Online calculator to estimate range?

Hi folks.  First time poster here. I'm contemplating getting a Zero and it would be my first EV.  I need to figure out if the range would be adequate for my usage. So for argument sake, figure on the 2019 FX 7.2.  Spec are:City = 91 milesHighway @ 70… Go to Source

Zero Drive Belts

I would like to get a rough idea how long the drive belts usually  last on Zeros. We often hear about them breaking here,  but few will post a message about NOT having any problems.  I would like to hear from all Zero owners here. For those who would l… Go to Source

17 fxs, sevcon size 6, DVT, MBB to sevcon canbus no communication

Hey everyone first post here. Trying to do some drag racing with a fxs we have.  It has a 75-7 motor and a size 6 gen 4.5 controller.    Everything was working fine,  we bought the dvt kit and started editing some perimeters for the motor rpm in the dv… Go to Source

SR/F doing 120mpH on German Autobahn The guy says that the SR/F feels extremely stable and secure at high speeds compared to his DSR. The rest is mostly about … Go to Source

SR/F user manual

for your reading pleasure – the SR/F user manual is available: Go to Source

Oval rear sprocket

Hi folks, Last october I bought a 2013 DS. In great condition, with e.g. the 2017 12,5 batt. replacement and new wheels. I am very happy with the bike. Also via this forum I am getting more and more acqainted with typical Zero issues, tips and tricks. … Go to Source

UK Insurers/Brokers

Hello, I placed an order for a Zero SR/F yesterday. Very excited, but reading here I'll probably be waiting at least a few months for it! In the meantime, can anyone in the UK advise who they use for insurance (on any Zero model)? I can insure my BMW 1… Go to Source

Looking for a used part

i am looking for a low fairing (right and left, see attached picture) for a 2013 Zero S.1) Any knows the reference for this part ?2) Anybody having used ones to sell ? Need to ship them to Europe.. Go to Source

New review at Bennetts for SR/F Some range concerns expressed there, the co… Go to Source

Cleveland moto did two riding videos of the SR/F

Mostly just a ride experience video, part two he does put up some impressive triple digit speed numbers though that wasn't exactly the best idea to film. (pretty sure he stayed in mph measurement) Part One Go to Source