GAS GAS TXE 2018 Launch

Heard from a local dealer that the TXE is now launched and few hundred bikes are being made. Was supposed to receive one for a test drive in this November but heard that it will arrive to Northern Europe on 2019 March the earliest. [url=https://gasgas….

FX/FXS Chain kit instructions?

Are these available and where can I find them? Go to Source

Headlamp bulb seal (aka headlight dust cover)

I just replaced the garbage LED headlight on my used '17 SR with a traditional incandescent bulb, and noticed that the assembly is missing its dust cover – I guess it's sitting in the previous owner's garage somewhere. I don't know how important it is,… Go to Source

Kymco SuperNEX 6-Speed Electric Superbike

Here's something interesting Kymco is making an electric superbike and it's got a 6 speed transmission! I used to have a Kymco Mongoose 90 ATV.  Kymco makes some great atvs and scooters.  Go to Source

2018 EICMA show video

Here is a link to a 33-minute long walk around the 2018 EICMA show: Go to Source

H-D LiveWire at EICMA

Here are the latest photos from the EICMA show. Still nothing about specifications or pricing, though: Go to Source

Filling the rear master cylinder on the FX/FXS.

After switching my rear pads to EBC FA208HH on my ‘16 FXS, after some miles I noticed that the rear master cylinder level was low. I was going about filling it but it is not easily accessible and quite small on the FXS (FX is even smaller). Spent a whi… Go to Source

zero crash question

I wanna buy a zero sr in januari but recently saw this crash and i'm i little bit scared about not having traction control because off the high torque. Does anyone has had this happened to ? or is this just something that happens rarely ? Don't want to… Go to Source

zero sr 2019 color choice

Was wondering when i buy a zero sr 2019 in black, iff it is possible to buy the plastics extra in another color ? And iff it is possible can i just choose from the color from last year ( white ) or from further past years to ? Anyone idees of the price… Go ...

Ceteta 506 retro scooter

I guess you have to be of a certain age to really appreciate the design of this Czechoslovakian scooter, but as someone who grew up during the age of tail-fins, I would love to have one of these scooters just to see people's strange looks as I rode pas… Go to Source