Alignment marks of the rear wheel

Hi! One fast question… about both marks on the rear wheel, the ones that help you align the wheel and the belt… must they be at the exact same position on both sides? or are they just a reference and you must align the wheel using other methods/mea… Go to Source

Would it be possible to charge while being towed?

A comment in the below EMF thread got me thinking. Would it be possi… Go to Source

Adding a second Calex charger

Is it possible? And by that I mean in a simple, plug and play way. Trying to figure out how to carry a Delta charger with me (not tried seeing if it will fit in the storage compartment yet) got me thinking about the stock internal charger as an altern… Go to Source

SR/F Apple Watch app

Using the info from this excellent thread about the API for the connected features of the SR/F : I th… Go to Source

VIN questions. ending 12111, when was it produced

Just meet someone with a "NEW" Zero.  VIN ends in 12111.  He says its a 2020 model.  I remember seeing a list of VIN and production dates. Fairly certain someone posted that Zero got to 12300 with 2019 production. Maybe 2000 vehicles.  Anyone know?  Wh… Go to Source

Zero DSR Belt Alignment

Hi! I have read many threads about belt alignment, and while trying to diagnose some bike vibrations I have noticed that my belt is not at the center of the sprocket. Some posts say that is does not matter too much, while others say that this is critic… Go to Source

New Zero DSR 2020 with some noises

Hi! I have just received my new dsr 2020 a couple of days ago. The bike runs smooth and it looks good. I have not much experience with electric bikes but I have tested a DS and a SRF before. When riding at low speed (30kmh) and accelerating slowly I no… Go to Source

12V permanent plug

Hello,I am looking for a solution to the following question: on my Zero FXS I have the usual high voltage battery completed with a 12V plug connected to several functions (lights, USB…). When the bike is off, everything is thus shut down. I would li… Go to Source

Heidenau K73 sumo tires on FXS

After a few months of terrible weather and a few close call with the stock tires, I've decided to swap them for some softer compound Supermoto tires. I'm posting it here because pretty much everyone said it wouldn't fit or work. I called with Germany t… Go to Source

Insurance premiums

Not that it is any big deal, but the insurance premium for my (1cc  ) Zero for this year has gone up again. I have had all of my electric motorcycles insured by Progressive insurance during the past 11 years, but with third-party liability coverage… Go to Source