I'm losing faith in ever seeing a production Mission by the day…  Go to Source

Did you get your R or RS?

Mission is supposed to start delivering bikes sometime soon.  If anyone gets one, please post Go to Source

Mission Motors video

Here is a slick video published by Motherboard (and likely produced by Mission Motors) featuring Mission's RS model.  The do a pretty good job of outlining the advantages of the RS and electric motorcycles in general.  However, nothing is mentio… Go to Source