Limited edition Euro model Zero S

I just noticed this item on :… Go to Source

Solar Charging and Modified Sine Wave Inverters

I really like the idea of going "full solar" for my commute . . . once I finally get my Zero S.  I already ordered a standalone backup solar power system from Northern Tool, and was reading the manual for the power hub (inverter) which has a warning th… Go to Source

How can you be sure of the year of the Zero?

Apologies for a seemingly tedious subject but….Looking at a Zero for sale a few states away from a dealer, but not a Zero dealer. He's acknowledged that he's not very familiar with "them 'lectric cycles". He has the bike, an S, advertised as an '09 … Go to Source

Early adopter problems, it is all realtive

Some of you may have noticed that I cut Zero a lot of slack and don't get too upset when I encounter various "glitches" on my Zero.  That is because I was so beat-up by my experiences with my two Electric Motorsport GPR-S bikes that I have become numb … Go to Source

Spreading the word

Do you get those odd looks from people at intersections who are to shy to ask?  Or you're flying by on the highway and others are not sure why they don't hear you and likely don't know that they can commute without gas?  Perhaps it's time to advertise…. Go to Source

Zero S 0-40mph poor acceleration

I know there was a discussion about this topic a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if any improvements have been made. Offthegrid: Have you been able to get any improvement after the controller change/software twisting? Go to Source

How long should shipping take?

Ordered my Zero S two weeks ago and waiting for it to arrive at the dealer (in NY).  Dealer says it shipped by last Tuesday, but still hasn't given me an arrival date.  Anyone know how long shipping from San Diego to NY should take? Incidentally, it lo… Go to Source

Tools Question

I noticed my drive belt is getting a little loose.  Last I checked, around 1000 miles, it was within the 20-30 kg spec limit.Now it's down to 15 kg. (2170 miles)   So I'm thinking about tightening it. Anyone out there done this yet?  I know offthegri… Go to Source

Is the 2012 Zero XU reliable and how many folks here have them?

Hey y'all,   The title pretty much sums up what I want to know.  I'd like to get an estimation of sample size of those owning them here and also if there are any known issues. I have an electric bike that I like but I want the street cred of an actual … Go ...

Is my motor bad ?

2011 zero S 1900 mi I was riding around 45 mph and I tried to accelerate twisting the throttle wide open the bike jest stayed  at 45mph and there is a arcing noise coming from the motor. Now the bike won't go over 30mph. Do I have bad brushes? And I on… Go to Source