2015 Zero S Stutter After Startup

Hey guys! I purchased my 2015 Zero S used (with 1k miles) in September 2018 and I love it to death. I'm a battery nerd, engineer, EV fanatic and couldn't believe I found one. Everything so far has been fantastic and I have put 2300 miles on it in the l… Go to Source

Zero and "dumb" J1772 charging

I plan on purchasing a Zero early this year for use as a commuter. Unfortunately I will need to charge at a location that, while they have L2 chargers, have stated I cannot use the 120V receptacles for charging. Crazy I know as they are providing free … Go to Source

FX/S side racks

Before pulling the trigger on the happy-trail side rack kit and figuring out what modifications are needed to make it work with the FXS, I figured it would be worth asking around to see if anyone has done this before. Any success stories, either for of… Go to Source

Handguards for SR ?

Has anyone found handguards to fit a '15 Zero SR?  I got some for my '15 FX (granted, they were difficult to properly mount on the FX), but the SR seems to have no handlebar space to accommodate these at all.(https://smile.amazon.com/Hanperal-Motorcyc… Go to Source

Zero parts available (online!)

Just for info a site I forgot but really handy what is possible to buy for your Zero. https://www.af1racing.com/store/Scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=3103 😁😎 Go to Source

Graphene Battery Technology

Zero needs to be the first electric motorcycle to incorporate Graphene Technology into their batteries. Not wait for Harley or someone else to beat them to it. There are already rumors that Harley is looking into it. Zero needs to remain the leader. Go to Source

Charger seemingly dead? What are my options?

Bike has been sitting for a couple weeks at 95% charge. Rode it to work today. Cold morning. SOC dropped more rapidly as you'd expect. Still got home with 8%, normally I'd be at 16-20%. Plug-in, nothing. The contactor doesn't click on, screen doesn't t… Go to Source

Battery percentage drop

I've got a question for any zero FXS owners. Having recently received my bike back from smash repairs I've noticed my battery isn't performing as I'd expect. This first video shows the battery percentage dropping rapidly while the bike is idle. I manag… Go to Source

Zero SR/F

It seems to just be teaser info at the moment, but interesting that they're claiming a "new platform"…https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-srf/ Go to Source

On board computer failure

I have a Zero DSR2017. New and have had it since about June. I’ve had it in the shop about a half dozen times to have “the dealership diagnose the problem” because they won’t allow you the tools to do that on your own. They can find nothing wrong on th… Go to Source