Still learning my XU

Well, I have finally complete 4 partial cycle charges, as I test ride it yesterday, I did not see and significant improvement in terms of range. I suspect I need to plug it in for a couple days to balance the cell, since I got it practically brand new…. Go to Source

Zero X year differences

I am looking for a list of year differences for the zero X from 2008 foreward.  Tried google, search here, zero web site, wikipedia… Go to Source

Brake pad wear indicators

The brake pads on my 2012 Zero S have a couple of visible holes in the rear of the pad assembly.  My BMW has the same type of holes in the back of its rear pad and the owner's manual says that these holes are used for determining when the brake pads ha… Go to ...

Results of big dirt climbs, 2012 DS ZF6 rides

Here are the data I took using my GPS on big climb rides in the Klamath National Forest, in NoCal. The bike outperformed my biggest expectations. The middle ride is inconclusive because I trucked the bike part way up and then got lost and did a bunch o… Go to Source

Zero selected for Made in the USA Hall of Fame

Zero has been selected for inclusion into the Made in the U.S.A. Hall of Fame. I never heard of it, but it is always good press for a new product to be honored for being made with U.S. labor and U.S. parts. Hopefully, this award will be mentioned in th… Go to Source

Some sweet Refuel 2012 racing photos here Go to Source

New 2011 XU owner!

hi all, I just got myself a 2011 XU. It was a "Demo" one but have only like 15km on the Odometer. So it is like brand new, and I got a good deal on it. That's why I get the 2011 instead of 2012, even though 2012 has better speed and range… Anyway, I ...

Foot peg DIY for $6

– 21" x 0.5" copper pipe ($6)– 10.5" x 2.5" radius stiff pool noodle (from the garage) plus black sharpie marker on the ends Push the pipe through the pool noodle and slide the whole thing in the lower cylinder on the bike.  Fits snugly.  Copper color… Go to Source

Zero S 2012 – ZF 9 – Color Chooser – planing for paint job

Hi guys, it's saturday night in germany, and instead of partying hard I am playing with the Gimp (like photoshop) to spend the last 24+ hours before my Zero delivery on monday morning So – I am planning to get my new Zero S painted – and I was brain… Go to Source

Misc comments

-Has anybody noticed the fact that you have no regen braking at all, as soon as you start the bike. If you start, and immediately roll downhill, no regen. The regen becomes activated if and only if you use a tiny bit of throttle first. -Has anybody not… Go to Source