BMS working or Glitch?

I rode my 2011XU yesterday, I rode it for 24km already, and I have only one bar left. According to my past experience, the battery should be almost used up. So I am only 200m from home, and all of a sudden, the bike seems losing its power, I cannot go … Go to Source

The Brammo Empulse RR is finally arriving

Two days ago I received an email message from Brammo saying that I was not to forward or tell anyone about the message.    I was told that I could finally get on the purchase list for buying the Empulse RR.  I was pre-order number 98 and it has been… Go to Source

Glitch 2011

Seems ColoPaul and myself had recently a glitch with our 2011 models. the bike seemed to have lost all power and the motor just growling when trying to go. the first few occasions a reset (key on/off) got me going again. Found overall the motor working… Go to Source

Poll re 2012 Zero S and DS owners stalling and/or power loss

New poll to see how many more 2012 S and DS owners have experienced stalling or power loss problems. Go to Source

Jalopnik Brammo Review Go to Source

Limited edition Euro model Zero S

I just noticed this item on :… Go to Source

Solar Charging and Modified Sine Wave Inverters

I really like the idea of going "full solar" for my commute . . . once I finally get my Zero S.  I already ordered a standalone backup solar power system from Northern Tool, and was reading the manual for the power hub (inverter) which has a warning th… Go to Source

How can you be sure of the year of the Zero?

Apologies for a seemingly tedious subject but….Looking at a Zero for sale a few states away from a dealer, but not a Zero dealer. He's acknowledged that he's not very familiar with "them 'lectric cycles". He has the bike, an S, advertised as an '09 … Go to Source

Early adopter problems, it is all realtive

Some of you may have noticed that I cut Zero a lot of slack and don't get too upset when I encounter various "glitches" on my Zero.  That is because I was so beat-up by my experiences with my two Electric Motorsport GPR-S bikes that I have become numb … Go to Source

Spreading the word

Do you get those odd looks from people at intersections who are to shy to ask?  Or you're flying by on the highway and others are not sure why they don't hear you and likely don't know that they can commute without gas?  Perhaps it's time to advertise…. Go to Source