Question for the battery hacks: Plummeting range / SOC at highway speed

Hey everybody, on my '17 SR 13.0, I have this weird behavior when travelling at a constant 100 kph. When I am cruising at higher speeds, the SOC starts to fall rapidly and the remaining range display drops with a factor of about 2 km for each km trave… Go to Source

SR/F Tank Fix, more than I expected

So I finally got my tank lid replaced along with a new set of tires on my SR/F.  I have to say, the tank lid had a larger impact on the look of my bike than I expected.  It really looks different to me now, and I like it.  I really thought of it as ...

Tempurature Sensor for Perm 132

Hey guys. I made an electric atv wheelchair thing and i used a perm 132 from an old zero motorcycle. I want to tow my friend up a mountain but i'm concerned about motor temperature. Does anyone have experience with sensors or can recommend something to… Go to Source

Rear axle nut tighten torque

Hi! Today I was doing some periodic maintenance on my dsr 2020 and noticed the belt was a little loose. So I just adjusted it to correct tension. After that, I was tightening the rear axle nut as usual with my torque wrench to 73.5 lb/ft as stated in t… Go to Source


2021 models, any clues yet? Go to Source

2010 Zero DS Unresponsive, wont turn on

My 2010 Zero charges fine, but when we turn the key nothing happens. The dash doesn't light up and we are unable to move. I've replaced the fuses twice, it has a full charge will good pack voltage, and I'm honestly stumped, Any ideas or advice would be… Go to Source

differneces between 2018 / 2020 FXS

Hi gents, Looking at a used 2018 FXS, just wondering what re the differences phsically other than colour between this and a 2020 model, like software updates common issues and the like? my only worry is there is no warranty on it other than the battery… Go to Source

SOH (State of Health) Information of my Zero SR/S Battery

Hi, I own a 2020 Zero SR/S and really love this bike. I am wondering, if it possible to get some info on SOH of the battery. I regularity retrieve this data from my other BEV and find this information useful. SOH is an indication for the battery degrad… Go to Source

FXS with a charge tank ?

Hi gents, based in the UK New here, dont own a Zero yet but have been heavily researching, going to my local dealer tommorow to hopefully have a look. Im after an FXS but the charging concerns me 650w onboard charger is a no from me, we are in 2020 not… Go to Source

Can I swap SR/F footpegs with SR/S ones?

Sorry if this has been answered. I've heard the SR/S footpegs are lower than SR/F. So my questions are: 1. Is that true, and if so, by how much?2. Can I swap them out?3. What would that entail, is it easy, and can I order the parts and do it myself? … Go to Source