Has anybody hoisted their bike yet?

And by that I mean not jacking it up for maintenance but like with a proper crane and all. The manual doesn't mention it but I guess the best way might be to put the straps through either the hole on the swingarm or beneath the seat and a sturdy point … Go to Source

Eco Mode on DSR Practically Useless

I have a 2017 DSR and the Eco mode is so under powered it is essentially useless.  This is especially noticeable when accelerating from a standing stop.  The acceleration is so restricted, the bike can barely get out of its own way. When I had my FXS, … Go to Source

Belt fail after 36 thousand miles

My 2015 DS belt failed after 36 thousand miles. Luckily I noticed the issue before it snapped. Lot's of missing teeth. It was a bit loose so probably my fault for not checking tension in a while. Luckily I had a spare belt from my old 2012 DS which wor… Go to Source

Melted headlight?

I have a 2017 SR.  I've been riding for about 20 years now, owned a dozen different bikes and I've always ridden with my brights on during the day for safety.  My Zero dealer pointed out yesterday that my headlight is melted!  Anyone else seen this? No… Go to Source

Sometimes Error code when starting bike

Hi good people, I have a Zero SR 2014. And now I sometimes get an error when Im starting the bike. One flash, then Tree. And the manual says Cause : Charger Connected Solution : Throttle is ON or throttle/connection is bad. Verify throttle ac… Go to Source

Installing accessories

I bought a front and rear camera for the bike (I'm morbidly calling it my insurance policy and my black-box). The camera system calls for a connection to a switched circuit (for power and turning it on when I start the bike)  and a hot circuit to maint… Go to Source

App won’t let me update firmware 2

So I just went to update the firmware on my 2017 Zero DS, and the app says I have to take it to a dealer for the update. I just read that another owner had exactly the same problem at the end of 2017: http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/boards/index.ph… Go to Source

Rear hand brake

Hello I wanted to share my rear hand brake setup. It has a great feeling and I can activate the ABS with one finger. I used a clutch master cylinder DOT4 compatible from AJP (reference 650.00.302) with a 9.5 mm piston.I simply disconnected the foot ma… Go to Source

2013 Zero XU Won’t Turn On, Please Help Me Troubleshoot

I have a 2013 XU that won't turn on. Looking for general advice and a couple specific answers. First, some facts: * Last used a week ago. Battery was at 30% when I plugged it in to charge.* Charger (built-in) was plugged into a surge protector that I … Go to Source

Zero Vs. Alta drag race – Motorcyclist Magazine

Interesting to see a lower powered lightweight bike go up against a heavier more powerful one. <iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/nrw4Og3C5CI?fs=1 Go to Source