a charger that can’t adjust voltage and current, is it compatible?

Hello, everyone,I have a charger that provides 116V and I would like to try to connect it to zero fx 2015. Who provides the charger tells me that it can not adjust voltage and voltage: is it compatible with the Zero anyway or you risk doing damage? Is… Go to Source

Wider brake peg

Hi everyone, I don't know about you but I find the brake peg on my 2018 SR to be a little too far inboard.  I looked at adapting a H-D peg but came up with this $2 solution instead. Tools:– 5mm Allen wrench– anti-seize or multipurpose grease Material… Go to Source


https://www.motocynical.com/blogs/2018/12/9/are-electric-motorcycles-a-sin-heres-4-reasons-to-get-one Go to Source

DSR Frigid Storage Question

I just moved to WI and am currently storing my 2017 DSR in a detached, unheated garage.  So far this winter the lowest temps have been in the high teens during the night, but in late Dec- mid-Feb temps as cold as -30 are possible.   Is there any chance… Go to Source

Doesn’t want to hit 35 MPH. What’s wrong?

I haven't ridden my 2011 S for a few weeks. Today was nice and I took it out. Between 29 MPH and 35 MPH, the motorcycle coughs and sputters for a second, like it's having trouble getting gas, and then it loses all power. The throttle won't respond. The… Go to Source

Cold / Winter "long term" storage question

Just bought a 2015 SR 12.5 last week.  It is parked in my unheated but attached garage.  It's cold, but not frigid.  Battery is about 90%, but it's also 30 degrees outside.  Instructions read: > For long term storage (>30 days) of your motorcycle, you … Go to Source

Vanity Plates

I've seen "kik-gas", any others? Go to Source

Fixing the "flying magnet in the engine issue" / low mileage engine broke

All, I had several issues on my Zero (firmware, main board, tires, belt, battery,…), that the dealer could solve (often by keeping the bike a couple of weeks/months), but the last one is really a tricky one : very shortly after hearing noises seeming… Go to Source

Newbie: Warning Indicator and BT Android App

Newbie here, apologies in advance. Purchased a 2015 SR 12.5 last night used.  I can not say for 100% certain below was not present during either prior to my test ride or my 2 mi ride home after pulling it from the truck, but it's concerning, but hopefu… Go to Source

SOC indicator wildly inaccurate

I have a 2016 FXS with about 7800 miles on it.  With MBB firmware release 48, the "fuel gauge" was a pretty reliable indicator how much juice was left.  After upgrading to release 53 in September, the indicator bears no relation to the battery state wh… Go to Source