2012 Zero regenerative charging

Appreciate hearing from 2012 owners about experiences with the new regenerative braking and coasting. How quickly do you slow when coasting in either sport or eco mode? Does it feel anything like engine braking on a ICE bike when in gear?  Does the reg… Go to Source

The Zero and me in City Bike magazine

Last month I got a call from the editor of the Bay Area's monthly free motorcycle magazine, City Bike, Gabe Ets-Hokin, who I had previously met at a BMW rally. He had discovered that I had recently bought a 2012 ZF9 Zero S. Gabe told me that the… Go to Source

Suspension oil change

Yesterday I found a link to instructions for changing the oil in the Fast Ace forks used by Zero on their bikes. I have changed the oil in a lot of forks, including cartridge forks, and this looks to be more difficult and involved than anything that I … Go to Source

Old habits die hard — share yours

hi all keep wondering how your are going with old habits on IC bikes compared to the Zeros or any ebike for that matter. I noticed that I still tend to wheel it out and "start" the bike before gearing up with helmet, cloves etc. That way in fact drain… Go to Source

weekend project with stuff from my garage to get some storage onto the Zero

Hi all,inspired by several posts about getting some storage on the Zero I took to work last w/end. had a look at all the unpractical and unecessary covers on the front (above the fues box) and rear above my 2011 fan inlet. decided to take the rear of… Go to Source

Random 2012 Zero questions

I have a few general questions about my Zero that have been nagging me and I thought I woulds ask them here. The older model Zero batteries used to need to be run down to near zero capacity a few times to "condition" them.  My understanding is that the… Go to Source

Tyre pressure on Battlax

Hi all,so I was hoping not to stop all the time at the petrol station. Now I see me every other day stop to adjust tyre pressure  It seems the Battlax 17" tyres on the 2011S loose air just like that. With my other tyres – Dunlops/MEtzlers I found t… Go to Source

2012 S ZF9 Speedometer Accuracy

I finally got around to comparing the speedometer reading to the GPS reading on my iPhone.I found that there is quite a discrepancy, but I don't necessarily know which one to believe! When my speedometer reads: 60 MPH, the GPS says 57 MPH65 MPH, the … Go to Source

2012 Zero S ZF9 acceleration

I'm about 200 lbs in full gear + backpack. Tests were done in sport mode, level ground, no wind. Initial battery charge was 10 bars of 11. Acceleration was performed by holding a steady speed, quickly twisting the throttle to the stop, and timing until… Go to Source

2012 Zero S Suspension Thunking noise

Recently, I have noticed that my front suspension makes a "thunking" noise when going over sharp bumps in the pavement. It also makes this noise when holding the front brake lever and pumping the forks up and down.  It does not make this noise when pas… Go to Source