2012 Zero DS review by Ultimate Motorcycling

Here is a review of the 2012 ZF9 Zero DS by Ultimate Motorcycling.  The review is generally positive, but not very thorough (in my opinion) and you won't learn anything new. Here is the link:  [url=http://www.ultimatemotorcycling.com/2012-zero-d… Go to Source

welcome Kinky Kylie

a bit on the easy reading this one. if Electric Cowboy   gives her a name what do we do. thought about it and came up with this one. a 2011 winner. and has Australia in its name even. great. this is after my firs one 2010 "black beauty" — and one … Go to ...

Need Help understanding a 2011 Zero S please.

My wife just bought one and the range she is getting is an average of 16miles until the battery guage up at the Instrument panel is flashing no bars. She and I have tryed a bunch of throttle practices but still the same result. Is this normal? Is there… Go to Source

Custom Plates

I finally got around to mounting my license plate – anyone else get custom plates? I also ordered a custom license-plate frame… which I haven't received yet (photo coming soon). Go to Source

Zero S and DS different fork ?

I guess that these fork are the exact same except one is less extended.. ? but if so… how can i drop mine ( a DS ) to become same lenght as an S ?.. is there some spacer block to remove inside?.. or repalcing the spring inside? Doc Go to Source


Does anybody know if:– the rear brake pedal activate the regen as well?– how to gage when the regen is maxed out, and the mecanical brakes take over.thx Go to Source

Front fork bleed screws?

What the hell is that?If I understand correctly, you need to open the screws, apply pressure to the front fork, close the screws. Then release pressure and re-open the screws, then close again!?I've has a few motorcycles, even mountain bikes, but nev… Go to Source

Refuel Races

Essentially a Free Track Day at Laguna Seca for EV's, Zero Motorcycles included! http://www.refuelraces.com/ Go to Source

Display gauges

Is anybody missing the fact that the dash doesn't give much info, other than the speed and batt charge??it would be nice to see:-regen levels being produced (0-100%)-average and instant power output-calculated range ect…Any thoughts? Go to Source

Your dream commuter?

The British publication, Motor Cycle News, is conducting a poll asking the question "What is your dream commuter" motorcycle.  They offer a number of high-end, very expensive, sport bike choices, none of which I would want to commute on. So I we… Go to Source