SR/F cheaper than DS to insure!

Just did a price comparison – 2019 DS 14.4 costs £240 fully comp but the SR/F is only £184!I can only assume it’s because the SR/F has got traction control and is deemed less likely to crash. Good that insurance companies are now more happy to cover a… Go to Source

Zero Property Tax Confusion

Another funny consequence of officials knowing what the heck a Zero is… just got my CT motor vehicle tax bill, valuing my 17 FXS at $20,880.First I thought it was just another new CT tax (supermoto tax?) they must have passed while I was sleeping. … Go to Source

Performance Difference – 2017 SR vs. 2019 DSR + Power Tank

I'm curious if anyone has experience with both. Should the performance be very close between these two bikes? Go to Source

2016 SR – Support bike when removing tires

2016 SR – Support bike when removing tiresOK, it’s time to change tires on my 2016 SR. How is the best way to support the bike when removing the tires? It says the plastic pan is not made to support the bike. Thanks Go to Source

Cycle World reviews the SR/F

Their findings probably won't surprise anyone here, but those not familiar with eBikes will find it interesting I'm sure. Go to Source

SR F could have been more versatile?

A huge leap forward in design as the srf is I do feel that Zero missed a trick or two that would have increased it’s appeal to more customers. The fixed sporty ergonomics loses riders like me who are older and who like a more relaxed riding position. I… Go to Source

Water problems with DigiNow ?

Just saw this: <iframe width="640" height="385" src="// Go to Source

Refuel TT 2019 June 30, 2019

Was a good day at Refuel TT 11.  There certainly were more Model 3s than last year and more than a handful of SRFs.  The SRFs were pretty fast I never passed one and I got passed by several.  The SRF just totally eclipses the SR.  Empulse TT ran great … Go to Source

SR/F current firmware version

Question for the folks that have received their new SR/F in the last few days: What firmware version does it show when you check the console?Mine came with V5 and a couple of days later, when I turned the key –on my way home from work– it notified m… Go to Source

How to ship a Zero Motorcycle to Hong Kong

Hey guys, my name is Roman and I'm new to this forum, I was wondering if you could help me with an issue that I've had for a long time.The main problem is that the ZM dealer in Hong Kong isn't selling bikes to particulars, only to companies and with s… Go to Source