SR/F Tank Fix?

Anyone set up to get their SR/F tank lid fixed yet?  I left a message at my dealer and got crickets so far. Steve Go to Source

2016 DSR front J.Juan caliper rebuild kit info request.

The caliaper on the front is increasingly dragging so time to tear down & see what's going on. Is there a kit available for these?If so where can it be obtained?Have about 38k (miles) on it now.  TIA. Go to Source

New Battery That Charges Really Fast

Found in the news today:… Go to Source

Tourmaster 7L Tank Bag

When I replaced the storage tank with a Charge Tank recently, I wondered what I was going to do with the stuff I had in the storage tank.  I still have the waterproof license plate lockbox for my paperwork, but what about everything else?  I found this… Go to Source

Torque and power maps

Does anyone know what the power and torque maps are in sport and custom modes (custom mode with 100% torque setting)? -Shayan Go to Source

Please help B-6 code

I am a new to a 2010 Enertia and I love this bike. I left my house and at the end of the block I got a b-6 code and the bike shut down. BMS not communicating. I have done all the easy stuff, looked for poor connections, checked for blown fuses ECT.  I … ...

2018 DS Front Brake Pad Replacement Question

I am looking at the section in the Unofficial Manual concerning Front Pad replacement on a 2018 DS and I have a question about one of the steps… LINK :… Go to Source

Has anyone been inside an FX integrated battery module?

Hi guys, New member here with a "drive by" question, hope you don't mind the noise. There is a theft recovery 2017 FX up for auction on copart tomorrow, which I am interested in for an ATV EV conversion: The battery … Go to Source

broken drive belt

How many hours does it take for a Zero dealer to install a new belt on a 2019 SR? Go to Source

Is there a fuse protecting the onboard-charger on a ds 2014

I've asked the question on Facebook, but nobody could help me.I've plugged the 230V plug in the bike and the connection probably wasn't good, there was a summing sound for maybe half a second in the plug and then a bang, and the breaker in the chargin… Go to Source