DS 2011 upgrade to 84V and regen

I am considering to upgrade my actual 2011 DS to 84V. Liveforphysics confirmed me that this great Agni 95R motor seem to wake up at that voltage and i am really curious to see what performance i can get. I am considering buying that controller for the … Go to Source

Trading my 2011 DS front fork for a 2011 S fork

I am converting my DS 2011 ( black) into a S and i would like to trade my DS front suspension fork for a 2011 S front fork. IF anyone are interested PM me! Or if anyone ever made the PCV spacer Preload spacer mod on their DS, please contact me ! I foun… Go ...

2011 XU died on me

I bought it last month new from the dealer (yes, the 2011 XUs must have been very unpopular), and it cut out on me during my commute home. The dash remained illuminated, but the throttle ceased to influence the bike and it just coasted to a halt.  I th… Go to Source

Zero at the 2013 Progressive International Motorcycle Show in DC

Zero posts on facebook that they are at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in DC this weekend.https://www.facebook.com/zeromotorcycles They're also doing a mid-day interview at radio stati… Go to Source

Need a 2012 Zero XU Owners Manual

I just bought a 2012 Zero XU with 116 miles on it from a local guy and am looking for an owners manual. A PDF version would be perfect. Also, in the mean time if you can give me any pertinent info about it being new that would be great. i.e. break in, … Go ...

Photo – Power generators, power user

I took this photo on my ride Thursday. Thought it made an interesting group. Trikester Go to Source

New Board for 2013 Zeros

Hi all, I created a new section for the 2013's. BSDThw PM'd me about the idea and I also saw the thread on the forum about starting to break out Zero sections. http://electricmotorcycl… Go to Source

MOVED: New Board for 2013 Zeros

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Latest word on when the 13s will appear

Anyone have any new info? Go to Source

Zero motorcycles one of Motorcycle.com’s 10 hottest bikes

Motorcycle.com has proclaimed the entire 2013 Zero motorcycle range to be one of the top ten hottest bikes for this year.  Read their article here: [url=http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/aprilia/the-10-hottest-bikes-of-2013-91488.html?utm_source=… Go to Source