Cezeta scooter

Here is an electric scooter whose styling you might love – if you grew up during the 1950's.  However, the top speed and range claims seem a bit exaggerated if they need to be squeezed out of a 6kWh battery pack.  And then there is the price.    http… Go to Source

Why is the price tag on Zero bikes still so high?

I've also posted this on the Facebook group. I'm posting here too as I know some of you don't use FB.  I can't say I blame you either!  🙂 I can understand why the 2012-15 models were expensive; battery costs and the development costs of the early bik… Go to Source

Range extender – external battery pack

Hi all. I am building an external battery pack as  a "range exteder" for my Zero SR2018 and need help with connecting it to the bike. My thoughts:– I am not gonna use it everyday, just for long distance traveling– the pack will be charged and balanc… Go to Source

SR/F front rotor warp

1600 very gently ridden miles. At least one of the front rotors is warped. It’s under warranty for sure, but I’m far from a dealer and the expense of renting a trailer etc makes me want the easiest rather than the cheapest fix. I can buy new rotors onl… Go to Source

Ridden hard ,put away wet

  Hi all, Just a quick comment. I've got a 2018 DSR with low miles. I love it. I just so happened to see what looked like a 2016 DSR with all the saddle bags and fairing and top box out here in the desert. It looked like a real commuter machine. I can'… Go ...

Adding batteries

Has anyone tried adding more battery packs? For instance saddle bags with a pair of 52v batteries hooked in parallel with the existing? Go to Source

New owner – Midwest US

I just purchased an older Brammo (victory) Now it's time to absorb information and get up to speed. This is my first electric motorcycle. I built an ebike last winter and am in the MC business so this will be added to my personal fleet. Go to Source

How far does it go?

So I'd never actually tried opening up on a highway and seeing just how far I could go.  My bike is the little battery, and I don't expect much out of it.  No one else seems to have its size 'cept FX and FXS owners, so… I started at 100%, then went t… Go to ...

Bar risers for the DS

To make the DS more comfortable to ride while standing I want to raise the bars up, with new bars being more expensive, more work to fit, and probably not giving me as much extra rise I've decided to go with some riser clamps instead. Wanting to get in… Go to Source

Video guide to rear shock removal from Greg Hassler

Cross-post from FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/zmcowners/permalink/2845943378808185/ Greg Hassler just posted a YouTube video guide to rear shock removal for Gen2 (DS… Go to Source