Battery and battery logs problems

Hi ! I have a 2017 Zero FXS, and it seems that the battery capacitity lowered somehow (max is 94%, and the decrease seems faster than it was).It tried to retrieve the logs, but when I launch the app, the wait counter goes above 100%. I stopped at 300%… Go to Source

4 years of ownership, using only my bike to get around saved me $20k in fuel

I've had my Zero DSR 2016 for 4 years, instead of using my car I've been using my bike, rain or cold weather never stopped me, I've only had to replace my tyres twice and replace the belt once, if I was still using my old V8 Toyota soarer, I'd be using… Go to Source

Elcon PFC2500 Charger for Zero FX

I'm curious if anyone has purchased one of these? I'm looking to get one for a 16' FX 6.5. I've been emailing with Elcon about programming and at this point they just need to get a cell count of the packs to program it. I'm wondering if anyone has run … Go to Source

Buy a Zero X 2012, good ID or NOT

Hello, I'm french (excuse me for my english). Someone around my house is selling a 2012 Zero X enduro. He says that the battery is good and is in a second with the bms card out of service. He offers 2500 € Is it a good deal? What should you watch out … Go to ...

Zero hard bags removal fail

I installed Zero hardbags on my 2018 DSR last year and have never taken them off. Now I can't. The key is 3 position, obviously lock and unlock the top and I thought the middle (diagonal) position to remove the bags from the bike. No dice. Any ideas? Go to Source

Changing bodywork

What is involved in changing all the (color) plastics on an SR?Is there a tutorial, video? Go to Source

DSR Riding noises (besides motor). How many do you notice?

Hi! I have always liked the noise of my dsr motor. Sometimes I noticed other noises, like the belt running, or the front sprocket spinning when not accelerating (and then no motor noise). But last week I think I am hearing that front sprocket spinning … Go to Source


Zero has agreed to replace the battery in my 2014 S (originally purchased 10/15 so still under warranty) with a new 14.4 battery and spider harness. I think it could take a charge tank and would be a sweet ride. But I am considering trading it in for a… Go to Source

Quick question about Zero FX7.2 charging capability in Europe

Just a quick question, honest… What is the charging rate of the FX 7.2 in Europe with single phase 240V/13A supply (ie. through the kettle cord)? I see conflicting information about it as it seems the US version might be different. Cas Go to Source

Charge station fail. What did I do wrong?

J1772 station at the Byrd Visitor Center on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park Mile 51. Zero SR/F. Plugged in the charger and the charging dash came on but no current. Pushed the start button on the charger. Nothing. Charger has a keypad and a f… Go to Source