Rear wheel stand for Zero FXS?

Can anyone recommend a rear wheel stand that will fit an FXS?  It seems the various threads here are undecided. I basically want something that will safely support it for months on end while in storage during the winter, and/or for maintenance during o… Go to Source

First thoughts DSR 2019

Hi All.  I've just bought a 2019 DSR and started riding it this week.  I assume this is the right thread to post on?  I would be interested in others opinions on this bike and the previous version.  I live in NE England and use my bike almost entirely … Go to Source

Salvage and used parts, 2013+

This thread is for people who want to post or find used and salvage parts for Zero motorcycles, 2013+.  Others may ignore. For example, this 2016 DSR, looks like a custom seat, listed as a 13.0, but missing battery and drivetrain AFAICT:… Go to Source

2013 ds no start

Fully charged but when I bring up the kickstand it won't go. Still flashes like kill switch is engaged. I have turned on/off multiple times, kickstand up/down, flicked kill switch, tried sport/eco modes, moved bike back and forth, applied brakes…..I'… Go to Source

SR/F Front Brake Lever Not Communicating W/ Computer

I've had my SR/F for 2k miles now, and I have the latest firmware 5V02 I think it's called. I applied the update like a day after it released, so like the 7th of November.  Today I noticed that my brake regen was no longer turning on when depressing th… Go to Source

Unofficial Manual submission – Front Brakes

I have a submission to be added to the Unofficial Manual to do with the Front Brake Pad changing process for my 2018 DS (so all models under the 2015+ S Platform section). The situation is that I was changing the front pads which were slightly worn and… Go to Source

SRF dead after 3 months

So I had my first major problem with SRF and I didn't even update firmware.  I went for a ride Wednesday and postponed the update after all I read here.  All was good.  Bike ran great. I was getting down to about 30% SOC and saw a charging station in a… Go to Source

Engage the onboard charger with the 6kW chargetank

Is there a solution to engage the onboard charger along with the chargetank without having to plug it in separately?I ask this as this could be useful if we plug into a station that can pump out more than 6kW. I guess some J1772 stations can give 7kW+… Go to Source

Sport Demons vs Diablo Rossos

My 2016 S came shod with Pirelli Sport Demons, but my replacement 2018 S came shod with the Diablo Rossos.  At 16K miles, I was going to replace the Sport Demons with a set of Dunlop GPR300s before an inattentive idiot in a car threw that plan out the … Go to Source

Zero vs Energica

Energica has released their new battery pack which I think is awesome and an electric motorcycle gamechanger and probably enough for most people when they also have DC charging. What are your thoughts on Zero vs Energica? Go to Source