2012 shutting down when in ECO mode?

Anybody else out there having a problem with their 2012 S DS shutting completely off when riding in ECO mode. Mine has done that both when riding at a steady speed (55mph) as well as when I'm decelerating. When decelerating it's dead when I roll on the… Go to Source

Best way to charge my 2011 Zero S ?

I just bought a 2011 Zero S with the smaller battery.  Should I just plug in the charger and leave it plugged in whenever I am not using the bike, even if it stays plugged in for 2 or 3 days, or is it best to charge for 6 hours, then disconnect the cha… Go ...

2012 reviews?

I see some folks are receiving their bikes, yet no reviews yet? Come on, spill the beans… Go to Source

Riding my 2012 DS & love it!

I picked up my 2012 DS on the 18th and I love this bike.  I thought my 2010 DS couldn't be beat but ZERO has managed to do it! Not only range but handling is even better and I don't notice the 20 extra pounds (I got the lighter of the two models bec… Go ...

2012 Zeros are arriving at dealerships

Tonight I received a call from my local Zero dealer, Mission Motorcycles in Daly City, CA.  They told me that a new 2012 Zero DS will be arriving in their showroom tonight and will be on display tomorrow morning.  Naturally, I plan to check it out.  I … Go to Source


— North American Customers to See Groundbreaking New Electric Motorcycle Lineup for the First Time — NEW YORK (Jan. 5, 2012) – Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced the North American debut of its 2… Go to Source

are zero using the Nano Tech battery by Turnigy?

check out Extreme Electric Bicycle does anyone know about these batteries? Go to Source

Solar charging

Has anyone been successful in charging directly from a solar panel? If so, can you please describe the setup. I would like to move to solar charging during the day when I am at work. Hoping to put in a few panels mounted on a pole in the parking lot. Go to Source

2012 Zero accessory luggage

Check out this photo from the EICMA motorcycle display   : http://www.twowheelsblog.com/galleria/zero-motorcycles-gamma-2012-01/8 Go to Source

2011 Zero Voltage?

Hey did anyone catch the voltage of the 2012 zeros? They mention it has increase but I don't see it documented anywhere. Go to Source