FX as a dirt bike

I am wanting to purchase an FX.  I managed to sell a bike and so I think I will be going ahead with this.  This is my first post with questions: http://electricmotorcycleforum.com/boards/index.php?topic=8804.0  I know I am asking some of the same ques… Go to Source

Full FXS Tail shortening

Hey All, I just ordered a new FXS and while I think the bike already looks pretty good, I come from a background of always modifying my bikes and the first things to go are usually ugly fenders. The FXS has some ugly fenders for anyone not taking it of… Go to Source

Startled the parking lot attendant

I was leaving a parking garage last night.  Pulled up to the attendant to pay my ticket.  She didn't look up until I opened my helmet and said:  "Excuse me?" She jumped about a foot.  Guess she never heard me approaching!  Gave me a good chuckle for my… Go to Source

Bar Risers for better comfort

HiRecently bought a 2018 Zero S with 7.2.Love the bike and get-up-and-go. Looking for a bit more comfort and thinking bar risers. Has anyone purchased and if so where & how much?What size is the handlebar, it appears to be 1 1/8 inch? Any other comm… Go to Source

Interesting quotes from CEO Paschel

So I was reading a Forbes article that was an interview of Zero’s CEO Sam Paschel and here are some interesting things I got out of it: Paschel:  We sell between 2,000 and 10,000 motorcycles per year. We're cranking our SR/Fs on two shifts and have the… Go to Source

New firmware released (20190329)?

Just noticed my app is indicating there is a new firmware update for my 2018 Zero S.  Figured I'd give everyone a "Head's Up."  I haven't had the opportunity to install it yet, I'll probably do that this weekend. Go to Source

Blew my 10A accessory socket fuse

Not sure how.  Noticed I felt pretty chilly on my ride in to work this morning, then discovered it was because there wasn't any current reaching it. Who is the SADIST who decided to put the fusebox BEHIND that big, heavy black cable? Go to Source

Lightning Strike Unveiled

https://www.google.com/amp/s/electrek.co/2019/03/28/lightning-strike-electric-motorcycle-launch/amp/ Go to Source

Bought a chain kit for my ’17 FXS

Got the kit online, no install instructions but straightforward. Finally recv'd today. Very sexy rear sprocket. Magnuson-Moss means I can install myself. Fuck you incompetent dealer. Anyway, very excited because not only does the chain kit add durabili… Go to Source

Charger dead… Aftermarket/second hand options?

So my faithful 2016 DSR, with only 10k on the clock, has given up the goat and the charger has burned out… Got a quote for $900, and most of that is the $800 part. Does anyone know if there are aftermarket options, or second-hand options available? … Go to Source