Howdy, new Zero S bought

I'#039#039ve been reading this forum for the past few weeks since I put a deposit down on a new '#039#039S'#039#039, so I thought I'#039#039d reigster and show a couple of pictures. I'#039#039ve been commuting about 30 miles per day with a Kawasaki Versys 300, but fancied a change to Go to Source

Power Tank Question

Coming up on a month that I'#039#039ve owned a 21 S, 7.2. Put 700+miles on it and various mods/accessories. From what I'#039#039ve read adding a power tank with 45 pounds up high negatively impacts the handling. The 3.6 battery pack looks like it would easily fit in. Go to Source

Downsides to a chain conversion?

I just saw that the zero belt is about $140. Kind of yikes, considering what a pain it is to replace if you don'#039#039t have the proper jack. I see zero offers a chain conversion kit. besides lube and maintenance, what are the disadvantages of that over the.. Go to Source

Yellow Warranty Stickers

This is regarding the 5 year battery warranty stickers. Do most people leave them on? Does Zero care if removed or do most owners have zero care about this subject? Go to Source

SR/S turn signal auto cancel

I thought the SR/S had an automatic turn signal canceler, as well as the SR/F. But in the year or so that I'#039ve had my SR/S, I'#039ve never seen it work. Am I wrong about the feature? Does yours work, even partiall Go to Source

Zero S out of order after maintenance

Hello everybody. Unfortunately I find myself writing because of a serious problem and I was hoping I would never have to do it … This is the summary: – Zero S 2019 11kw, 8000 km traveled For two years the bike was perfect. Last week I decided to have… Go to Source

Will this charger work? Go to Source

Random clock change

The other day, my SRF decided to randomly change the time on the clock. Presumably if there'#039#039s a date in there it randomly changed that too.I haven'#039#039t figured out how to set it back again yet, but in the meantime, has anybody ever seen this before? It. Go to Source

Ridden multple Zero models? Which is your favorite and why?

After the dealer having possession of my bike longer than I have (long story in another thread), I'#039#039ve finally gotten it back and have been enjoying riding it. nbspnbsp While I didn'#039#039t have it, I scanned various online classified at other used/new Zeros and w Go to Source

Onboard Charger Replacement

HiA few days ago my onboard charger died.I still can charge my zero with my deltaQ Quick Charger. Now i am looking for options on how to replace the OEM Charger. I was looking on aliexpress and found this charger:… Go to Source