Fabio and the Zero

Some guy by the name of Fabio made a commercial for Plug in America and also made a video plugging (  ) electric cars and motorcycles. The video is 9 minutes long, but if you want to pass by the car stuff, you can go directly to the Zero section at … Go to Source

online sites awaiting your reviews of the Zero

hey everyone, There are a number of sites like http://www.motorcycle.com/specs/zero.html that are waiting for owners to write reviews of the Zero blake Go to Source

power surge issues?

I'm still close to buying a 2012 S-ZF9, as soon as we can get insurance issues sorted out here in Ontario. I have a question for you all. I have a Trek hybrid electric-assist mountain bike and I notice that the power delivery gets wonky once the batter… Go to Source

Any dealership plans for AZ?

Are there any plans to put a dealership in Arizona? Go to Source

Zero 2012 review that says it all !

all, found this a spot on review. and like the picture with a whole bunch of Zeros' cruising the countryside. Guess we need to organise some group rides now. So you is in Sydney ? http://w… Go to Source

Considering Zero S (ZF9); have some questions.

Zero S looks like a fun bike to ride. I am considering a purchase but have a few questions. I am not an experienced rider (unless riding a bicycle counts :] ), in fact this would be a first motorcycle I'd ride in about 10 years. I used to have a CBR-60… Go to Source

experience with the Zero MX or X 2012 – pls share

Hi all according to the 2012 specs the MX and X are:Fueled by a Z-Force™ lithium ion power pack and now featuring the same performance motor as the Zero MX, the Zero X delivers incredible torque from zero RPM. This is made possible by the powertrain’s… Go to Source

Improving the Zero street bikes

Got a call from a Zero rep contacting owners for feedback, went to voicemail. Haven't called back yet. Some things I'd like to see, either available for the 2012 bikes or updates to the 2013 models: 1. Faster charger. The Zero has a 1 kW charger now, a… Go to Source

2012 models for Australia — need your feedback

Hi all from Australia ! at this stage there are no plans to bring in 2012 models and beyond. Please contact me if you are from OZ and interested in 2012 model bikes. If we get enough together it might help to state our case. Why not go for a modern "c… Go to Source

Canadian Discount: Costco and Zero

Hope this doesn't conflict with forum rules, I'm not gaining anything from posting it but perhaps saving another Canadian some money… http://www.costco.ca/s… Go to Source