God afternoon, I purchased a used zero about 3 months ago and it says it needs firmware update. Its a 2014 so I have to go to the dealer to get it done. Do you know if the dealer charges for the firmware update?Thanks,    Don Go to Source

Zero SR/F will take on Pikes Peak this year Go to Source

Universal nose fairing fitment?

Anyone attempt to fit a universal nose fairing like this one to a Zero? Go to Source

Firmware version for 2015 S

According to Zero web page, the newest firmware version is 54/46 for MBB and BMS.But when the dealer updated my 2015 S last Thursday, the Zero software only update to version 53/43? Had any 2015 S owner updated to version 54/46 already? I checked the … Go to Source

Motor noise in mid-range RPMs – worth making a fuss over?

I bought my Zero 3 weeks ago, and I noticed two things: I hear the brakes squeak occasionally, and the front hub does too in the right conditions The motor makes a cyclic whumping noise around 30mph that matches the RPMs and goes aw… Go to Source

Cover recommendations for 2019 FXS?

Just bought a 2019 Zero FXS and will be taking delivery in a few days and would like to know which covers fit nicely. I made the mistake of getting a too large cover for my previous bike and while it worked fine it was just always a bit of extra hassle… Go to Source

3D printed parts discussion

Folks, So I see a thread about fender eliminator, but who else is 3D printing stuff for their Zero and what kind ? I will be doing the tank bag replacement within upcoming weeks, will share it then. Go to Source

FXS – groaning sound disappeared after a couple of rainy days

I had the annoying groaning sound, and I tried to use some belt dressing as proposed in the unofficial manual. It is a form a grease – I did not use a silicon spray because silicon spray is silicon oil which includes petroleum components that might har… Go to Source

New video showcasing all-newelectric bikes available in 2019 including Zero SR/F

New video highlights all new 2019 electric motorcycles including Zero SR/F. I couldn't believe how many new bikes there are coming including the Kymco NEX which looks very impressive. SEE the review of the Kymco I posted in "other electric bikes" https… Go to Source

Moving to the Netherlands

Hi Guys – Any Zero Motorcycle Riders in the Netherlands on the board – would love to connect Go to Source