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A&R reviews the Mission R

Here is a long review, containing a lot of hot air and some nice photos, of the Mission R by Asphalt & Rubber. They ride the bike from San Francisco to Stinson Beach in Marin County, north of SF. Naturally, they run the bike's 14 kWh battery pack out o… Go to Source

Jay Leno reviews the Mission-R

See Jay Leno and the Mission-R motorcycle story in an 18-minute video here:… Go to Source

Mission R Patent Application

Interesting information on the Mission R here. A frame for an electric vehicle with a motor and a transmission, the frame including a steering head unit, a power unit casing, a left side f… Go to Source

Teaser Pics of the Mission ???? …R Maybe?

[img]http://… Go to Source

Mission R Unveil Video at The Motorcycle Show

Mission Motors MissionR Unveiling Go to Source

Mission R Superbike to be on display in LA

The Mission R superbike will be at Pro Italia on February 22, between noon and 2 pm, and will be at the Rock Store the following day. Read about it here: http://www… Go to Source

Mission One ride test video

Mission One has prepared a slick little 2-minute video showing the professional road tester, Alan Cathcart,  riding their prototype electric motorcycle. He wrote about this test in the current issue of Motorcyclist magazine. See it here: [url=http://ww… Go to Source