2017 DS Smoke when connecting charger

I got home today, another regular comute, SOC was 9%, plugged into the wall (120VAC @ 60Hz) and boom: A sound like that of a popcorn machine started insideSmoke started to flow profusely from somewhere above the motor As soon as the brain understood … Go to Source

Zero DSR will not start

So I had it to an Zero dealer, and they did some debug and found that its an defect BMM.I ordered an new BMM, and had it programmed for my VIN.After installing it, the error is still the same.. And i made an video of it below. Does the bike have to b… Go to ...

2010 Zero MX Battery Replacement – Nissan Leaf Modules

Well, decided to drop in and make this bike run.  Picked up 7 GEN1 leaf modules and started tinkering today. Go to Source

2010 Zero DS Charging Issue

I am unable to charge my Zero. Was working great but after taking the motor out to align the sprocket the electronics stopped working. Very shortly after the bike began refusing to charge. I am getting the red exclamation fault on the charger, and the … Go to Source

Cruise control button extension lever for SR/F and SR/S

The SR/F and SR/S have a cruise control feature. and that is a great thing. I personally do not use it much but every time i do the feature itself is fantastic, giving your right hand a well deserved rest However, the button to engage the cruise con… Go to Source

Ride to Work Day 2020

Like nearly everybody else, I've been working from home for most of the year so riding to work was out of the question.  Instead, I rode to LUNCH! Go to Source

2020 fxs price in sweden

I read that some of you complain about the price in your country. A brand new 2020 fxs cost ( 16 392,41 us dollar) and you can ride it 3-4 months. Before the weather gets cold. Go to Source

Need feedback from daily user of SRF & DSR

Hi ! I want to change from an FXS to either a DSR or an SRF. I really like how FXS can split lanes & move easily anywhere (light, limited space need). What I'd like to improve : range (not a real problem since my commute is 10 miles/15 km), torque / 0-… Go to ...

LED blinker relay starts clicking when damp

Hi, A bit at a loss here. I tried 3 separate brands of CF13-14 blinker relays. All worked fine when weather is dry. But when I wash my bike (just with sponge) or when it rains or when the weather is damp the relay starts clicking like when you normally… Go to Source

A quick pictorial of how I routed my Quadlock wireless charger USB cable

It has enough slack not to hinder steering. It follows mostly existing cable routing. Goes underneath the plastics up front and comes into the tank from the tank lid hinge system. It's not in the way of the tank lid closing. Next it's taped on the side… Go to Source