Helmet Lock

The 2012 Zero S/DS do not come with a helmet lock, but here is one option for installing a Motion Pro generic helmet lock.  The lock is designed to fit on a 7/8 inch handlebar, or a similarly sized frame tube. Where I located it is the only plac… Go to Source

possible range zero x on the street 2011

Hi 'm from holland and I'm looking for a zero mx. their is one for sale here but I'm wondering what a real world range is for street use only Greetings. Go to Source

Total Miles on Zero Motorcycles

Here is a first try at collecting the easy data that people might find interesting.  I made a spreadsheet using google docs for everyone to share their riding miles and some other information.  If you don't want to fill out every column, I don't care, … Go to Source

Anyone Want a 9DS in the Florida Area?

I'm facing the fact that my 2013 DS will be on the way in a month or so.  It's time to part with my 2012 9DS with about 6k miles.  Anyone in the West Palm Beach area that is interested is welcome to come take a ride. Go to Source

Zero Wars – the Android Chronicles’

2013 Zero rider Zork pulls up very close to 2013 Zero rider Clunk at a stop light. With a sinister laugh Zork types into his smart phone a "shut down" command and grins hideously as Clunk's bike shuts down (through the magic of Wi Fi). Zounds a… Go to Source

Zero S/DS 2012 performance upgrades

Thread to discuss 3rd party Zero S/DS upgrades for those of us who bought 2012 and want 2013 performance, more or less, from our bikes without taking the depreciation hit to sell and buy a 2013 model. Hollywood Electrics has such an upgrade. Rode an HE… Go to Source

Cross country trip on a Zero S

In case you hadn't noticed yet, under General Discussion, there is a subject titled "Cannonball Run".  Terry (offthegrid) is has taken off on a cross country trip, from Florida to California, on his Zero S.  This could be a real adventure and he will b… Go to Source

2013’s and smart phone dashboard use?

Here's a thought for non-smartphone users like me who may (will) get a 2013 ZERO. I have read that the old, outmoded, horse and buggy, smart phones (meaning last year's, or really stone age two years old) phones can be bought for very little now. One … Go to Source

Zero-S ZF9 Range data

Here is some data I collected over 650mi of riding a ZF9 in the NYC metro area during the fall of 2012.  As we ride the motorcycles more, the performance characteristics are getting clearer and I welcome data from anyone else who has measured your elec… Go to Source

How about a 2013 FXU model?

I have placed an order with Hollywood Electrics for what amounts to an FXU model. It will be all FX in power, wheels, tires, etc., but mounted on the XU suspension for low stand-over height. Everything FX except the XU suspension. … Go to Source