Why voltage needs to be on the app

104 volts at 90% is not accurate. Trust the voltage which says to me about 55% or 60% not 90%. The bike is charging with the onboard right now so real voltage might be 103. So perhaps 55%. 90% should be about 111-112 volts so the SOC meter is inaccurat… Go to Source

DigiNow Supercharger V2 – 6.6 kW/7.9kW Unit

I've seen a lot of reference videos and content for the 3.3/4.6 Diginow Supercharger v2 but not many for the larger kW versions.   Hollywood Electrics' website references it as 6.6 kWs while Diginow website references it as the 7.9 kW unit.   Some surp… Go to Source

street tracker

i love the new concepte off alta motorhttp://www.motomag.com/Moto-electrique-Alta-Motors-se-positionne-avec-la-Street-tracker.html#.WS6OkeuL… Go to Source

Zero ZF6.5 DS review

Here is a link to an article published by motorcycle.com reviewing the 6.5 DS: http://www.motorcycle.com/features/is-an-electric-bike-perfect-for-courier-d… Go to Source

Using Zero app while riding

Had questions about using the Custom mode while riding, particularly: To ride with customized settings, after having selected your preferences with the phone app, do you have to have the app active and the phone unlocked while riding? Do you have to se… Go to Source

Someone Stole my 2013 DS!

!!Stolen!Attention Austin people. My 2013 Zero DS motorcycle (actually my entire white 6×12 enclosed trailer) was stolen from the storage facility in Del Valle. I have insurance, but still sucks. If anyone hears anything. What I will miss even more wa… Go to Source

Brake Pads

Here are some different pads I found. EBC FA208R all JJuan rears EBC FA209HH SR, FXS front SBS 674HS SR, FXS front EBC FA181HH FX JJuan front Go to Source

Errors in heavy rain, short?

While riding in the last couple of heavy storms, I got an error (flashing red triangle) on my 2015 FX. The error codes on the display were 0020 and 0028. From what I could find online, it sounds like some kind of high voltage short. Dangerous? The whol… Go to Source

2015 FX loses 12 volt power, then it comes back

So, coming to work this morning I noticed that the turn signal wasn't working. I checked the head light and it wasn't working also. About 2 hours after I parked it I turned it back on and all the lights worked except for the low beam. I smacked the hou… Go to Source

Minimum charging voltage?

What's the minimum and maximum charging voltage for a stock 2016 zero DSR? Go to Source