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World’s first Zero motor powered rat rod

This is the same guy who rebuilt a salt water flooded Tesla in his garage.<iframe width="640" height="385" src="// Go to Source

Fully Faired SR/F Model spotted testing in the wild

Story at Asphalt and Rubber: Go to Source

Ordered the Charge Tank for my 2018 S

I've been noticing Level 2 stations popping up all over Long Island recently so with a recent influx of unexpected cash (unfortunately due to the untimely passing of my mother earlier this year) I decided to order the Charge Tank.  That was two weeks a… Go to Source

Dreaded Firmware bug bricked my 2014.

So I took my 'new' bike in today to get it looked at and fix the whining firmware issue. …And they bricked it.  The mainboard has to be sent back to Zero and reset or replaced outright. Apparently in the next most recent version of their software on … Go to Source

Ordered a Zero FXS 2020

I contacted ClevelandMoto and ordered my 2020 FXS yesterday.  I did however say I was in no hurry to get it.  Early Spring is fine.  I didn't want my new toy sitting around all Winter unused.  I wanted a 2019 last year but they sold out, so that won't … Go to Source

Clock not keeping time

The clock won't keep time.  The rest of the the console data seems ok, but I am worried that this is the beginning of a cascade of more errors on the console.  Anyone have this problem or hear of a solution? Go to Source

Updated site

Hey I just saw Zero updated their site with 2020 models.  As we figured, not much change other than color/graphics.  Though now they list a DSR Black Forest Edition that is nicely decked out.  Store is still MIA. Promos updated for SRF. Owners area upd… Go to Source

New software updated available for my 2018 S

Just noticed last night that there is a new update available for my S.  I haven't installed it yet; maybe tonight.  Anybody else notice this? Go to Source

SR/F Brake light during regeneration

I have noticed on my SR/F that the brake light does not illuminate when slowing down using regenerative braking.  The SR/F is almost capable of coming to a complete stop when you are in the ECO mode.  The only time you need to apply the service brake i… Go to Source