Testl VS Zero SR/F

In Italian, however, the automatic translation into English for example works quite well … Interesting … <iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/60-xWM6sT3I?fs=1 Go to Source

Farasis website

I'm interested to get information about Farasis. However, their website is down now for quite a while. Anyone any clue why that could be? I think they are big enough to not let that happen accidentally for too long?I also don't think they want to hi… Go to Source

The dreaded acceleration spin out bites my bike’s butt

So I'm off for the holiday and don't have my bike.  Of course, my spouse is home and I asked her to make sure the charge level was right (and well, she could use the practice with my bike.) On the way onto the highway, she pulled out and put on a bit m… Go ...

Gates drive belts

Someone on the Royal Enfield forum (of all places) posted this link to the Gate's drive belt website, which you might find interesting:  https://www.gates.com/us/en/power-transmission/synchronous-belts/poly-chain-synchronous-belts/poly-chain-gt-carbon… Go to Source

My panoply of error codes.

2 months. I've owned it 2 months. It has 3k on the odometer. I was turning left one night in a parking lot, the throttle "stumbled", cut off for a second, kicked back in, lost traction and landed on my knee, crushing the soft tissue. Throttle problem … Go to Source

slow is the new fast..?

I've  done a couple of 165mile motorway journeys and back now on my Premium SR/F in the UK and am beginning to suspect that the fastest way to do the journey is to slow down. Obvious really but nothing like nearly running out to concentrate the mind. … Go to Source

Charging in hot climates

The Owners-Manual-SRF states the following:If you ride regularly, but your ride doesn’t require most of your power pack’s capacity, your power pack will benefit from not being charged to 100% unnecessarily. In hot climates, going for a few rides… Go to Source

2014 SR Won’t Move, No Throttle, Error 0056

So I have a 2014 Zero SR with a powertank that had the main monolith replaced around September 2018. Everything was fine until June of this year when the bike threw an error 0056 after I stopped at a friends house on June 7th. 2019 and shut it down. Ac… Go to Source

Assistance Reviewing Logs

https://home.hasslers.net/zerologparser/logs/538SDDZ6XKCG10821_BmsD0_2019-12-15.txthttps://home.hasslers.net/zerologparser/logs/538SDDZ6XKCG10821_MbbD_2019-12-15.txt I've been trying to determine why I get thermal throttle indicator so quickly and the… Go to Source

SR/F rear modification

My dealer offers a self-developed modification of the rear of the SR/F, after he had several requests for it.What do you think? Go to Source