Self Service: Motor

Does anyone have any detailed information (like a service manual or videos) I could review on how to remove/replace the motor on a 2011 S? Thanks Go to Source

A sign of the times?

Today, on my 2012 DS I did a 34 mile ride from my desert place. 23 miles of highway and 11 miles of sometimes very nasty trail (probably pushing the limits of a heavy dual-sport). When I got back to my place and opened the garage door, where I always h… Go to Source

2012 Zero Performance Upgrade

Hello everybody.  I just wanted to share some dyno data I took yesterday to give you some real numbers on the performance improvements of our controller upgrade. Two bikes were tested on the dyno: a completely stock Zero S ZF9 (for a baseline) and a Ze… Go to Source

Big Foot for side stand

I made a "big foot" for my 2012 DS side stand because I'm riding and parking a lot in the desert, which means soft sand quite often. I got tired of hoping the bike wouldn't fall over before I could find a rock to put under the stand. I machined a reces… Go to Source

Helmet Lock

The 2012 Zero S/DS do not come with a helmet lock, but here is one option for installing a Motion Pro generic helmet lock.  The lock is designed to fit on a 7/8 inch handlebar, or a similarly sized frame tube. Where I located it is the only plac… Go to Source

possible range zero x on the street 2011

Hi 'm from holland and I'm looking for a zero mx. their is one for sale here but I'm wondering what a real world range is for street use only Greetings. Go to Source

Total Miles on Zero Motorcycles

Here is a first try at collecting the easy data that people might find interesting.  I made a spreadsheet using google docs for everyone to share their riding miles and some other information.  If you don't want to fill out every column, I don't care, … Go to Source

Anyone Want a 9DS in the Florida Area?

I'm facing the fact that my 2013 DS will be on the way in a month or so.  It's time to part with my 2012 9DS with about 6k miles.  Anyone in the West Palm Beach area that is interested is welcome to come take a ride. Go to Source

Zero Wars – the Android Chronicles’

2013 Zero rider Zork pulls up very close to 2013 Zero rider Clunk at a stop light. With a sinister laugh Zork types into his smart phone a "shut down" command and grins hideously as Clunk's bike shuts down (through the magic of Wi Fi). Zounds a… Go to Source

Zero S/DS 2012 performance upgrades

Thread to discuss 3rd party Zero S/DS upgrades for those of us who bought 2012 and want 2013 performance, more or less, from our bikes without taking the depreciation hit to sell and buy a 2013 model. Hollywood Electrics has such an upgrade. Rode an HE… Go to Source