Big climbs dirt riding experiment.

Later this month I'll be spending a week at a lodge in the Klamath National Forest with my 2012 DS ZF6. Each day I will ride from the lodge at 1200 feet elevation up dirt fire roads to elevations of 7,000 to 8,000 feet and then back down to the lodge. … Go to Source

Loose mirror

The right hand mirror on my DS became loose to the point that wind dislodges it easily. Only the connector from the mirror casing to the stem is loose, the extender is fine. I have looked but I don't see any obvious ways of tightening it. Any tips? Go to Source

Zeros at Lucas motocross races

When I saw the title of this item I thought it was about racing. But instead it appears to be what Zero does best – marketing.… Go to Source

Subcompact Culture reviews 2012 S and XU

Subcompact Culture reviews the 2012 Zero S ZF6 and XU: Go to Source

removing the slow start limit from 0 to 30

Does anybody ever tried to bypass the zero main brain computer that is limiting the full action of the throttle from 0-30 ? Doc Go to Source

What’s missing from Zero?

When you buy a Japanese motorcycle or almost any auto, an extended limited warranty is the first thing they offer. Why? Because they are huge money makers. Your Honda motorcycle, for example, is not likely to have a major system failure after even 4 ye… Go to Source

near accident

hey folks. Thought I would relay a short story of what happened to me earlier this week in case it helps anyone else avoid the same fate. I had what I thought was a good bag strapped onto the rear of the bike. It was a commercial bag made for such a p… Go to ...

Suspension stiffness?

OK, so I rode my g/f's Kawi EN500 cruiser today to get it inspected and registered. I literally got off my Zero and onto her bike, and immediately I noticed the suspension is much more compliant (and, frankly, the on-road ride nicer) than my DS. (Oh ye… Go to Source

No parts in Europe? -Spain-

As some of you may know when I got my bike I had a few issues which needed parts replacement. The Spanish dealer promised a quick solution, and today, 3 weeks later my bike is not being repaired (the parts have not arrived yet)…I'm also concerned ab… Go to Source

Zero Called

Yesterday John the "Warranty Manager" from Zero called and said his records indicated I had recently purchased a Zero and he wanted to know how I liked it,  how much I had ridden it,  if I had had any trouble, what my suggestions for improvement were, … Go to Source