2013 Review

Here's a mini review of the 2013 Zero  S First off… what a FANTASTIC bike. Last year I test rode the 2012 Zero S and was a bit underwhelmed by its performance. I loved the idea of an electric bike but I didn't want to give up real bike performance i… Go to Source

Zero dealers

Are there any in Ohio ? Go to Source

New to me Zero X – Need some help please

Just picked up a early Zero X.  I believe it's a 2008 (possibly an '09). I'm the third owner.  I know both of the owners, and I'm good friends with the 2nd owner, so I know a bit of the life this bike has lead.  Basically, my buddy barely used this bik… Go to Source

HardBags on Zero Police Models Available ?

Does anyone know who makes the Panniers on the Zero DS Police Models?   Has anyone mounted these on a stock DS? I like slim profile locking hard cases and am looking for some more space on my 2012 DS.    It seems odd that Zero does not offer these as a… Go to Source

Diy Battery Upgrade to my DS 2011 to add 100km range !!

8 kWh 2011 Zero BATTERY project STOCK ACTUAL SETUPMy stock DS 2011 is giving me 60 real Ah measured capacity before it cut. That is with 50% highway and 50% city wich correspond to my average us… Go to Source

Belt Drive

I was visiting my BMW/Triumph dealer today and a fellow I know was having the belt drive replaced on his BMW F800ST.  It had sheared off its teeth after 43,000 miles of riding (BMW recommends that the belt be replaced every 25,000 miles).  The cost of … Go to Source

Weird harmonic issue

I've got a 2011 DS that I bought with 86 miles on the clock.  One thing that I've noticed is that when I accelerate I start hearing a sound almost like a person running a wet finger around the rim of a wine glass.  It changes pitch a little until 30mph… Go to Source

Negotiating the Purchase of a new Zero

Any feedback on prior experience of negotiating the purchase of a new Zero?  Are most being sold at list?  Any chance of getting a discount?  How much dealer profit is there at list? Go to Source

Gas trike becoming 2013 Zero electric!

Now that Zero is openly selling the components and kits for their entire 2013 power-train I will soon start a project to convert one of my home-built (Yamaha) trikes from gas to electric. The trike I will use is my second one, which was made from a 20… Go to Source

Aftermarket TPMS on Zero bikes

Hi folks, I just recently put a deposit on my local dealer's 2012 Zero XU showroom model, planning to pick it up next month when the weather improves up here in the Great White North. The 2012 XU suits my needs for range and speed and with the end of y… Go to Source