Side bags on 2012 S

Hey all, has anyone had any luck with installing side bags?  I'm not interested in the expensive/small bags that Zero has on their web site as I'd like to be able to do a decent shop and also commute with them so I'd like to go for a larger size; the p… Go to Source

Using your 2011 S as a flashlight

In case your wondering how many bars you will use up if you leave your 2011 S on overnight I can now provide the answer  I went for a ride on Sunday evening. It was hot and the fan was one when I pulled into the garage. I generally try to leave the … Go ...

making zero x 2010 street legal

what parts do i need to make it street legalZero used to sell kit – but stopped Go to Source

Got her home :)

Got my DS back from AF1 Racing in Austin with new front fork seals. Spent the night in New Braunfels (on the river ), and to celebrate I unloaded the bike and decided to brave the holiday traffic on River Road. Turned out the traffic wasn't too bad (… Go to Source

Whats with these Fork Seals Leaking

I noticed my left fork seal leaking at 340 miles. Had been leaking awhile.Wiped it dry (including the oil dripping off the brake caliper) then rode it foranother 85 miles. Got it to the dealer on the 17th. Seals were brought out bythe Zero Rep on th… Go to Source

Evaluating battery life of a used bike.

Other than knowing the age of the battery and no. of miles on the bike, is there a way to determine the health of the battery….how much of the life is used up and how much more there is to go as well as if it is functioning properly? We kind of touch… Go to ...

What sounds are normal for your bike?

I know we all consider our bikes "silent" but both my bike and my wife's bike make some sounds. I'm not sure if it's because there is no engine noise or there is something unusual on our bikes, but I'm able to hear a lot more of what's happening than I… Go to Source

Zero DS review by has reviewed the Zero DS. It is more positive and balanced than the review performed by Asphalt and Rubber recently.… Go to Source

Roadtrip on the Zero

Hi all, seems we are getting into longer and longer rides. I came across this one:  – 1000miles around Florida – in part two up I only hope Terry posts his adventure… Go to Source

Zero announces a Police DS model

According to a report by Ultimate Motorcycling, Zero has just announced the availability of a Zero DS model specifically designed for police use. Here is a link to the article: [url=… Go to Source