Demo Ride – Impressions

Hello all, Just wanted to share my experience with the SRF demo ride over weekend.  My local dealer was nice enough to let me demo the bike for a couple days, and I am very impressed!  The bike handles fantastic and the power/speed is addicting.  The m… Go to Source

Rescue a dead DS 2013

I just got to buy a wrecked Zero DS 2013 for about the price of a new Montenergy 1507. Most part seems ok except for dead battery and missing belt. My local zero workshop had a look at it but after an unsuccessful MBB readout they told me it's not wort… Go to Source

Helmet sized frunk mod?

I've been thinking for some time that it would be nice to be able to have a bit more storage available onboard, preferably large enough for a helmet, so you could keep your helmet dry and a bit safer when parked and to easier bring a 2nd helmet while r… Go to Source

Computer locked up

I just got an SRF to test drive for a day and I noticed the clock was off.  I went  into the settings and changed the time and now screen is frozen Any way to reset it? Go to Source

SRF gate tag locations

I live in a community that requires a tag for gate access, on cars you put it on the left windshield or right in the middle. To get through the gate i have just been pulling the tag out of my pocket and waving it. It works but its as hassle and then Im… Go ...

New to the EV world

Hello, I'm pretty new to the EV world. My brother has owned a self built e-bike (pedal assist, probably only a ~1kWh battery system) for many years and it has always interested me. I've always been a motorcyclist, owning anything from a Honda Shadow bo… Go to Source

A $75K electric phallus

Curtiss Motors strike again.  Good luck designing a chassis that will keep that unsupported battery pack from falling off the bike. Go to Source

Elcon HK-J 3300KW charger

I contacted Elcon TC to get a pre-programmed charger for the Empulse and they got back to me requesting for the following information: Quote Please confirm the information below so that we can set the charger accordingly. Please answer  the question b… Go to Source

2010 White Enertia for Sale only 1,164 Miles NO RESERVE auction ebay

Hey guys I'm finally selling her, need room in my garage for bigger and better things. Hoping someone from this forum wins the auction. Amazing condition and still has original Best Buy receipt! I was only the second owner for the last year and a half…. Go to Source

Question on L2 charging of my SR/F

Today I got to use my Blink account for the first time at Whole Foods.After a bit of fumbling with the app, I got it to start charging.4.4kWRan inside, grabbed a stromboli and a gingerale.  37 minutes later I unplugged.I did not get as much charge … Go to Source