Your 2011 DS and S controller are re-programmable !!

Since i am really familiar with ebike and e motorcycle controller programing, i decided to connect my laptop to my 2011 DS  using the  Controller PRO communication software ( the one that use the little serie RS-232 port) .. or also using the USB to 23… Go to Source

2011 DS Alltrax controller OEM parameters

Just use these info as OEM reference in case you play with the program and dont remember the stock parameters These are parameters of the STOCK zero DS 2011 and probably the same as for the S 2011 too and also few previous model The controlle ris a … Go to Source

Adding Balance connector to a Zero battery

I got my zero 2011 motorcycle recently and decided to add a cell balance connector to allow me to monitor the cells voltage with the celllog8 cheap RC devices and also to actively rebalance it faster just in case. The interior wires i added to teh cell… Go to Source

NEDRA drag racing records

The Zero bikes would be classified as a PMC (production motorcycle class) / H (52.9 – 72.9 V measured). There are few production or modified production recor… Go to Source

My Zero DS ZF9 600 mile scheduled maintenance …

… was a non-event. Done in 30 minutes, everything looking good Go to Source

riding in the rain

Anyone ride the Zero S in the rain and can share their experience? Go to Source

Zero Mirror Adapters

I just completed the purchase of an S-9 (in transit).  The test ride today on a S-9and two weeks ago on a XU confirmed what everyone has been saying about themirrors. Ypou cannot see the cars behind you..Someone posted that their dealer had an adap… Go to Source

Zero S-9 Battery breakin

Just joined today. Just purchased S-9 ( in transit). 24 April 2012,I have been working with E-Vehicles since 2007. 1st and 2nd scooters were ZAP Zapinos.Limited range and speed. Today I am the main E-Vehicle Tech at a E-Vehicle business. Imainly as… Go to Source

see the new Zero accessories?

did you all see the new line-up of accessories now listed on the Zero website? (heated grips, new screens, passenger foot pegs, accessory power sockets, and other goodies not previously listed) Go to Source

lost temporary proof of registration

Loosely Zero related: How long does it take for the California DMV to mail the plates and a permanent proof of registration? I misplaced the dealer-provided temporary proof of registration of my Zero. Go to Source