CA carbon tax starts this week.

I read today that California starts its "cap-and-trade" carbon-tax this week.  It is too complicated to describe, but eventually every business that contributes to air pollution will be paying a per-ton of carbon pollution fee that will go to the state… Go to Source

Rode the 2013 S today!

I rode the 2013 S today and all I could say was OMG!!! It was like having a crotch rocket under me! A super bike! Handling? Wow it is good! I like everything about the bike except the location of the helmet lock, WTF! It has got to be about the most st… Go to ...

2013 Guess on Delivery

Does anyone have any insight or even an educated guess as to when Zero will start delivering the 2013s?  I'm thinking 2013 but then that is not very useful. Go to Source

LED headlight installation

I was the beneficiary of an LED headlight (identical to the one Zero offered for the 2011) that i intend to swap out on my bike. Does anyone know how to do that? Anyone actually swap out their 2011 headlight for the zero LED offering? Go to Source

Zero 2013 FX. I have ridden one…HUGE step forward, but small onboard charger

I was lucky enough to be invited to a dealer presentation and being able to drive the new S 2013, and the 2013 FX. You may summarize this is one word: AMAZING! The bikes are all knew, silent, nicer, more powerful, practical, and far more efficient. Our… Go to Source

Zeros in the UK

It looks like Zero will be selling their 2013 models in the U.K. next year.  Their range includes a new blacked-out dual-sport version, the Stealth Fighter FX that I can't recall seeing in their initial 2013 product announcement.  I guess they think th… Go to Source

Scot Harden in Bike Week Radio Show

For those that missed it, here is the link: http://bikeweekradiosho… Go to Source

Delta-Q ic650 charger for the 2013 Zeros

Delta-Q has a new charger .. they show a picture of a 2013 Zero on their applications page, so I assume this is what Zero uses for the 2013 bikes. Th… Go to Source

riding in snow and cold

Hi all, have come across a video that shows a Zero X Race edition. (bike has PC fans added to cool motor and I believe thats the background noise the first 5 mins – at 5mins only the Agni making its sounds  ). Seems they have no issue with cold and … Go to Source

Riding in Heavy Rain

Has anyone experienced any issues?   The bike is new but i had ridden in heavy rain the first time round with no issue but last night it was making a high pitched noise as if the normal motor noise was 8 bit (I could still hear the normal motor noise. … Go to Source