Zero S – kickstand touches ground on left tourns

Hi,I have 600km on my new 2012 S ZF9 now and already had the side kickstand scratch the road 2 times on left turns. It's really a bad sound and a very worried feeling … Is this common problem or am I riding kinda strange? Chris Go to Source

On board charger failure?

I rode to work today and plugged my bike in, as usual. I used 5 bars going in. When I came back to ride it back home I was surprised to see that the bike isn't fully charged (after 9+ hours of charging). It was missing the top two bars. I initially tho… Go to ...

Front Brake upgrade I (background & components)

Hello all, As I mentioned last week in a different thread I'm making a front braking upgrade. As a few of you pointed out the front brake system in our S models is "nothing to write home about" so I have decided to improve it myself.I apologize for th… Go to Source

Zoomerang Zero Survey

I just took a zoomerang survey, sent to me by "sylvie denuit" at Zero.I remember a post where someone else took the survey and posted the link; but the link expires after 1 use so there was a request to see what was being asked.So I am recording the … Go to Source

Zero owners survey

I just received a survey request from Zero about my purchase.  It is a lot longer than it looks at the beginning.  My guess is that they are looking for some input for making their future models and how their dealers are doing selling their bikes. Go to Source

2012 Zero S on the racetrack vs Ninja 250s

TL;DR summary: 2012 Zero S is roughly 12s slower than a Ninja 250 at PIR on a damp track, and roughly 16s slower than a Ninja 250 at Laguna Seca. *** The TTXGP race weekend at Portland International Raceway wrapped up two weeks ago. The TTXGP race had … Go to Source

Running costs

Yesterday I took my BMW R1200R to my dealer for its 24K servicing, plus a brake fluid change for the ABS system.  The total cost for this service was $850.  It costs me about 2 cents a mile in electrical power to ride my Zero.  So it looks like I could… Go to Source

DIY Lowering the zero seat by 2 inchs

Before spending 300+ $ for a lower version seat and being not able to use the brand new original seat of my zero that is too high for me, i prefered to lower it at a cost of few dollars. I know i could have done that job by myself but i did not wanted ...

Freeway range

I have a 2012 Zero S ZF6. I wanted to test the freeway range. So I did 90% freeway at 65 mph, and a few passes at 70max. So fairly conservative overall. I even encounter a bit of traffic where I was doing 30-45 for a couple of miles. Results are in:… Go to Source

2011 and 2012 Zeros being recalled due to faulty brake light switch

It looks like Zero is recalling 450 of their 2011 and 2012 models to fix a brake light switch malfunction.  See the story here:… Go to Source