Zero XU top speed and range

What is the real world 2012 Zero XU top speed and highway commuting range? I realise that Zero specifies 28 miles highway commuting range, but is this real world range or an optimistic estimate? Likewise sustained top speed is specified as 55 mph. Can … Go to Source

Electric airplane sets new speed record

Not a motorcycle but I've know for years that this day would come and now it is only the beginning. Full Video! World's Fastest Electric Airplane Flight and Deadstick Landing! Wish I could be … Go to Source

200 MPH Electric Drag Bike!

6.9 seconds, 201.37MPH…   800HP…   14.2kW-hr,  355Volts  …   Go to Source

Transmissions, etc

Quote from: ZeroSinMA on Today at 12:58:24 PM Quote …there's really not much left to talk about until the bike lands in third party hands – which [url=… Go to Source

ICE v. Zero

On the road again….So after riding my 630 pound K1200GT for a month, being on the Zero again was quite remarkable.  Some thoughts: I don't like firing up the big ol' ICE bike to drive 6 miles round trip to the store.  It takes awhile to come up to o… Go to Source

Got Stuck in my DS2011 at 59 Amp-hour today

Well, It had to happen… one day… I knew that the battery is 70Ah ( rated) and i had my Cycle analyst installed and calibrated and i was thinking that the BMS would protect the battery once it is at a voltage equivalent to something like 65Ah le… Go to Source

Glitch or No Glitch?

No one reports good product reliability. We all expect products to work perfectly. We hear from owners who have experienced problems and glitches. But we have no idea if these folks are the exception or the rule. This poll is to help us establish how … Go to Source

Potential Zero owner query…

The machine is a 'new' 2011 Zero S demo that has 1500 miles on it but would be sold with a full two year warranty. I would buy the bike from out of state and have it shipped to me. The nearest Zero dealers to me are a minimum of FOUR hours away, with t… ...

100 degree desert 2012 DS dirt ride

Today I did a 9.3 mile dirt ride, in 100 degree (F) heat starting and ending at my desert cabin with no problems. I was on my 2012 DS and it preformed flawlessly. I also got to try out my new handlebar mouted momentary switch that puts it into ECO mode… Go to Source

Feds working on the electric MC rebate — almost approved

Approved in subcommitee, just waiting on full Senate approval. [url=… Go to Source