Charging: what charger to add to a chargetank

Hi, I have a 18 SR with a charge tank, but in a type2 environment, it is a bit underwhelming to charge to 6kw single-phase with 11-22kw triple-phase EVSE literally everywhere. So I am considering options to add to the charge tank, currently I'm waiting… Go to Source

Diagnostics without dealer?

I have a 2015 DS that has an intermittent problem with the electrical system resetting, the bike shuts off as if you quickly turned the ignition key off-and-on, power comes back after 4 or 5 seconds.  It's almost caused me to fall a few times while man… Go to Source

Broke the belt for for 4th time

Hi there ! The belt on my zero fxs broke while riding – fortunately I was not on the highway. The belt is not so old – one year, 12.000 kms. Should do twice that. Anybody experienced a similar problem ? I am using the bike's torque, but mostly in the c… Go to Source

The Calex / GreenWattPower EVC-116-1300 – FAILED – Purchasing Options?

The 1.2kW charger failed and I want to replace it so the bike can still be charged from 120V. Are there any options to buy a replacement other than through the dealer with their markup price gouging? Go to Source

Using the 6.5 FXS battery in an other project

Dear all, Just new here and trying to find awnser form my question. I am thinking about using the 6.5 battery packs of my zero FXS from 2015/16 in my camper.Right now I'm trying to find out if it's possible to get the energie out of the battery pack w… Go to Source

A trip down memory lane

Check out this comparison of three electric motorcycles that were available for sale in 2010 – and then think about the improvements that have occurred during the past 10 years:… Go to Source

2016 FX Chain Kit

Anyone mounted the chain kit on a 2016 FX? I'm having a hell of a time with the front sprocket installation. Appreciate any tips. Go to Source

2019 SR Rear compression knob won’t turn.

Manual says simply to turn thr knob to adjust it.  Fingers will not move it wither way, i dont want to force it.  My wife’s SR is the same way.  There appears to be a very small, very hard to get to set screw in the knob that i thought about removing b… Go to ...

What’s going on with the "Zero" throttles?

We've been told to look at throttle replacement, with a non-Zero throttle, especially on some problem plagued 2014/15 models. Appreciate any insights as Zero is not "talking". Go to Source

Looking for a factory BMS 2010/11 ZERO x/MX

if you have an old battery gathering dust – i'd be happy to buy the BMS if you can pull it!Mine is toast. would like to use another factory one to keep it clean.thanksJeff Go to Source