How much more will a Brammo Empulse cost than a Zero S ZF9?

I've speculated here that if and when the Brammo Empulse ever ships it will either have fewer features or a higher price than originally advertised. Based on the spec released yesterday it looks like Brammo kept all of the features they promised but no… Go to Source

Zero communications?

So, how have you perceived communication from Zero Motorcycles?  Are they good about answering sales questions? How about service/repair/technical questions? Go to Source

Hands up who has got "Over 100 miles" on a single charge?

Zero have started their consumer mailout today and lead with the mileage capacity and quoted the 100 mile + claim and I am interested to know if anyone has actually done it out here in the real world as we all appreciate that the average speed at which… Go to Source

Soundproofing a 2010 DS

One of the problems of having such a quiet bike is that I can hear all the other sounds the bike makes.  Right now the fairing where the gas tank would normally be makes a clacking sound when I travel over railway tracks or potholes.  I also have some … Go to Source

Carrying a passenger on a Zero S/DS

Zero DS "Features" page says "Ability to accommodate a passenger with an optional accessory". What kind of accessory is it? I have not seen it in the dealer's catalog. Did anyone install it? Go to Source

loud horn

Hello everyone,I would like to install a loud horn on my 2011 Zero S.  Can anyone tell me how to tap in to the 12 volt power output?Thanks Go to Source

Intrigued… with questions…

Hi all… new to this forum… I'm spending about $250/month for gas. I'm in my mid-50s, retired, very fit/athletic, and busy building a custom home that requires me to drive 30-50 miles a day (to the construction site and on related errands). By natur… Go to Source

Ordered Zero DS ZF9

I just ordered my 2012 Zero DS ZF9 Dealer told me it should be there Saturday! Go to Source

California Rebate

I got my rebate check in the mail today – woo hoo!  Go to Source

request for a detailed Owner model review

dear Zero owners, I've been scouring these pages and the web for a detailed review of the Zero S (or XU) by an owner, but am having trouble finding anything. Can someone direct me to a good in-depth review or perhaps write one for those of us consideri… Go to Source