Tyre pressure on Battlax

Hi all,so I was hoping not to stop all the time at the petrol station. Now I see me every other day stop to adjust tyre pressure  It seems the Battlax 17" tyres on the 2011S loose air just like that. With my other tyres – Dunlops/MEtzlers I found t… Go to Source

2012 S ZF9 Speedometer Accuracy

I finally got around to comparing the speedometer reading to the GPS reading on my iPhone.I found that there is quite a discrepancy, but I don't necessarily know which one to believe! When my speedometer reads: 60 MPH, the GPS says 57 MPH65 MPH, the … Go to Source

2012 Zero S ZF9 acceleration

I'm about 200 lbs in full gear + backpack. Tests were done in sport mode, level ground, no wind. Initial battery charge was 10 bars of 11. Acceleration was performed by holding a steady speed, quickly twisting the throttle to the stop, and timing until… Go to Source

2012 Zero S Suspension Thunking noise

Recently, I have noticed that my front suspension makes a "thunking" noise when going over sharp bumps in the pavement. It also makes this noise when holding the front brake lever and pumping the forks up and down.  It does not make this noise when pas… Go to Source

Satisfaction with 2009 zero x?

If there is anyone there reading this post an owner of a 2009 zero x? I'm curious about your impressions with the bike. I am looking at a used one, and would like to know what the major issues have been with that bike. Thanks Go to Source

Jacking the Zero

For the past week I have been thinking about how to jack the front and rear wheels off the ground on my Zero, in case I had to remove the wheels or adjust the steering bearings. Although I have a rear wheel race stand, there are no stand spools on the … Go to Source

Newer Batteries for 2009 Zero x?

Does anyone know if the newer batteries will work on a 2009 X? I am looking at a used 2009 X, and it would be good to know if the 2012 battery will work with this bike. Right now Zero's website has the 2010 battery available for sale. Will that work on… Go to Source

replacement front brake lever needed

hi all,anyone know how to source a fitting front brake lever ? Due to my mishap (fallen over) my front brake lever was bent and part broken off. Zero is 10000 miles away, therefore not the best and fastest option. The lever might be a standard part t… Go to Source

Motorcycle.com reviews the 2012 DS

http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/2012-zero-ds-review-91239.html Go to Source


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