Rear Foot Pegs for the 2012 S/DS

Has anyone done a nice rear foot peg installation for their 2012 S/DS?  I've seen the Zero ones and am still looking. Go to Source

Brake Caliper Mounting for the 2012 S and DS

Has anyone looked into fitting a Nissan or Brembo caliper to the 2012 S or DS FastAce forks?  I've got some calipers about and sure would like to get rid of that POS piece on the bike now. Go to Source

The Environment

I'm expecting the delivery of my S and I have already started fielding questions/attacks on why?!!… One of the difficult questions to answer is the one that everybody first thinks of as a reason to buy an electric bike and it's this: How green is you… Go to Source

J1772 Pricing

I have been reading up on the web but there are so many varying types of J1772 im not sure exactly what the Zero adaptor does, because it looks to me like they have a soldered an IEC plug to a fancy socket and slapped a $500 price tag on it. I charge o… Go ...

Self Service: Motor

Does anyone have any detailed information (like a service manual or videos) I could review on how to remove/replace the motor on a 2011 S? Thanks Go to Source

A sign of the times?

Today, on my 2012 DS I did a 34 mile ride from my desert place. 23 miles of highway and 11 miles of sometimes very nasty trail (probably pushing the limits of a heavy dual-sport). When I got back to my place and opened the garage door, where I always h… Go to Source

2012 Zero Performance Upgrade

Hello everybody.  I just wanted to share some dyno data I took yesterday to give you some real numbers on the performance improvements of our controller upgrade. Two bikes were tested on the dyno: a completely stock Zero S ZF9 (for a baseline) and a Ze… Go to Source

Big Foot for side stand

I made a "big foot" for my 2012 DS side stand because I'm riding and parking a lot in the desert, which means soft sand quite often. I got tired of hoping the bike wouldn't fall over before I could find a rock to put under the stand. I machined a reces… Go to Source

Helmet Lock

The 2012 Zero S/DS do not come with a helmet lock, but here is one option for installing a Motion Pro generic helmet lock.  The lock is designed to fit on a 7/8 inch handlebar, or a similarly sized frame tube. Where I located it is the only plac… Go to Source

possible range zero x on the street 2011

Hi 'm from holland and I'm looking for a zero mx. their is one for sale here but I'm wondering what a real world range is for street use only Greetings. Go to Source