Zeros on the track

Here is a short report, with a couple of fun videos, showing some Zeros and other electric motorcycles, racing around the Sears Point racetrack last weekend:    [url=… Go to Source

Zero gauges

I think protomech may have mentioned this before, but check out this selection of gauges and see if anything looks familiar:[/u… Go to Source

Mileage poll, reliability discussion

One of the promises of electric bikes is low operational costs. Electricity is pretty cheap everywhere – even in CA's 30-40 cent/kWh tier, you're looking at 3-4 cents per mile. The other big operational cost is repairs and maintenance. I'm like to cons… Go to Source

Thinking of buying a S

So hear me out.  We had a Vespa lX50 back in the day.  This is our first and only two wheel ride we have owned.  Loved it, but sold it do due to power. Shopping around now for a Vespa LX 150 (will upgrade the engine to the larger cc kit), but have now … ...

Picked up a nail..

….in my rear tire last evening. I drove a bit on it flat to get home anyway and took the tire in to AF1 racing this morning and they had a new tube installed in 15 min.  You know how when you reposition the drive belt you have to slant the wheel a b… Go ...

My 2010 DS is out of commish

Well my 2010 DS is in the local Denver dealer (about 20 miles from my home) getting a new controller. It would intermittently fault on starting up. Giving it some throttle would barely make the bike creep and would make an awful electric clunking sound… Go to Source

The fever

I got the fever, and I got it bad.  Yikes!  I love my new Zero.  I've had my Zero less than 2 weeks, and I've already let 16 people try it.  I find myself talking it up like a salesguy.It's a real attention getter.  Strangers walk up to me in parking… Go to Source

Zero announces (some) results

Although they are a private company, Zero took the unsual step of touting their sales results, presumably to bolster confidence in the company. Nothing wrong with that! (Althouhg they only actually released % growth not unit growth.) Here is the press … Go to Source

Reward: Corbin seat "low" for the 2011 DS

I am looking for one low corbin seat for my 2011 DS. i dont wanna pay 300$ + tax since i already have the brand new unused zero ds 2011 seat that i have nothing to do with if anyone have one of these low seat to offer i take it! stefspk@hotm… Go to Source

Zero wins race in eSuperStock category at TTXGP

OK, Zero wins, coz it was all Zero's … confirms they are here and have well working stock bikes that can even be raced. Zero is racing at the TTXGP electric motorcycle racing series in the eSuperStock category. This means they race standard producti… Go to Source