Zero’s new CEO wants to talk Zero motorcycles

Check your email.  I just received a message from Sylvie Denuit, Strategy & Analysis Manager for Zero Motorcycles, asking if their new CEO, Richard Walker, could give me a call and ask about my experiences as a Zero owner.  I was offered a number of da… Go to Source

Zero appoints a new CEO

It looks like Zero now has a full management team with the naming of Richard Walker as their CEO. The article by Ultimate Motorcycling doesn't say a thing about Mr. Walker being a motorcycle rider, though. He sounds like another general-purpose … Go to Source

so hope Zero does not listen to Bothan Spies news – Zero 2013

whatever that "bothan spies news on asphalt on rubber" is …. I sincerly hope he does no influence Zero and rather this forum prevails with real life feedback. Talking about "brammo killer" and orders have stopped etc….. these are different market… Go to Source

Front Brake Upgrade II

Hello all, Finally, the brake calliper bracket/support was finished…although I may need to get it done again as the CNC process was not done in the way I requested  Outcomes – 10mm disk section increased (310mm to 320)– 10mm disk surface … Go to Source

Toggle switch for SPORT/ECO mode

FYI I replaced the SPORT/ECO rocker switch with a waterproof toggle switch (this switch is waterproof without having to use a rubber boot). I find the toggle "bat" handle more convenient and don't have to physically look at the switch now to change mod… Go to Source

A word to the wise about regen braking

It makes sense when you think about it but I hadn't thought about it. I charged my bike in a new location that had, right at the start, a steep paved descent with a stop sign right at the bottom, still on the slope. I was surprised when I had no… Go to Source

Green Car Reports article on Zero-S

There is an article about the Zero-S on Green Car Reports at:… Go to Source

NHTSA recalls give us a glimpse into Zero street motorcycle sales

Zero has issued 3 recalls in the last few years for its street motorcycles. NHTSA does not cover off-road motorcycls, so pre-2011 X / MX, 2011 X and MX without street kits, and 2012 MX are not covered. [url=… Go to Source

CAN-Data / 2012 Model

Does we have someone with CAN information for the Zero 2012? I sniffed the CAN data at the OBD II connecter, but it will be hard to find out what data it is. I would like to see e.q. Temperature information. I read the SevCon manual and the Controller… Go to Source

28 sprocket for DS 2012

I open this new Post, because we spreed out some information in different Posts.Maybe we can collect information. Topic: Possibility to use the 28 sprocket for a DS 2012  => it is mentioned in the manual. 1) Do we need a different belt (length)? Than… Go to Source