FX regen programming

FYI The factory setting for the FX regen has it go to 1/2 of setting at 1000 rpm and cutout completely at 500 rpm. I like the regen to stay active at lower speeds when I'm dirt riding. On the advice of Zero I took my bike to Harlan (Hollywood Electrics… Go to Source

Washing the bike…

So last Saturday, after running up some dirt roads with a lot of spring run off on them, I got my 13' DS pretty muddy. When I took the bike home and sprayed all the mud off of it I noticed that I was now getting a warning light blinking. I looked up wh… Go ...


Supermoto 13 FX. Yes please! http://youtu.be/OMlrRnhJerk Go to Source

Eco vs. Sport mode

This is my first post to this forum after lurking about for a few months. I just rode home a new 2013 DS after a long wait since last Oct. I almost settled on a 2012 DS but the lackluster acceleration at low speeds was a deal-breaker for me. I have bee… Go to Source


Is it possible to jumpstart another vehicle with a Zero?  I'm just curious, with the huge battery and all.  If so, how would it be done? Go to Source

Zero S vs Empulse R ride

I just returned from a 75-mile ride with Bill (Sunnysideup).  Me on my 2012 Zero S and Bill on his 2013 Empulse R. We traveled from my home in Pacifica, north and east to Sharps Park Road, then south along I-280 at 60 mph, turned off on to Highway 35, … Go to Source

Zero S vs Empulse R ride

I made a double-post, so since I can't delete my own posts, attached is a photo of Bill, his Empulse R and his charging cord at the Mexican Restaurant in Montara, CA Go to Source

2012 DS mods moved to 2013 FX

I've now moved three mods that I did to the 2012 DS over to the 2013 FX. 1st was the Corbin low seat. This has moved from the 2010 DS to the 2012 DS and now to the 2013 FX. Because of minor changes in each of those years I've had to modify the rear ...

It’s not about having a problem, it’s about how you respond

Zero continues to impress…….. First, the 2013 bike is simply amazing and that is saying something since the 2012 DS was a darn good bike.  The 2013 is simply better. About the title-My 2013 DS started clicking towards the rear after a few miles.  … Go to Source

2013 model questions

On Feburary 20th I purchased a 2013 DS 11.4. The bike has really been truly amazing, just a joy to ride to work everyday. I used it for my daily commute of 66 miles round trip from Tooele, UT to Salt Lake City, UT. As the temperatures here have been ve… Go to Source