Teslatap in EU (Belgium)

Hi, does anybody know if this works on the standard 2019 chargetank: http://www.umc-j1772.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50 Also, are there EU based points of sale where I can find something like this? Go to Source

After all this rain talk it’s pouring and I hafta be in San Jose…

After all this rain talk it's pouring and I hafta be in San Jose… An hour and a half is pushing my motorcycling skills, let alone through the mountains in the rain. And was that thunder I just heard? Yes.  That was thunder and lightning x-x -Crissa Go to Source

Diginow Charge Enable Switch Holder 3D Printer Part

Hey Guys, So I just got my Diginow belly pan chargers in and I am working on installing everything. I wanted a bit more of a factory look to the charge enable switch so I modeled up a holder for it. It takes the place of the stock Calex charger power c… Go to Source

2017 SR needs new motor controller

Mostly I'm posting to vent. Who knows. Maybe others have experienced this and can offer insight. My 2017 SR has been diagnosed as having a defective motor controller. It started going into thermal protection when it was 40* outside. 1st stage thermal p… Go to Source

Tank grip locations

So Zero doesn't seem to be selling them anymore, somI'm getting generic ones. I'm wondering on placement, though.  It seems that the frame bar under the tank is where my knees spend most of their time for gripping, so I think I should put some there. I… Go to Source

Android App

This is actually an old problem but I'm just getting around to discussing it now.  This is in regards to the Android app for the previous generation (non-SR/F) bikes.  I do have the latest version (it came out several months ago so it's not new) and my… Go to Source

Front brake tightness?

Regen is no longer triggering from the front brake and the brake pull seems really weak.  I don't see any leaks or missing fluid from the reservoir. According to https://zeromanual.com/wiki/Front_Brake_Lever_Adjustment there's a push pin, but there are… Go to Source

FX ABS removal

I have a 2017 FX and would like to remove the ABS unit.  Has anyone done this before or know what the problems or difficulties might be?  I searched the forum and found a few relevant posts but nothing about actually removing it.  There is an electroni… Go to Source

Zero SR/F MY2020 OBD Cable to serial console

Hi all,I was wondering did somebody already tried to build the OBD2 to Serial cable to get your laptop connected to the MBB ?I've followed the instructions here: https://zeromanual.com/wiki/How_to_build_a_cable_to_access_the_MBBUsed pin 5, 8 and 9, … Go to Source

Is it common for an SR/F (or other models) to refuse to function in the cold?

Based on some forum searches and basic battery knowledge, I know batteries don't always perform well in the cold. However, my SR/F died 3 times on my commute home tonight. The bike was sitting at the curb in downtown Chicago in the upper teens/20°F ran… Go to Source