Equivalent ECO and Sport mode settings?

This was asked before a few years ago but I don't think a consensus was found. Does anyone know what the equivalent custom settings are for factory ECO and Sport mode?  Specifically in regards to an FX/FXS. Go to Source

250v wiring for charger supply?

What's the proper wiring for supplying the default charger with 250v? Is it hot-hot-neutral or hot-hot-ground? -Crissa Go to Source

Zero FX as a winter beater

Hi folks! Thinking of getting a FX/FXS. I commute about 10 miles within; Chicago I use my SR for that. But with winter coming it won't be long before the SR will go into storage. I have been looking at FXs with the modular pack for occasional trail ri… Go to Source

Zero FX 2014 – reverse engineering the dashboard wiring

Hi all,I have a FX14 and on a mission of building a replacement dashboard since mine has had gone bad… I tried to compare my dashboard wiring to the diagram (2016 FX diagram by Keith https://zeromanual.com/wiki/2016_X-Platform_Wiring_Diagram) and fo… Go to Source

SR/F Rapid Charger Installed, 12kW charging !! (in Europe)

I got my rapid charger installed today on my premium SR/F. Attached you see a picture with the rapid charger installed and the tank plastics still off. Now a big mess of cables and chargers Also a picture of the resulting "storage" compartment which… Go to Source

Touring on the SR/F

This is a short and entertaining story. But I wasn't able to locate part 3 where the author returns home from her trip to Montreal:  https://www.rideapart.com/articles/364388/zero-chronicles-charging-time-electric-motorcycle/ Go to Source

SR/F strange noises?

Hi everybody! I’ve just received my SR/f yesterday (it’s really wonderful). I’ve noticed some strange noises.. one of it occurs sometimes during the driving it’s like a “clack” it seems from the motor and I also feel like an hit under the seat. The sec… Go to Source

Instrument Casing wanted for 2017 Zero SS

I discovered why the top of instrument casing  and ignition switch retainer got melted lines in the plastic. With the larger windshield, and parked in the desert, sun is focussed in a straight line across that area. In time they heat and melt. I caught… Go to Source

See this SR/F You-Tube

I am curious what SR/F owners here think <iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/UBlKveafyx0?fs=1 Go to Source

Connecting to the SR/F 12 volt accessory socket

I'm aware that the SR/F has a couple of 12 volt accessory sockets. I have an old Garmin mount which would usually be wired up directly to my petrol powered bike battery. One of these mounts, with crimped "o" terminals: https://buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/p… Go to Source