Cold temperature, effects on 2012 Zero energy gauge and range prediction

I have commuted on my 2012 Zero on a handful of cold days here (cold in AL is mid 30s F) and I see some odd energy gauge behavior. When I leave in the morning (garage temp mid 50s), I see more or less expected usage of energy bars (5-6 miles per bar @ … ...

federal tax credit

I don't recall being able to get the fed tax credit on last year's 2012 S purchase but I don't recall why.  Is that possible?  Can anyone point me to where I can find more info on how to redeem/check on this?  Google is failing me/I am failing with goo… Go to Source

Battery heating on any Zero model?

Does the Zero have any battery heating as standard or optional on any of their bikes?With the Li chemistry being more sensitive to cold weather this is an important feature for those riding all year long.Thanks. Go to Source

Help! Need to find 12v wire for grip heaters

My daughter gave me grip Warner's for Christmas (such a thoughtful child!).  I am trying t figure out the best 12v wire to tap into.  Probably can get to the headlight wire if I need to, but I was wondering if someone who has already done this has a be… Go to Source

My new zero mx (street version)

I bought myself an new present. a dealer had an zero mx for sale which I bought next fryday I can pick it up and begin my adventure Go to Source

Will the 2012 Z9F battery fit into a Z6F?

Anyone know if the 9kw battery will fit the 6kw 2012's? Are there any other differences besides batteries and weight? Go to Source

2013 FX, 2 battery function question

With 2 batteries, I have read you can ride with 1 or have increased power by using 2 at the same time.  Does anyone know if both batteries could be on board yet ony use 1 battery?  Then when the first battery was used up, you could use the other batter… Go to Source

My First eCrash

I had wondered how well the Zero would crash and put it to the test last night.  First off in over 3 years and i was literally just thinking beforehand how attached i have become to the bike and how gutted i would be if i wrote it off.  Luckily it wasn… Go to Source

Minor starting "glitch"

I and possibly one other person, have experienced a minor glitch since the big controller firmware recall was performed.  Sometimes I have to turn the ignition on then off and back on again before the throttle will catch and the bike moves forward.  Wh… Go to Source

My visit to the Zero Factory

When I spoke with Richard Walker, Zero's CEO, a couple of months ago during a customer feedback conference call, he invited me to visit the factory once they got their 2013 production model assembly line up and running. That day finally arrived yesterd… Go to Source