what if ? – different looks on the Zero platform. Shiver meets Zero

with our battery powered Zero as a platform on can imagine differnet designs. I played with one – Aprillia Shiver meets the Zero. there can be many others like retro meets Zero and so on. I try to think of it to make the aero dynamics better while at i… Go to Source

Cycle World reviews 2012 Zero S

Anyone see the 5-page review of the 2012 Zero S (a black ZF9) in the latest issue of Cycle World magazine? It's quite a favourable review. Good to see this getting into the mainstream press. Email me at oakvilleblake[at]me.com if you want a scanned cop… Go to Source

Lowering the height of a DS2011 any idea???

Hello, When i take place on my DS 2011, my foot barely touch the ground. I would like to have my foot touchiing completly. I know there is a lower seat option but it's 300$! Since the the suspensions on the S and the DS look the same and that the S… Go to Source

My Zero "idled" today, and other niggles

Turned the key on on my DS today, and one of the the motor's magnets must've been right in between two Hall sensors or something, because the controller kept putting a small amount of juice to the motor, like it was "hunting". It made the motor growl a… Go to Source

Real World Range – After Bad Main Bike Board Repair

I just got my bike (2012 ZF9) back from the shop – while they were updating the software to address the throttle-glitch problem they did some diagnostics and found that the "Main Bike Board" was bad. When I rode the 62 miles home from the shop I found … Go to Source

Soak up the sun

Drove home my 2012 ZF6 #47 3 days ago.  The bike is a hoot!  All my buddies want one now.So the manual cautions against hot temps: "Do not … leave the power pack in direct sunlight." Can I park it outside in the sun while I'm at work? Go to Source

Selling my Zero mx $4k less than a 100 miles with Baja kit

$4000 buy it now.  Pete on e-crack  206 355 0857  2010 with 2011 upgrades and baja kit for street legal  virtually new.  was $10k  Priced for quick sale .  P Go to Source

Your 2011 DS and S controller are re-programmable !!

Since i am really familiar with ebike and e motorcycle controller programing, i decided to connect my laptop to my 2011 DS  using the  Controller PRO communication software ( the one that use the little serie RS-232 port) .. or also using the USB to 23… Go to Source

2011 DS Alltrax controller OEM parameters

Just use these info as OEM reference in case you play with the program and dont remember the stock parameters These are parameters of the STOCK zero DS 2011 and probably the same as for the S 2011 too and also few previous model The controlle ris a … Go to Source

Adding Balance connector to a Zero battery

I got my zero 2011 motorcycle recently and decided to add a cell balance connector to allow me to monitor the cells voltage with the celllog8 cheap RC devices and also to actively rebalance it faster just in case. The interior wires i added to teh cell… Go to Source