Come’on Mark, Throw Us a Bone

Mark, Any updates available for public consumption? I see the web page has DC charging.  What is that and how are you doing it? How is the display and Mission OS coming along? Are you receiving any bits or otherwise qualifying vendors? I'm not looking … Go to Source

From FB: "Growth happening internally"

As mentioned on Facebook they are actively hiring – though it appears to be via an external software contracting company that they are using to develop the bike's software rather than directly for their own company. [url=…. Go to Source

Legal infighting

It seems the founders aren't getting along very well…… Go to Source


Come'on guys…..  Anything new to report?  How's the production ramp going?  Is the order book filling (did my part )? Go to Source

mission r in canada

mission r is legal to quebec ? can i ride on the street in quebec Go to Source

RideApart interviews Mission Motors

Here is a link to an interview by RideApart with Mission Motor's President and "Chief Strategy Officer".  Not too many specifics, but they talk a lot about their company's business philosophy.  I found it interesting that they apparently do not … Go to Source

RideApart reviews the 2014 Mission RS

Here is a link to Wes Siler's RideApart's review of the production 2014 Mission RS "collector's addition" $59,000 model. [url=… Go to Source

Question about range

The web site has the following description of the range of the Mission R: Quote With power densities previously unheard of for electric motorcycles, and over 17 kWh of stored power, the UltraPackā„¢ not only allows for the world's best superbike perfor… Go to Source reviews the Mission RS

Here is a ride review of the Mission Motorcycles RS model.  Nice bike, but quite expensive. http:/… Go to Source

Make it and I will buy it

Please make the R and I will buy one (and, no, I do not feel comfortable putting down a deposit). Go to Source