Zero vs Energica

Energica has released their new battery pack which I think is awesome and an electric motorcycle gamechanger and probably enough for most people when they also have DC charging. What are your thoughts on Zero vs Energica? Go to Source

SR/F Spool Size

Hi everyone! Just wanted to post this in case anyone else needed to search for it. The bolts for the rear spools on the SR/F are 8mm x 1.5 in size. At least on my sr/f. Go to Source

SR/F heated gear hookup

 . It finally got below freezing in the Milwaukee Area.  I had my jacket hooked to the front accessory plug. When I tried to also power heated pants and gloves, the bike cut the power to the accessory plug.  With the jacket and pants it was ok except… Go to Source

Kawasaki EV Project

OH SHIT the day is coming!  Kawasaki is building an EV motorcycle they're not playing around they mention it along with their supercharged motorcycles.  Japanese electric motorcycle will become a reality in the near future! From the video I gather that… Go to Source

SR/F update info from FB

Last night James D from the FB group reported that he installed the newly available firmware update and now his bike will not turn on.I did get notification that the update was available but chose not to apply it. Mostly I wanted to post this here to … Go to Source

Inside California EV startup Zero Motorcycles

TechCrunch We talk to the CEO of Zero Motorcycles and visit their California factory to check out the new electric SR/F. <iframe width="640" height="385" src="// Go to Source

uggs…I was so happy with this bike until 12,000 miles,

I have 2017 zero Ds that has been in the shop for over a month, it rides fine, but now has charging and electrical problems. they replaced the battery board, I had it home for the weekend, but it didn't work, now its been 3 weeks and I'm still waiting,… Go to Source

SR/F front brake lever and bar end cap part numbers

Does anyone have the part numbers for the SR/F front brake lever and aluminum bar end caps? My neighbor accidentally backed into my bike and knocked it over this morning. It looks like the brake lever took the brunt of the fall. I saw silver levers in … Go to Source

Performance difference between 7.2 and 14.4

In my quest to get a Zero all the dealers I've contacted have been sold out of 11kw models and won't have 2020 models in for another 6 to 8 weeks. I've managed to find one used bike but it's a 7.2 where as I was planning on getting a 14.4, however I've… Go to ... video of basically the virtues of amature racing inovation.

I saw it posted on the FB page and there will be a part 2 so I thought I'd post it here.  So this guy is a Zero engineer but this is his creation of a light powerful electric race bike.  Also it's a 400V system so I "assume" it will level 3 charge.  Ma… ...