Parting out 2009 Zero X – Low hour independent rep bike.

I have a 2009 Zero X with a newly refurbished 2011 battery from Zero that they sent to warranty the original battery. The charger is the updated version as well. I was one of the original independent reps and this is my demo unit. Unfortunately I have … Go to Source

The ZERO CanBus communication protocol

The communication between diverse parts of the zero electrical system is done with CanBus protocol. I just wonder if someone ever tried to communicate  and get some data from the zero system like the battery or dashboard or other with these CAN to USB … Go to Source

You don’t ride your Zero like an ICE bike. Instead you do these things…

On a hot day, when the traffic is backed up 50 cars deep and only 10 cars are crawling through each light cycle, rather than roast in my helmut waiting in line while the car drivers sit in air conditioned comfort tapping on iPhone keypads and playing w… Go to Source

Burning smell in Eco mode?

Yesterday, I tried my 2012 Zero S in Eco mode for the first time after riding on the parkway for about ten miles in sport mode.  I switched to Eco mode for the secondary rides, and I switched with the bike powered off, as per the instructions. While ri… Go to Source

WSJ blog on Zero DS Go to Source

Service Manual 2010 and 2011 DS

If somebody have copy of that, please could you PM it to me! Thanks Go to Source

Mod for Enabling full power to the Zero 2010 and 2011 S and DS

For those who dont have any motor problem and that would like to push a little higher the power of your 2010 and 2011 zero S and DS, this might interest you. A few month ago i talked about a mod to bypass the power limiting  feature of the MBB at low s… Go to ...

BMS working or Glitch?

I rode my 2011XU yesterday, I rode it for 24km already, and I have only one bar left. According to my past experience, the battery should be almost used up. So I am only 200m from home, and all of a sudden, the bike seems losing its power, I cannot go … Go to Source

The Brammo Empulse RR is finally arriving

Two days ago I received an email message from Brammo saying that I was not to forward or tell anyone about the message.    I was told that I could finally get on the purchase list for buying the Empulse RR.  I was pre-order number 98 and it has been… Go to Source

Glitch 2011

Seems ColoPaul and myself had recently a glitch with our 2011 models. the bike seemed to have lost all power and the motor just growling when trying to go. the first few occasions a reset (key on/off) got me going again. Found overall the motor working… Go to Source