Coldest day on record

I live in Chicago where the air temperature today has reached -20 degrees F. My 2018 FXS is stored in my unheated garage. I know Zero recommends preventing the battery from falling below -31 degrees F. Does anyone know if I can expect any type of perma… Go to Source

Does Anyone Ride Their FX Off Pavement?

Just curious if anyone does that. If so, do you use any custom settings that work better off pavement? Go to Source

Current / torque limit from stand-still in a DS 2017

Hi, I recently bought a 2017 DS, the 13kwh version. I noticed the bike limits how much torque produces from stand-still up to 50 or so km/h. Is this possible? or it´s just a feeling I have?. Go to Source

FXS torque / wheelies

Hi, my background with ebikes is building hotrodded bicycles both mid and hub drive. I have a QS205, QS273 and a few others running high power on ASI BAC4000/8000 controllers. So I'm used to fast high torque wheelie machines. I rode a 2017 FXS 6.5 the … Go to Source

Water projections from the front wheel Zero FXS /FX ? Do DS driver have this ?

When the road is wet, FX/FXS's highest fender position lets lots of water on your shoes / pants.Anybody having an idea to solve this ? Since I never do off road, installing a Zero S front fender (fixed on the wheel for Zero S, on the wheel for FX/FXS) ? Go to Source

New Motorcycle Bills in CT

FYI, some new motorcycle legislation being proposed in Connecticut.1) bill to make lane splitting legal. 2) bill to make helmets mandatory for riders under 21 (currently no helmet law in CT) Lane splitting in CT is kind of a humorous proposition. Not… Go to Source

Just Put A Deposit on an FX, What Accessories Do I Need?

Just got back from doing a long demo of the FX and DS.  I opted to put a deposit down on a 2019 FX, should be here in 1-2 weeks. I ordered it with the rear rack and 12v charger.  Any other accessories worth getting? Go to Source

Farasis is apparently doing a rapid expansion…

Old news I guess, but I just saw this, they are doing a $1,000,000,000 expansion… Newbies: These are the people Zero partners with for the batteries.  Good background in this thread:http… Go to Source

Strange headlight blinking on an FXS. Anybody had this ?

Hi ! The headlight (LED) of my FXS is blinking, especially at stop. Anybody had this ? Go to Source

Have You Crashed Your FX Due To Loss of Rear Wheel Traction?

I'm curious specifically about FX models. FX owners, have you crashed your FX at any point due to a loss of rear wheel traction? Meaning, given it throttle, the rear wheel breaks loose and you go down.  Have you had that occur? I'd like to hear from th… Go to Source