New vectrix owner UK, charger died

Last week I bought a 2010 VX1 with only 4,000 miles on itI have been told to run and discharge it a few times to get the mileage up, but upon returning from my 4th trip, I waited about an hour hen plugged it in……nothing, no lights, no fans, nothin… Go to Source

aftermarket controller on vx-1

would it be possible to run a vectrix motor from  an aftermarket controller like a Kelly KHB12201 I don't understand how the motor wires up with the 12 wires off the encoder does it even need that or will it run with just the phase wires kinda like an… Go to Source

2007 vectrix for asle in georgia

2007 vectrix for sale for fast cash will need new batterys  it will turn on boot up u can charge them but as soon as you get on it ot droppes to no bars i have a brand nre cas bus adapter and cord ill sell with it as well i just bought it from ...

newbie here battery only charging to 1/2 way

hi group my 2007 vectrix battery will only charge exactly 1/2 way  and no more is there anything I should look for  I have no warning lights and no red flashing lights. bike has only 3500 miles and I am the second owner the first bought it brand new in… Go to Source

help looking for a can bus adapter for my 2007 vetctrix

hi  group I am so glad I found this group I am looking for a can bus adapter for my 2007 vectrix vx-1 anyone know where to get one that will work with the scooter   please help me if you have one for sale let me know ill buy it  I got the software down… ...

2007 Vectrix VX-1 Voltage and battery bank/pack

Hello, Recently I got a used 2007 Vectrix off an ebay auction. It came withe 38 Lithium Ion Battery cells/modules  3.2 or 3.3 volts each rated at 40AmpsHour each. Initially the cells were deeply discharged (showing about 0.3 volts each), so I used a DC… Go to Source

Is Vectrix back?

According to Clean Rider, it is (sort of): Go to Source

2007 Vectrix VX-1

Would anyone near the Sunnyvale, CA area have interest in purchasing a VX-1 Vectrix? It charges and runs great EXCEPT sometime it starts reporting a CANBUS error and won't engage the drive. I'm looking for someone who wants … Go to Source

Vectrix VX-1 for sale – excellent, with Nissan Leaf cells, tons of spare parts

For sale is a Vectrix VX-1 electric scooter in excellent condition. This is a large electric scooter that is highway-legal in most places. To speed is electronically limited to 68 mph (and the bike can get there faster than most vehicles on the road, … Go to Source

Reliable VX-1 for sale in San Francisco

Listing is here: Go to Source