On board charger replacement

Yesterday I received my new replacement charger from AF1, a day early. Naturally, UPS beat up the box during transit, but the charger managed to survive the shipping fun.  Attached are two photos of the original charger that was installed in my 2018 Ze… Go to Source

Strange noise with regeneration (S 2019)

Hi everyone. I ask for help to identify a problem. Model: S 2019 11kw, no charge tank, no power tank KM: 5000 (never driven in the rain or on dirt roads) For some days I have been hearing a disturbing noise when I release the accelerator and regenerati… Go to Source

Zero SRF/S better mode than sport mode?

Hi guys, I read here and other website, with SRF or S it is possible to have more performance than sport mode. I read, Beast Mode, this is real or just in their head? When I check with the Android Zero App, I see on the sport mode it is already to max … Go ...

PP and CP control on a type 2 charger cable

Any one help me on the way the charging is controlled on the SR/F? This starts because I'm fed up with the charging cables taking up most of my topbox.  I have a premium with a recently fitted rapid charge option, so I've lost the tank space. For the U… Go to Source

SR/F Mode button commands precis

Finally I've got to grips with the SRF mode button.To do this I had to draw out the presses in some sort of logical order, and then printed a pair of copies out, one for the workshop, one for the bike ( laminated) Don't know if its just me taking a lo… Go to Source

How to bleed rear brake on Zero DSR

I may have to bleed my rear brake, as I have to press down hard on the foot pedal to get any braking. After checking the surface of the brake pads, the next step will be to bleed the rear brake. But I cannot find any instructions on how to bleed the re… Go to ...

DSR Seat Comfort/ Passenger Comfort and Custom Seat Options

With Covid opening up the calendar, I'm finally getting time to put some miles in on my 2017 DSR.  I could not stand the stock DSR seat and purchased a Corbin custom seat used from a user on this forum in 2018.  I have been riding a few hundred miles a… Go to Source

Gurgling "water cooler bubble" noise from rear brakes?

2018+2019 SR's tested: I posted this on the FB group as well, but want to cast as wide a net as I can to see if this is a common issue and to hopefully get some suggestions on how to fix: When coming to a stop using the rear brake (or a mix of front/re… ...

Need help interpreting the MBB log

Last night I plugged in my 2018 Zero S into my garage 110V outlet before I went to bed.  This afternoon (7/27/20) when I went into the garage to take the bike out for a lunch ride the warning light was flashing and the bike was only at a 93% charge ins… Go to Source

Slow service for alignment

In another thread I wrote: Can you point me to additional information about alignment?  Sometimes my 2016 fxs seems to want to go, but stops, then might seem to want to go backward, but stops, and repeats that sequence several times.  Other times it… Go to Source