Upgrade SR/F Standard to Premium?

Is there a way to upgrade a SR/F Standard to Premium?Specifically: Can I somehow add the missing 3 kW charging later on or am I stuck with max. 9 kW forever? Go to Source

Charging to 100% SR/S 2020

Hi I have another newbie question and would appreciate some thoughts. I have <ltlt1000 miles on the bike and usually keep the charge around 60%, nbspnbsp since I'#039#039m not out much due to weather. Yesterday I let it charge to 80 and so today since the weather is be Go to Source

SR/F Serial/ODB2 connection to the BMS

Hi All, Has anyone an experience of talking to the SR/F BMS? We have wired up a USB to TTL lead to an ODB2 plug on pins #9 (Tx), #8 (Rx) and #5 (Signal Earth). nbspnbsp The laptop is running PuTTY. nbspnbsp When connected to the SR/F and turning on the ignition, we . Go to Source

Disappointed after seeing an SR

I'#039#039ve been following Zero for years and would love to own an electric motorcycle. I currently ride a Yamaha FZ-09. Having never sat on a Zero or even seen one in person, I decided it was time. I saw that my nearest Zero dealer had a 2021 SR in stock so.. Go to Source

I’m checking my savings…

…and I'#039m deathly afraid Zero will release the SR/S in 2022 in RED.. Go to Source

fx2015 bms died

all good days, help me with advice last year, one of the acb died on my zero fx 2015 I assembled a single battery for 50 a / h from the second I took off the bms and the zero went my brother washed it with a kercher and the bms died indication light di… ...

Recommended brake pads and dot 4 oil?

Hi! can you please recommend me a good brake pads and dot 4 oil for the Zero DSR 2020? Lot of brands and don't know which one to buy Thanks!!! Go to Source

FX/FXS model year differences

I am selling my Vstrom to get my first electric motorbike.  I really like the FX or FXS and I was trying to understand if there are differences in the model years from 2016-2021? I would consider used or new. Go to Source

2018 DSR

Yesterday I became the proud owner of a 2018 DSR. It came with a charge tank and a parking brake, which I had never seen, but works very well. It only had 653 miles when I got it.It is a game changer from my 2015 DS 9.4. I now feel like I can take muc… ...

2021 DSR – BMS cover plug falls off?

Hello guys, I newly registered because I finally got my 2021 Zero DSR. I have read a lot on this forum already, but this is my first time posting because I have a small problem. I was cleaning my bike after today's ride, and the black "BMS cover plug" … Go to Source