California Rebate

I got my rebate check in the mail today – woo hoo!  Go to Source

request for a detailed Owner model review

dear Zero owners, I've been scouring these pages and the web for a detailed review of the Zero S (or XU) by an owner, but am having trouble finding anything. Can someone direct me to a good in-depth review or perhaps write one for those of us consideri… Go to Source

Who makes the Zero instrument cluster?

Does anyone know? I think it was maybe discussed before at some point.It might be used on the Brammo as well? Go to Source

Zero as only bike?

hi everyone, I notice from your online "signatures" that quite a few of you have several bikes (i.e. some kind of ICE alternative for longer trips?). I'm considering the Zero S (ZF9) as my only bike. I've had 20+ ICE bikes over 25 years of riding, with… Go to Source

what is this – called Zero X and no Zero in sight ?

A Honda or so video called Zero X. Is this a rip off or what ? can they do this ? trademark etc. do we need to get the lawyers out ? Seven Films & JCR/Honda Present: ZERO X or am I just not under… Go to Source

Fabio and the Zero

Some guy by the name of Fabio made a commercial for Plug in America and also made a video plugging (  ) electric cars and motorcycles. The video is 9 minutes long, but if you want to pass by the car stuff, you can go directly to the Zero section at … Go to Source

online sites awaiting your reviews of the Zero

hey everyone, There are a number of sites like that are waiting for owners to write reviews of the Zero blake Go to Source

power surge issues?

I'm still close to buying a 2012 S-ZF9, as soon as we can get insurance issues sorted out here in Ontario. I have a question for you all. I have a Trek hybrid electric-assist mountain bike and I notice that the power delivery gets wonky once the batter… Go to Source

Any dealership plans for AZ?

Are there any plans to put a dealership in Arizona? Go to Source

Zero 2012 review that says it all !

all, found this a spot on review. and like the picture with a whole bunch of Zeros' cruising the countryside. Guess we need to organise some group rides now. So you is in Sydney ? http://w… Go to Source