is the POLITICS or just a discussion on a lack of ethical corporate leadership?

Zero Motorcycles supporting BDS? certainly seems so.Israel was Zero Motorcycles #1 market for a while.  Then new senior management at Zero Motorcycles Inc began refusing orders for Israel government, delayed/stalled/deferred when not refusing dealer/d… Go to Source

A Fundraiser for Brian

I'm posting this here as I know many of you don't use Facebook but know Brian well from this forum.  The fundraising page has only been live for a little over two hours at the time of posting and yet we've raised over $2,000! I hope this makes a real … Go to Source

Belt Failure

So I was out for a ride last night on my 2018 FXS and hit a small bump / manhole cover as I was accelerating and my belt snapped. It's only 3300 miles old, and I've never had to adjust it because it has always been within the limits by gauge and app. H… Go ...

Aftermarket Footpegs?

Does anyone know of an aftermarket footpeg from another bike that will bolt right in to the Empulse?  I feel if I can get some stickier footpegs I can lean the bike more easily. Go to Source

Original Brammo Impulse R charger for sale

Selling my original Level 1 Brammo Empulse Supply Charger PCS-120 part 0613-00-003 by Clipper Creek. The motorcycle got totaled, now this is just sitting on a shelf, may be you need one? [url=… Go to Source

Choosing a Motorcycle Camera? Dash vs Body/Helmet?

My insurers have suggested that I might like to get some sort of camera while using my Zero and that it will provide a benefit to my premiums if I choose to have one fitted. Since I am not familiar with the current crop of cameras, where they should be… Go to Source

MBB set command

I built an OBD II connector to access the MBB on my 2017 FX according to this and it appears to be communic… Go to Source

Belt tension using the Gates app

Hi all, Here is the setup. I have a S 2017, still with the more skinny belt. The belt broke once at 4000km. It broke (well actually it lost teeth) recently a second time at 12800km. I went to the dealer (again) for the exchange and asked whether it was… Go to Source

Whining about service..

So my 2017 DSR is dead.. just past 3k miles. Turned on and lights were just flashing at me. Called the dealer and they said it had to be towed in for service.. Warranty and dealer won't cover towing, no replacement vehicle.. After 2 weeks at the dealer… Go to Source

SR/F auto dimming feature not functional?

I finally went on ride after dark and the console was so bright that it was distracting.I checked the settings and it was set to Auto and high contrast.Somehow I don't think the auto dimming feature is working. Is it just mine or are they others havi… Go to Source