New to the EV world

Hello, I'm pretty new to the EV world. My brother has owned a self built e-bike (pedal assist, probably only a ~1kWh battery system) for many years and it has always interested me. I've always been a motorcyclist, owning anything from a Honda Shadow bo… Go to Source

Question on L2 charging of my SR/F

Today I got to use my Blink account for the first time at Whole Foods.After a bit of fumbling with the app, I got it to start charging.4.4kWRan inside, grabbed a stromboli and a gingerale.  37 minutes later I unplugged.I did not get as much charge … Go to Source

New SR/F firmware on 7/17 anyone else?

My SR/F is currently updating to new firmware. anyone else.  any places to see what changed? Go to Source

SRF app/electronics thread, issues etc

Hey all, I’ve been playing with this SRF app and display for a while and have had a few issues, all minor, but wanted to know if anyone else had the same. Also I figured a thread that people could list these items would be helpful. 1. Not really an app… Go to Source

Alex’s Rebuild Thread – 2014 SR

This is my rebuild project.  I picked this wrecked 2014 Zero Sr up from a local guy. 15k miles.  He had purchased it at a Copart auction for a considerable amount more than I paid him for it. Was selling it because of a recent divorce, and he was a mot… Go to Source

Firmware 2019, rev 2 for ZERO S/SR, DS/DSR

Hi all, I just check the firmware tab on the Zero Motorcycles app on my phone and discover that 2 new versions of the firmware are proposed as updates for the BMS and the MBB: – For the MBB, rev 27 is proposed as a replacement of the existing rev 26.-… Go to Source

Potential SRF Buyer…On the fence

Hello all! I have been reading and watching reviews on the SR/F for several weeks now.  Consistently, reviewers love the bike but are troubled by the price and range.  I test drove the bike a couple weeks ago and love the concept of having an electric … Go to Source

On-board charger replacement options

First off, I just want to say that this is a great forum!  I’ve been lurking for a few weeks ever since I acquired a 2014 Zero S, which has been lots of fun so far.  Unfortunately the onboard charger is dead, and has been for over a year.  The previou… Go to Source

used my FX as a dirt bike

Saturday I rode sweep for a trail run event in one of Missouri's state parks on my 2017 FX.  I had removed the passenger pegs and brackets, turn signals, and kickstand.  I only have a bathroom scales but my stand sits on it nicely and the bike weighed … Go to Source

Just venting a little

it's been a little bit since I've been on here but if anyone can understand it's you guys. So I come to visit my sister in Asheville, NC. Last time I was here she's a good 30-40 min from the Blue Ridge Parkway and with my family I hate to take too much… Go to ...