Farasis is apparently doing a rapid expansion…

Old news I guess, but I just saw this, they are doing a $1,000,000,000 expansion… https://www.greencarcongress.com/2018/09/20180910-farasis.html Newbies: These are the people Zero partners with for the batteries.  Good background in this thread:http… Go to Source

Strange headlight blinking on an FXS. Anybody had this ?

Hi ! The headlight (LED) of my FXS is blinking, especially at stop. Anybody had this ? Go to Source

Have You Crashed Your FX Due To Loss of Rear Wheel Traction?

I'm curious specifically about FX models. FX owners, have you crashed your FX at any point due to a loss of rear wheel traction? Meaning, given it throttle, the rear wheel breaks loose and you go down.  Have you had that occur? I'd like to hear from th… Go to Source

Up to Date 0-60 Specs for Zero Motorcycles?

I noticed up until the 2017 models, Zero used to include 0-60 specs with each model on their website.  It seems after that point, they quit doing it. I wonder if there is another place to get up to date 0-60 specs on 2017+ models out there somewhere? Go to Source

DS 7.2 vs. FX 7.2?

I'm still kicking around which bike to get. Tubes are keeping me from buying the FX.  I was thinking FXS, but not sure I'd really enjoy 17" street tires in my rural area. I notice the DS 7.2 stock has tubeless 80/20 tires, better front brake and is onl… Go to Source

The Electric Revolution movie

Frankly, I am completely confused about this blog regarding a proposed movie titled "The Electric Revolution". The trailer (?) for the movie seems to show Steve Atlas racing a Brammo Empulse TT, but the rest of the article talks about Lightning Motors … Go to Source

Motorbikes < 1000 cc by torque

The first production models in the list are electric motorcycles. * : turbine engine (the 1st in the list cost 160.000 euros, an helicopter engine turbine)**: electric Go to Source

Get Service D4 error – DMC not responding

Anyone know how to fix this? I read something where a contractor needs to be cleaned where it's plugs into the DMC… Go to Source

Buying a used 2017 or 2018 FXS – feedbacks on issues to check welcomed !

Hi ! I consider buying a used 2017 / 2018 with  low mileage – seen several offers on the market. Any owner here ? What sort of small problem / points would you recommend me to check ? Go to Source

Lightning returns with a bike for the masses

I don't quite know what to think of this new Lightning model.  It is hard for me to wrap my head around the performance and the advertised price, unless there is some slight-of-hand going on.About the same performance with half the price of the Energi… Go to Source