Just Purchased a 2012 Zero X on a whim….

Well, I was buying my son a new Yamaha and ended up leaving the dealership with 2 Zero's, one working and one rolling frame. I knew little to nothing about Zero before Friday and I am impressed thus far.  I had the opportunity to ride the x for about f… Go to Source

Offroad in Eco Mode stall posable?

Yesterday I had a chance to do a little off-roading with my 16 DSR.It was a steep  severely rutted out road with plenty of loose gravel so I elected to use Eco Mode to help prevent wheel spin.Several sections had quite a grade and it seemed like the … Go to Source

Technical: belt, spare belt, remove rear

Today I added a spare belt.So when the current snaps, I can replace it myself on the spot. https://www.facebook.com/100028113907345/posts/155464055400724/ Go to Source

DSPZ 11.4 but now has 12.5 battery £5750 in the UK. Good deal?

Advertised on Autotrader for sale in the UK. I am interested to know what you think, I am unsure of its spoked wheels, came up as a DSPZ 11.4 but now has 12.5 battery,saying registered 2016 just wonder how old it could be. I understand battery having b… Go to Source

Convert SR to DSR?

I'm just spitballing here but would it be possible to convert my SR to a DSR? From what I can see the only real difference is the front wheel and fender. If I ordered those parts and swapped them out won't I effectively have a DSR? Is there any reason … Go to Source

Belt type change on a 2017 S

Hi all, Since I already snapped one belt with my S 2017 after 4500km, I was looking a bit at the options to buy a spare on the AF1 website here:https://www.af1racing.com/ And it seems that the 2017 S (13kWh variant) is kind of an "in-between" model:A… Go to Source

my seat latch and lock mod

Finally finish my seat locking latch for my 2017 S! Parts for it was a scooter lock and key set from Amazon, a 3/16" thick aluminum sheet, and some bolts and nuts and some time to adjust the diatance between the lock to the latch (alot of trial and err… Go to Source

Why all Zero owners should quake in their boots and run for the hills!

Hi All, I wonder how many of you know it is common practice for Zero and their Dealers to take parts from your bike, that happens to be in the dealer's workshop at the time, in order to replace faulty parts on other owner's bikes for so called "warrant… Go to Source

Dead BMS board?

Hello, all: Been lurking the board since I bought my '17 SR last January.  I didn't have much of a reason to post until yesterday when I hopped on for a ride to breakfast and the throttle failed to allow the electrons to flow.  Thankfully, I wasn't rid… Go to Source

2011 XU Battery Retrofits

Hello. I have recently been given a 2011 XU complete with 2 battery packs.  Upon Charging I get the dreaded low voltage indicator lights (2x blinks).Reading here in the forum I don't find a serious replacement or method to bring this bike back to lif… Go to Source