2-4 BMS Throttle Disable Fault Code

Tried to do the first ride of the season this afternoon, put the battery in the XU and connected the wiring. Had the battery connected to the charger for storage in accordance with Zero's instructions. Key in the "on" position, notice the exclamation m… Go to Source

2012 DS, New Member

I bought one a month or so ago, I wanted one from the first test ride last year, but I couldn't pay $14k for it. With the end of year incentives, I drove out for $10k with a tax break next year. I'm 53 and been riding on the street since I was 15, lots… ...

Seat recommendations – 2012 Zero S

Hey, I'm planning on taking some long rides this summer and would like to replace my seat.  There was a seat listed on the Zero site, but it is gone now.  What seats can I replace mine with for greater comfort for longer rides? Go to Source

2012 bikes with sevcon6 controller performance and range

hi all and Harlan so what would be the specs of a supped up with the sevcon6 controller 2012 bike? In terms of performance and range. does it reduce the range a lot or is still reasonable ? Obviously wondering if this mod is within mods allowed to ride… Go to Source

Curious about clicking sound

I have been riding my 2013 0 S for about two weeks now. Just the other day I noticed a clicking sound coming from underneath the front of the bike. At first, I thought I might be a wheel bearing about to go out. But, I have discovered that the clicking… Go to Source

Rider dimensions (height and weight) vs. range on a 2013 Zero S.

Does anyone know what the range estimates of the Zero motorcycles is based upon, w/ regard to height and especially weight of the rider. The Zero S has the 2 different battery options, and the ZF11.4 has 32 pounds greater curb weight (387 v. 355) and t… Go to Source

Unlock a XU ”LSM”

Hi Guys,I can have a good deal on a new, demo, 2012 XU LSM and it look like they are ''Locked'' to 70 kmh (45 mph..) here in Canada I'm sure there is an easy way to unlock this without to change anything ''Mechanic'' ?Do you know something who may… Go to Source

I’m going to miss my Zero S red wheels.

I was showing off my 2012 Zero S to a visitor today and I realized how much I liked my red wheels. But I just plunked money down to order a black 2013 S ZF11.4 and started daydreaming about whether I can order after-market wheels.  Anyone have any reco… Go to Source

Comments on which charging options you chose on 2013 S / DS?

In the Seattle Area and especially south to the southern Oregon Border, there is a dense number of CHAdeMO charging stations. Apparently the plan is to place these stations pretty much every 20-30 or so miles along the I-5 maybe eventually all the way … Go to Source

2012 S zf6 Motor cutting out

Is the glitch coming back from the dead? For the second time in about three weeks, I just had my motor cutoff for no apparent reason.  Both times, I was accelerating from stopped (or nearly stopped <2 mph).  No fault lights on, just a "chunk" and no po… Go to Source