Backup charger

2016 DSR, approaching 20k miles – not sure if older posts are still relevant so posting now I have a fear that the stock calex charger will just up and die on me. There are many posts about Zero's stock chargers dying around the miles I'm approaching a… Go to Source

Inventory is all out?

So my local dealer had a 2019 FX in stock but couldn't get any more FXS.  "They are all allocated for the summer."  Is that a true statement?  Nobody can get any more once Spring hits and the dealers have their allotted inventory? Go to Source

Chargers on SR/F – same problematic ones as on the other zeros?

I am reading a lot here on the chargers dying on seemingly all zero models. Does anyone know it the SR/F is using the same chargers or if they switched supplier or at least the model? I am not really looking forward to having to replace them during my… Go to Source

Decided to get the SR/F

Just to bring some balance to The Force, I have decided to take the plunge and buy an SR/F. It all started when the on-board charger on my 2014DS failed ten days ago… So the DS and CB1000R are going to make way for a shiny new SRF.  The second-hand m… Go to Source

Dsr top speed in custom mode

This might be old news, but it's new to me since I finally was able to connect to my bike via blue tooth.I've always been u dear the impression that 102mph was the top speed and have also been limited to that personally, but when i went to custom sett… Go to Source

My local dealer is dropping Zero, alas

Can’t blame them given the hassles they’ve had dealing with Zero. Too bad for me, I was ready to order an SR/F – but I don’t want to own one without a local dealer. I may sell my S as well.Phooey. Go to Source

FX 7.2 Range Discussion

I figured this would be a good place to talk about the range of a FX 7.2.  It seems to be a frequent question around here. I bought a 2019 FX 7.2 in February 2019.  I'm over 6 foot and around 265 lbs.  I'm a total data nerd, so I started tracking rides… Go to ...

Operating ZF3.3 Battery outside of the motorcycle

Hello,I want to use the battery pack to operate a formula car i'm building.Right now i get 110V out of the battery but only in the small pin output and not in the connection to the driver.I know that i need to 'turn on' the battery but i don't know … Go to Source

How has the battery longevity been on 5+ year old bikes?

Basically the title says it all.  For all you early adopters, how has your original battery been on the < 2015 models?  I don't own a Zero….yet, but this is a question I'm sure on many minds. Go to Source

Zero battery increase in 2020?

I'm on the fence about buying a 2019 FXS this year.  I don't necessarily need one and could realistically wait until next year.  Does anyone expect there will be another battery improvement? Go to Source