U.S. "International" Motorcycle Show

I just received a postcard notifying me that the San Mateo (SF Bay Area) Progressive International Motorcycle Show will be held Friday, November 16, 3pm to 8pm; Saturday, November 17, 9:30am to 8pm; and Sunday, November 18, 9:30am to 5pm. Their website… Go to Source

Does Brammo need a SevCon update too?

TTXGP World Championship at Daytona – Practice Sessions When I reached Minute 6:57  at the video I thought ups the maybe have a similar problem. And in 8:40 the found an encoder problem Maybe … Go to Source

A police review of the 2012 Zero DS

Here is a detailed positive review that was prepared for police departments by a retired police officer reviewing the 2012 Zero DS.  I note that this site also has other reviews of BMW's  IC "authority" motorcycle models. [url=http://www.policeone.com/… Go to Source

Motorcyclist Magazine has a first ride report for the 2013 Zero S

http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/firstrides/122_1301_2013_zero_s_first_ride/ Looks like a solid upgrade all-round. The journalist notes that the 2013 bikes still … Go to Source

Wheelies with the 2013 FX

Just found this video on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=505054846185111 Sure does look easy to get the front wheel in the air! Also great to see that the bike is already w… Go to Source

Is the Zero way the right way?

No doubt most of us think about Zero's product design/development/marketing approach every time we buy, or think about buying, one of their motorcycles.  Zero is advancing their technology rapidly, with huge improvements every year. But this makes it t… Go to Source

My Zero ZF9 was raced in the 2012 TTXGP World Final Championship

And it took 4th overall! I'll post more here soon but for now there's more on the Off The Grid page: http://www.fac… Go to Source

Finally Zero faces real competition

Forget Brammo. Here's a real company with a mature, volume shipping product and a serious distribution network: Stealth Electric Bikes. Now you might ask, how can a maker of e-bikes compete with Zero's big bad electric motorcycles? By starting at the l… Go to Source

Clunking noise from chassis

Literally just picked up my new S LE and noticed when taking it out of the crate and getting on and off it that it makes a couple of odd click/clunk noises.  Sounds like a spring slipping against a bit of metal or something, around the rear shock area … Go to Source

feedback from Zero on request for demo ride in Sydney

Thank you for your interest in Zero Motorcycles. At Zero we strive to ensure that all interested riders and owners have their questions answered, receive invitations for demos and have all needed purchasing or pricing information. This email is to … Go to Source