Charge Tank Now Aftermarket Option

Was surprised to not see a thread about this.  To my thinking, this replaces the need for anything aftermarket.  I know there are still those of you who want to retain the storage space and/or have more than 6kw of charge capacity (actually 7.5ish if y… Go to Source

Long Term Storage Mode

Anyone have any details on what this does?  And why it shouldn't/won't be a software update? Go to Source

Options for rebuilding a 2010 zero DS

Hello,I am completely new to the electric motorcycle world, but highly enthusiastic.  I just grabbed hold of a 2010 zero that has a dead battery and the motor removed.  All the wiring is still in tact and the bike itself is in great shape! My son and … Go to Source

FXS 2018/2019?

Hi guys,Seeing the 2019 line-up, I wonder if there is a difference between the fxs '18 and '19, besides the color or some things in the app. As far as i can tell, no hardware/range changes?Reason for asking is that i'm planning coming back to Zero af… Go to Source

2019 Black SR and a Grey FXS

The 2019 SR And the FXS Go to Source

And we’re BACK!!

Just picked it up this afternoon.  Damn it felt good riding it home! Go to Source

are there problems with FXS production?

We have buyer group here (Israel) that ordered 20 FXS in June from the local Zero dealer.  They were offering some really great pricing because another 50 bikes are going to motorcycle instructors later this year.  In July we were told Zero was offerin… Go to Source

Stupid question: is any sort of warm up desirable?

Since I've driven ICE rigs for over 60 years now I have been taught very early on to warm up the machine before working it hard.  Now that I have a SR I can't find any reason to do so, other than warming up the tires like on any bike.  Am I missing som… Go ...

I weighed my 2018 Zero S with PT

Just for the heck of it, I bought two cheap and thin (1" thick) Chinese electronic bathroom scales on Amazon for $15 each and started weighing all of my motorcycles by rolling them on the scales. If I recall correctly, I believe Zero claims that my 201… Go to Source

A Zero in Berlin

My granddaughter is attending the Freie University in Berlin this year and happened to take this photo of (what looks like) a 2014 Zero S stopped at an intersection while she was walking to her classes.  I think the photo might have been taken yesterda… Go to Source