Why no CCS?

New forum member – motorcyclist and electric car owner. I'm considering getting rid of my car as I don't really need two vehicles, and would love to trade my ICE bike in for an electric bike at the same time, but I like touring. I've been trying to con… Go to Source

SR/F/S: "Trip meter auto resets to 0 when charged to full"

On the SR/F/S, the firmware version 13 brought us this "Trip meter auto resets to 0 when charged to full". I like that feature very much but I've noticed it does not always auto-reset as expected when 100% SoC gets displayed. When charging at ho… Go to Source

Arctic Circle on an SR/S

Story at electrek: https://electrek.co/2020/09/17/electric-motorcycle-rider-covers-7000-km-to-arctic-europe/ Go to Source

zero fx does not exceed 92% SoC in slow charge

hello everyone,after lockdown, I realized that my zero fx 2018 no longer recharges at 100% but stops at 92% when I charge it slowly, if I use the quick power supply instead it reaches 100%.What can it depend on and how to solve it?Thanks Go to Source

SR/F hesitation stall issue

Hi, I need help describing a intermittent issue I am having with my new Zero SR/F 2020. The last week of July, the issue began. Upon acceleration a mitigation of torque occurs, a bumpy sensation. The bike hesitates and fails to accelerate and can leav… Go to Source

headlight/horn/turn signals not working

2019 DS 7.2 900 miles  charge tank   100% charged Turned the bike on today and all lights/horn are out. Checked the low power fuse and DCDC fuse and they were ok. Tried the key again and all lights were back but headlight flickered and went off, then c… Go to Source

When charging above 80% SOC with 6 KW (or more)

Has anybody else here experienced this issue?: You START a charge at above 80% SOC with above 6.0 KW worth of chargers. It will only charge at around 2.0 KW or a bit less. But if we START the charge at 70% or below, we get the full 6KW charge, even wh… Go to Source

Looking for a Touring Windscreen

Hey ya'll. I have a commuter windscreen , would like to trade for a touring windscreen.Anybody up for that? Go to Source

Sevcon-adjusments reset after firmwareupdate?

A Friend of mine increased the regen of my 2016 Zero SR a little and saved that setting on the "Sport" profile. So i can still programm the custom-mode.He did this with the original Sevcon-software for that controller. My Question: Does this get reset… Go to Source

New rider, can’t decide.

Hi all, I'm 49 and I'd never ridden until I decided to purchase a CSC City Slicker last year.  That has a top speed of 46 mph which I seldom hit because the battery drains very, very quickly at max speed.  I've enjoyed it a lot but only being able to s… Go to Source