2011 Zero DS Random Cut-Outs

Hello All, I'm troubleshooting an issue with my 2011 Zero DS.  I've been having erratic issues with the bike having all power drop while riding around  Motor goes dead, and dashboard goes blank. I looked through the log on the bike via the diagnostic i… Go to Source

Question about Diginow

I plan to put used diginow charger on my zero s 2014.   My bike have a new battery 14.4  and new powertank, and new MBB. The diginow charger was on zero FXS 2018. I have 2 questions :   1 )   Is the  Diginow controler the same for Zero FXS 7.2 and Zero… Go to ...

2018 SR Throttle Assembly Mount Screws: Torx? Proprietary?

What's the deal with the torx screws on this throttle assembly?  There is a peg in the torx insertion point that prevents use of a standard torx wrench, so it appears you must use a custom, hollowed out shaft torx tool for this. Has anyone else run in… Go to Source

Belt – outside surface wear?

A picture is worth a thousand words here.  Any concerns? I noticed the outside of the surface on my belt has lost some "mini teeth" – not sure what they're called or if they serve a purpose. There are a few other points with the same kind of loss  The … Go to Source

SR 2015 Showa fork ring seal

Hello ! I have an oil leak on my left fork part. To make it short, I usually service this kind of things myself but, this time I really don't want to do it…I've searched a lot to find ring seal size for that fork, but no way to find it (and Zero did… Go ...

Buying a demo bike. Advice?

About to purchase a demo 2019 SR (charge tank) with 146miles.  Been reading a lot of posts and haven't found a whole lot about demo bikes other than discussing warrantee issues.  Can anyone clue me in on what I should be looking/asking for beyond drop … Go to Source

Gas bike as backup? Good idea?

Hey all, new to the forums, glad to finally be part of the community.  My wife owns a 2018 Zero SR (charge tank) and I have a 2019 Zero SR (charge tank) currently being transferred to my local dealer.  My question to you all is, When going electric, di… Go to Source

So I did a battery capacity test

So I did a battery capacity test on my (new to me) 2016 DS 13kWh with 18,600 miles with original battery. The average watt hour / mile on the bike is 88.8. I drained the battery down to 95 volts as shown on the app and then I charged it overnight plugg… Go to Source

2018-2019 SR issues? (general buying advice needed!)

My wife purchased a demo SR in march and (aside from a loose left mirror that needed replacing) is loving it (1000miles).  I recently paid off my 2019 Honda CB300R (which I love).  I've followed Zero since 2015 and have always wanted one.  The Honda wa… Go to Source

2020 Zero S engine light w/no errors

Hello all, So I bought a new 2020 Zero S about six months ago and a few times it has given me this problem where the engine light comes on but it doesn't give me any error codes on the dash. It generally seems to ride fine even when the light is on (ma… Go ...